Quick Methods To Clear App Data And Cache On Android

Have you ever come across a situation where you have open an app and it immediately force closes on its own? Again you open it and the same response you get again and again.

Now how would you react and what would you do when you experience such unexpected error on your Android phone?

Well one thing you might have noticed nowadays that the size of storage space on phone is increasing day by day, like 64GB or 128GB and even this is also becoming less at time.

Lots of storage space is filled immediately on your phone just because of cache data and files on your phone. Obviously, you use several apps on your device and all the apps stores app data like your login credentials and many more.

Because of this only you can simply login to your Facebook and Instagram account without entering password every time.

But many times, this app data can create problem for you when it gets damaged or corrupt. At that time, if you clear app data or app cache then you easily fix the problem.

If you are wondering about app data and cached data and how to clear it then definitely you should read this blog as here you will know what are the ways to clear app data and cached data on Android phone.

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What is cached data and why it is important on Android?

Well, cached data are those data, which includes files, images, and several other media files that your device stores through an app or by visiting a website. The app specific cached data is stored in reserved space and whenever the app is loaded, the stored information gets ready to show the data quickly.

Why it is important for Android devices is a big question? Once you clear app data or app caches then all the temporary files are removed from its place.

Doing this will improve the performance of your device and also reduce the how much data is consumed. This increases the app speed and even those websites that were loading slow will now open smoothly and fast.

The thing that you should remember is if you clear app data then it is more dangerous because whatever is saved on app, they will be removed completely. It means that clearing the app data will reset the app to its default state and you will get the app exactly the same when you have downloaded it for first time.

Is it safe to clear app data and cache on Android?

Yes, of course clearing cached data is safe and anyone can do it on their Android phones. You should know that cached data is generated automatically and remember that deleting the cached data does not wipe away any confidential information from your device like data or passwords etc.

Even when some app shows problem or users face device issues, then clearing the cached data solves those problems or errors many times.

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When you should clear app data and cache on your Android?

There are few considerations, which can tell you when you should clear your Android phone cached data.

  • When your phone is suffering from low storage then clearing the cached data will be helpful. Because there are some apps, which stores lots of unwanted data and it is important to clear those.
  • Second, when any of the app is creating problem for you or showing some errors then clearing the app data can be helpful, as it will reset the app to its default state.
  • Third, due to less space on your phone, sometimes it does not work smoothly and becomes sluggish. In this situation, clearing the app data and cache can make your device run faster and smoother.

How clearing cache can help you solve problems on Android phones and tablets

The cache files give an app the full access to act on any information immediately. Actually, the information is stored on somewhere else. When the file is not updated then its obvious that it will create problem.

In addition, if the file is corrupt which also means that the stored information is mixed then the app will misbehave or even sometimes it will crash. But if you clear the cache of your device then all such problems can be resolved.

This step is more helpful when you do it before resetting your phone. You might know that resetting the phone in any error is the last step but if you once clear the cached data from your device then it can be helpful.

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Best ways to clear app data and cache on Android phone

Here you will get few methods that can help to clear the cache files from your phone. Do follow the below mentioned ways carefully and enjoy using your device smoothly without any lagging or sluggish problem.

Method 1: Clear cached data on device using Settings

Its easy to delete the cached data at a time by using Settings app on your phone

Step 1: First, go to Settings and click on Storage or Storage & Memory.

Step 2: Here you can see the amount of space consumed by the apps and media files

Step 3: Click on Cached Data and you will can see the cached data amount on your device

Step 4: At last, a popup will occurs asking you to confirm the delete cached data. Just click on OK to begin the process and your cached data will be deleted

Method 2: Clear the cached data for particular app

You can clear the app data individually for every app. As per your convenience, you can opt this method.

Step 1: First, open Settings on your Android phone

Step 2: Here, select the Apps from Settings menu where all the apps will be listed with total storage under app’s name

Step 3: Now click on the App that you wish to clear cache

Step 4: After that, you will see Storage option where you have to click on to get the cache clearing option

Step 5: You will see Clear Data and Clear Cache option. Tap on Clear Cache and it will clear the app’s cache immediately.

Don’t press the Clear Data option as it will delete the files you have saved within that app. If that option is accidentally pressed then a message will be prompted where you have to click on Cancel option.

However, all the above steps works to clear app data for the particular app but if you want to clean the cache of all the apps at one time then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First, go to Settings
  • Now tap on Storage > Cached Data or Saved Data
  • Here you will get a message asking to remove everything that is stored on caches. Just you need to confirm and save to move further to remove every content

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Method 3: Third party apps

You can also opt for any third party apps to clear your Android phone cached files and data. There are several such types of apps available on Google Play Store that helps to wipe the app data or cache from phone.

Some of the apps include:

  • Clean Master
  • Power Clean
  • Systweak Android Cleaner
  • App Cache Cleaner
  • The cleaner
  • Cleaner Extreme Lite

The apps can also work for other purposes as well like remove unused APKs, improve battery life of phone, and remove unwanted junk files and several other exciting features.

How to get back lost data from Android

While following the above methods to clear App data and cached files, it may delete some important files that you need urgent. In this situation, you should any professional recovery program to restore the lost/deleted files on Android.

Android Data Recovery software is one of the powerful software that works in every data loss situation to rescue erased files from Android. It retrieves every Android data without any backup and you don’t have to worry any more.


Wrap Up

When it comes to clear the cache and data of apps then you should do it no matter whether you think it is important or not. This is a good habit of making your phone run smoothly and faster and also making some storage space to store your data.

The methods mentioned in this blog are best to use and they will clearly delete the App data and caches without any issue. Remember, sometimes clearing the cached data from app can remove your videos, audios, images that are stored on the app.

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