Android 7.0 Nougat is chief modification of Android OS for 2016-17. The upgrade primarily befalls obtainable for phones in the month of August 2016. On the other hand, based on device you owe, there is an enhanced possibility you are awaiting. And with that situation one question arises that whether Nougat is a must thing or not?

If you were yearning after wonderful showy refurbish to depict as if we stepped into new epoch of Android, you might be dissatisfied. Android 7.0 objectives is more to prepare for future of Android app growth, accumulating tweaks here and there; with end result your device will sense faster.

Android 7.0 Nougat actually came with some vital traits to an OS they were already successful with.

Since Android 5.0 we noticed how Google shifted their design language on phones they sell and apps and services that approach on phone. Android itself has pursued this tendency, and after version 6.0 Marshmallow arrival we had a plane but audacious design that holds together everything.

Android Nougat does not make significant alterations into your phone appearance or way it “senses.” But what Google has done under the hood brings some new features — and much needed polish — to our favorite smartphone operating system.

Faster and easier update


Update is something users crave to have if available. And Nougat makes the journey extremely simple, means upgrading your phone requires nothing to be done. It means that all the tough work is executed in the background of your device — that’s quite alike to upgrade experience on Chrome OS. After it’s over only one thing is required to be done manually, that is rebooting.

Here’s Google’s succinct explanation about the situation:

Android Nougat brings vital features to aid users being safe and secure. Motivated by Chromebooks apply updates, we are bringing in faultless updates, so new Android gadgets constructed on Nougat could install system updates in background. This means that when user switches on their device, new gadgets can seamlessly and automatically switch into new restructured system representation.

Alterations to what’s known as run-time compiler also denotes that you would not have to wait extra while your apps are optimizing once you resume — we have been there observing an “Optimizing …” screen for 30 minutes after OTA update.

Multi-window multitasking


Sometimes when you’re doing two things at once it’s handy to be able to see them both at the same time. That’s what Multi-window is: more than one “window” on your phone’s screen.

We’ve seen a similar feature with the same name from Samsung (and to lesser extent LG) for a while, but Google has assembled things in a way that anyapp will just work, without developer — or you — doing anything particular. The screen will divide 50/50 by default, and its speedy pulling various apps on top and bottom on phone or on the right or left side on tablet.

For gadgets having larger screens, there is even a freeform mode that brings change into size of change window size.

Even better notifications


With Android Nougat, you can respond to announcements straightforwardly from spot in tray. Opening app and installing extra stuff is not required. Once the individuals who constructed your app holds attribute, it will just work.

Do not worry although, when you require seeing more or perform more than just deliver a rapid response, you can yet strike the notification to disclose an app and observe everything. And with enhanced collection of manifold announcements from similar app, you will be able to inform when you require the whole thing even easier.

Faster operation and with less battery usage


Google’s “Project Doze” — this is assigned code name for methods to have your phone utilize less battery while it is not in your hands with screen on — that was commenced by means of Marshmallow has gotten a chief update in Nougat. It worked great while phone was sitting still and not switched in, now it works while it is in your pocket. Once your phone’s screen goes off for a while, it avoids doing things in background all time, and as an alternative makes use of what Google calls “windows” to ensure new messages or do stuff as location update.

Better habits to administer memory and when apps can operate in background (Google’s “Project Svelte”) signifies that you would not have as much needless substance occurring when you least expect it to ensue. By only permitting things that you in reality wish to run, your phone will carry out better and use reduced battery.

Less mobile data utilization


Superfluity charges from Phone Company suck. Android Nougat comes with tools that can assist you to shun them from occurring.

When you are on metered association (one that is not unlimited) — cellular or Wi-Fi — the fresh Data Saver location can chunk surroundings random data practice and confine things as inspecting emails or tweets so that your phone utilizes less data.

You can inform Data Saver to ignore certain apps, and despite the fact that it’s vigorous you will have icon in your notification to permit you be acquainted with what’s live.

Human emoji extended


In combination to 72 new glyphs, Android 7.0 has in excess of 1,500 emoji, amongst which many has been have refurbished to appear more human. Conventionally, Android emoji were moreover cartoony, which motivated other firms as Samsung, etc to write their own.

Enhanced security

Keeping your data confidential and private is significant. New facet in Android Nougat turn things extra secure.

When you initiate your phone, few apps are partly functions earlier than you sign in with pass code. Things as actual phone app or text messages can get in, your alarm will still be working and any accessibility attributes required to better interrelate with phone. Other apps and data will stay engaged or encrypted.

Once you sign in, everything will work normally.

This feature helps keep your data safe if your phone gets lost or stolen, and synergizes well with the remote features of Android Device Manager.

With Android Nougat, you can facilitate app access to limited folder (as picture library) without providing access to every external (SD card) stored data.

Only granting permission to folders an app entails to function is most excellent carry out when it’s about safety. Scoped directories do just that.

For apps aimed for Android Nougat, the geolocation API is permitted over safe sources (over HTTPS.) This strategy is intended to defend users’ private details when they were making use of an unconfident relationship.

Work with Android


If you make use of personal Android device on job during administered system, amendments are arriving.

It will wholly appear and act the same for us — but improved software and easier methods locate things up mean your IT guy may not be so hectic (or cranky) and entire information will be protected and highly secure.

The things we could observe, as not being capable of using app we adore on company time or being required to convinced network, depend on what your organization calls for and how they have things arranged. Make certain to go over any inquiries with your optimistically less grouchy IT companion if you have any.

Language and locale

If you have set your phone for precise area — let us say French vocalizations segment of Switzerland — your phone will automatically try using alike province setting if it cannot discover a definite counterpart. It simply means signifies an app can demonstrate numerical and text data for customary French as a substitute of just utilizing default language settings if Swiss localization was not involved.

You can even opt for manifold speeches (or regionalization of identical language) for tha sake of significance — if an app you are using is restricted for compound languages you will come across top picks — if it’s assigned for one but not entire languages of yours, it will be picking uppermost it can.

Android TV recording and Picture-in-Picture

Essential DVR functionality is arriving to Android TV by way of 7.0. More to the point, fundamental controls as Play or Reverse, you are now capable of saving multiple sessions. This also indicates that you can list recordings or document the way you watch.

This should be a great feature for Televisions that come with Android TV installed.

New accessibility features


Needs always varies from person to person. Better ease of access characteristics within Android Nougat makes it easier for everyone to make use of their phone.

New methods of zooming in on what you observe on your screen or regulating size text creates a big variation for folks, who necessitate them, and carrying convenience features as TalkBack and a tradition demonstrate declaration to original system procedure meaning it is easier to get ongoing, as well.