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Nowadays as Smartphone’s have taken many things in its control, it seems, that day is not far when everything will be on your Smartphone and you do not have to go anywhere for anything.

Yes, this is true and is seen in past few years. Many android users completely depend on their devices to do any task and they are all due to apps.

Apps are useful for every users but the problem is that when your device has many apps stored then your device shows error, means your android stops working and you start experiencing crashing of apps on your android.

Many users face this issue and it is one of the common problem. Your android stops working smoothly and at last you have to look for some methods, which can help you to get out of such app crashing problem.

So today, I have come up with some of the best methods to fix Apps keep crashing on android. This blog will guide you properly, so go through it and know how to fix apps keep crashing on android devices.

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Reasons for apps crashing on Android

When your apps keep on crashing then something might be wrong that is leading to the problem. So first, it is your responsibility to know why this is happening rather than fixing the situation.

After you know the causes behind the problem, you can fix them one by one.

  • Basically, there are several reasons behind apps crashing problem like, you update your device’s software but forget to update your apps or download the app updates then the problem occurs.
  • Similarly, when there is less storage space on your device then app may not work properly and it may crash. This happens when you have stored too much data on your device’s internal memory.
  • Third is when you do not have stable internet connection and you are trying to use the apps. All apps require good network connection because if network will be good then obviously your device and apps will run in better condition.

All these are some of the common reasons, which can lead to apps crashing issue on your android device.

However as you have come to know about the reasons of app crashing, best solutions are also mentioned below which are easy to follow and will help you to get out of the situation.

How to fix Apps keep crashing issue on Android?

Best methods are here to solve apps keep crashing issue on android, so don’t go anywhere and follow them one by one and see whether the methods are useful or not.

#Method 1: Restart your Android device

When you suffer from apps crashing problem then without thinking much, you should restart your device first. This will help you in fixing the apps that are crashing, as all the apps will get close.

Doing this process will make your phone free from any clogging of memory and now your device will work smoother.

To restart your device, you have to simply press the Power button for long time until you see the menu. Now click on Restart option and your phone will reboot.

But if this method does not work then move to the other method to fix the problem.

#Method 2: Clear your App data and Cache

Regular using of apps may slow your devices performance because cache gets stored and you don’t clear them out. This especially happens when you use some social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram etc.

But deleting all the app data and cache will help you to get out of this situation. To clear app data and cache, follow the given steps:

Go to Settings > Application Manager > Apps. There you should select the app, which is crashing and hit on Clear cache and Clear data.

#Method 3: Connect your device to good internet connection

Many times your apps gets crashed because of changing the network connection to Wi-Fi or mobile data. If your device is getting poor network then your apps may crash. So network selection plays important role on running apps.

Check your data whether it is connected properly or not. You have to switch off your device data and then restart your device. Again switch on your mobile data or Wi-Fi to see whether the problem is solved or not. Even you can change to another strong Wi-Fi connection to see apps are working or not.

#Method 4: Make some space on your Android

Not having enough storage space is a big problem for your apps crash issue. So try to free up some space on your device by deleting those data or apps, which are not of use.

Either you can move your data to SD card by going to Settings > Application manager > Apps and select the apps that you want to move.

Then you will enter into the app info page from where you will get the option ‘Move to SD card ‘. This will help you to make some space on your android and you may get out of apps crashing problem.

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#Method 5: Update your Android software

Many times the apps gets crashed because your devices software is not up to date. So you can update your software with latest version and new version will improve your device performance and also can fix several bugs or issues.

To see whether your device needs software update or not, first go to Settings > Scroll down and click on About devices > Software update or System update.

#Method 6: Reinstall the apps

Many times few apps don’t installed properly on your device which can be the reason for app crashing problem. If this is the issue then you should reinstall the apps.

For that, you have to go to Settings > Application Manager/Apps and then select the app, which you want to uninstall.

After clicking on Uninstall option, wait for few minutes and again reinstall the apps by visiting Google Play Store.

#Method 7: Update all your Apps

Keeping your apps up to date is very important because this can help you to fix any issue like freezing or crashing. Developers always try to give their users a better experience of all app without any complications.

So whenever any update comes to you apps then don’t forget to update to fix the issue. To update the apps, follow the steps:

  • First open Google Play app
  • Now open menu
  • Tap on My Apps and Games
  • Click on Update all option or only on those apps that require updates

#Method 8: Wipe Cache partition

Clearing wipe cache partition will help you to remove any issues on android like junk files or those files, which are temporarily stored. You can delete all unwanted files or data easily by deleting cache partition.

For that, you need to press Power button and Volume Down button together so that your device can boot into recovery mode. After this, several options will occur on your screen from where you have to select Wipe cache partition.

After the process is finished, select “reboot system” from the list. This method will help you to get out of the unwanted situation.

#Method 9: Factory Reset

When not all the above methods work then you can try this last step to fix the problem. Factory reset is the step, which will delete all your data from your device including apps, settings, files etc.

So before doing this process, don’t forget to backup all your data in safe place. Then follow the below steps:

Go top Settings > Backup & Reset > Click on Factory data reset > Reset device to confirm it

How to get back lost data after Factory Reset

Well, it is already advised to make a backup of all your essential data in safe place. In addition, if you forget to make a backup and unintentionally you lose your data then you can get back them by using Android Data Recovery Software.

This is the best software for Android that restores every single data that is lost due to any reasons. It works on all android versions and supports every Android Smartphone. So without wasting any time, Download Android Data Recovery and rescue your erased data.

Tips to avoid apps crashing issue on Android

Android users may face this issue anytime but there are some ways to avoid such condition to occur. Following them can help you to stay away from apps crashes problem. Some of them include:

  • Don’t install too many apps on your device
  • Always clear your cache data and App data
  • Also make sure all your apps are up to date including your device software


Generally, it was seen that when android users install lots of apps and software is not up to date then apps crashes. So users should avoid installing all unwanted apps and try to make some free space so that the device runs smoothly without any problem.

Further when any of you come across such apps crash problem then don’t forget to follow the methods I have mentioned in this blog.

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9 Methods to Solve Apps Keep Crashing Issue on Android
9 Methods to Solve Apps Keep Crashing Issue on Android
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