Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- Here Is How To Fix?

Does your Android phone powering off without any reason while using it? Wishing to know why it is happening and how to troubleshoot the issue?

Well, Android phone users generally come across some or the other issues on their phone and this time the problem is Android phone shutting off randomly. In this situation, the device is do not power on unless the battery is pulled out.

Recently, some of the users have reported that their device has turned off by itself while accessing it and not getting any idea why it happened?

I can understand the situation as it really frustrates user when it occurs while accessing the device. In this condition, it is important to know why this issue has occurred and how to fix it?

This blog completely focuses on the things that makes the situation worse of Android phone shutting down unexpectedly and how to fix the issue.

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Reasons behind Android phone shut off randomly

There are several reasons that can lead to the problem and some of the common reasons include:

Loose battery connection– Many times the phone’s battery becomes loose and it stops the device from running smoothly. Even low battery can cause the phone to shut down

Unmatched protective cover– To avoid any kind of breaking or damage on your phone, many users use protective covers. But when this cover is not suitable on your phone then it affects the device performance

Problem on application– Android users can download lots of apps on their device but some apps might don’t support or compatible with OS which in turn makes your phone shut down randomly.

So, all these are some possible reasons for your Android phone problem and now its time to go through the fixes that help to get rid of shutting down Android phone automatically.

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Methods to fix Android phone turning off by itself

Here you will get few best ways to overcome the problem you are facing. Go through them one by one and understand each of the methods carefully to fix the issue.

Method 1: Check battery status of your phone

If you continuously face the problem on your Android phone then once you should check the battery of the device. Checking the battery status of your phone can help you to fix the issue. Follow the process as mentioned below to check battery status:

  • First, launch the Dialer of your Android phone
  • Now type “*#*#4636#*#*” and dial it. You will get information about battery on screen. Many times it don’t work and in that case, you can dial “*#*#INFO#*#*

  • If the information shows you poor health status of battery on your Android phone then you should change it. But if the info shows good health of your battery then move to next method.

Method 2: Update your phone’s software

The problem you are coming across on your phone might be due to old version of OS installed. You should know that updating your Android OS to new version fixes several issues and bugs, so once check the update is available or not.

  • You need to visit Settings > About > Software updates
  • Now click on Check Now option

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Method 3: Android version upgraded

Generally, many times it was seen that after upgrading to latest OS, the phone begins to show unexpected problem but here it also means that the upgrade was a bad one. After upgrading, might be some apps are not supporting to new OS, so it is showing error.

Nothing to worry, you can simply remove some apps that might be leading to the problem. Even some software glitch, virus, bugs, etc are the reason. In this condition, doing reset can help to solve the problem.

Method 4: Faulty apps

If your phone starting randomly or turning off without any reason then it might be due to some bad apps that are not supporting your device. Yes, it happens many times that few apps always trouble your device and it leads to turn off your phone.

In fact, some apps run in the background that might be forcing your device to switch off. So to overcome the situation, you should follow the below steps:

  • Uninstall the apps that are of no use on your phone. It may be any app, so don’t ignore this step and delete the apps that are installed unnecessarily
  • Whatever apps you have on your phone, ensure they are updated to latest version. You can go to Google play store and check for the apps that need to be updated. Even you can go to Menu > Settings > My Apps
  • Very important to uninstall apps running in background. Simply go to Settings > More > Applications > Running. From here, if you see some unwanted apps then immediately uninstall it

Method 5: Remove malicious malware

May be harmful virus is one of the reason for your Android phone shutting off by itself. So, you should check it once and if possible, remove the harmful virus from phone.

In fact, there are many security apps that works effectively for Android. Install any powerful antivirus program that automatically scans and removes any kind of viruses that causing the problem.

Method 6: Boot Android phone in Safe Mode

As it is already discussed that some apps might be the concern for the issue, so uninstalling the apps may be the best solution. But if you boot your device in Safe Mode then it will be easy to find out the app causing the issue and you can remove it easily.

To boot your device in Safe mode, follow the below steps:

  • Press Power button for long time until you get different options on screen
  • Click on Power Off option for few seconds after which a popup will occur asking you whether to reboot your device in safe mode or not. Tap on OK to enter Safe Mode

  • In safe mode, those applications that are not compatible on your phone, they are not available to use. Simply uninstall them and check whether the Android phone turning off error is resolved or not

Method 7: Disable overheating feature

Nowadays, Android phones are coming with advanced features in which they are designed to shut off automatically when phone reaches hot level to 100 degree. This can happen when users try to use 4G or GPS feature.

So take these things easy and if you don’t want such feature on your phone then disable all those you don’t want. Though enabling phone shut off automatically when it becomes hot is not a harmful feature but if it becomes problematic for you then disable it.

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Method 8: Factory reset

When all the above methods fails to solve the problem then one last option left and that is to do factory reset. The effective method solves several kinds of Android problems.

But remember that doing this method will also erase your data from phone so it is suggested to create a backup of all your essential data or files in advance.

  • Go to Settings, choose Backup and Reset option on phone

  • After that, select Factory data reset and click on reset device
  • Now, tap on Erase everything to begin the reset process

  • At last, when the process is over, your device will automatically restart and you need to set up everything once again.

So these all are some of the unique ways to fix Android phone shuts off randomly. But here one problem can occurs and that is the data loss situation. Yes, this situation is must to come and to every Android users who want their lost data back, for them I would suggest you to use Android Data Recovery software.

This is one of the best and reliable solutions that easily restores all wiped or deleted data from Android phone. No matter for whatever reason your data was lost but using this professional recovery tool, all your important data are easily recovered.



At last, I want to conclude that there might be several reasons that can make your Android phone switch off unexpectedly but you don’t have to worry now. I have discussed some best ways to deal with the situation and I hope all they will work for you.

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Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- Here Is How To Fix?
Android Phone Shuts Off Randomly- Here Is How To Fix?
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