8 Effective Methods To Fix “android.process.media Has Stopped” Unexpectedly

Android operating system is one of the most known and popular OS in the entire world. It always comes with new interface with advanced features that users just love to have it on their phones. Though users want to access the new features on their Android phone but this is also somewhere true that problems do appear as well.

One of the problem was faced by several users stating Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped. The users regularly ask question about how to fix the error or why such error occurred and so on.

So to help you out from this error, I have come up with some of the best solutions that will help you to get rid of the error.

Practical scenario

I have tried everything all the steps mentioned above. Even i formatted the phone and hardware rested too. Than too the same error of unfortunately the android.process.media has stopped is occurring. Please help Thanks

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Reasons why “Android.Process.Media Has Stopped” error occurred?

Well, there are many causes behind such types of unwanted error. Some of the reasons for the above error are mentioned below:

  • Fails to upgrade firmware on phone or tablet
  • Malicious malware attack or due to app crashes
  • Wrong operations from one custom ROM to another
  • Errors on download manager and media storage
  • And several others

After knowing the reasons, now without taking much time, I would suggest you to go to the direct solutions that will help you to resolve “Android.Process.Media Has Stopped” error on Android.

Here few mentioned methods are easy and best to get rid of such unwanted errors on your phone.

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Solution 1: Clear Cache and Data of Google play store and Framework service

Whenever you met across this type of error on your phone then its better to clear cache and data of the apps installed. Actually, what happens is that some unwanted data sometimes conflict with new files, so you should clear the cache and data of Google Framework Services.

Simply, you have to go to Settings > Applications

Here you can see Google Framework Service. Ensure you are accessing all these under “All” tab. Now click on Google Service Framework and then press “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” selectively.

Now repeat the same process for clearing Cache and Data from Google Play Store. Again go back to Google service framework and click on ‘Force Stop” or “End”. And then hit on “Clear Cache”.

Its time to open play store from App Drawer and if any error occurs then click on OK. Simply Power off your device and restart it. now go to Google Services Framework and start again.

At last, its time to check whether the error is resolved or not on your Android phone.

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Solution 2: Enable the disabled settings

This is yet another way to solve the Unfortunately, Android.Process.Media Has Stopped error.

  • First go to Settings > click on Application or Application Manager > tap on All
  • Now enable Google Play Store, Media Storage, Download Manager and Google Service Framework
  • After that, go to Settings > click on Google
  • Now turn ON all sync for Google account
  • At last, Restart your Android phone

Solution 3: Reset App preference

Resetting app preferences is also another way to fix android.process.media has stooped on Android phone. Follow the below steps carefully to reset app preferences:

Step 1: First, access all Android apps

Simply go down to tap “Application Manager” or “Apps” that is under Android Settings. Even there are other similar options as well that might differ according to Android model

Step 2: Now reset app preferences on Android

You have to select 3-dot “menu” icon that you will find on top right corner. After that, select “Reset App Preferences” to bring back all the apps to its original state

Solution 4: Stop Google sync

  • Simply go to Settings > click on Google
  • Now turn off all sync for Google account on your phone
  • After that, Switch off your device for sometime
  • At last, switch On your phone again

Now check whether the error you were coming across is solved or not


Solution 5: Clear contact and contact storage data

When you still face the same issue after following all the above methods then you should follow this step carefully. In this, you have to clear the data of contacts and contact storage.

Go to Settings and select Application Manager or Apps. After that, search for “Contacts” and “Contacts Manager” between apps and clear both cache and data of these apps.

Now turn off your phone and check whether Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped error was fixed or not. If still the same problem occurs then move ahead to try other methods.

Solution 6: Disable media storage

Trying to disable media storage and fixing the error can be helpful for several users. For that, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Search Media Storage app

Click on “Application Manager” under Android Settings. Now search Menu option and select “Show System” after which you have to find Media Storage

Step 2: Disable media storage

Click on “Disable” to quit Media Storage completely. Now you should check if the problem is resolved or not. If not then move to next solution

Solution 7: Update Firmware

Step 1: Find Android software update settings

First, connect your phone with a powerful Wi-Fi network. After that, click on “Setting” app and then ‘About Device”. Now click on “Software Update” and after that select “Software Update”, “update” or “System Firmware update

Step 2: Install latest Android OS

Here you have to click on “Check for Updates” and select latest update. Now click on “Update” and then on “Install” to update Android OS to its latest version

Solution 8: Factory Reset

When everything fails for you to work to fix the error Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped then the only option left is to do factory reset of your device. Though this method is somewhere risky because it can take away all your stored data so it is recommended to create a backup of all your files in safe place.

Doing factory reset will fix your device to normal and the issue you are facing will be solved. After factory reset, restart your phone and check the error. I am sure now the problem has been resolved.

How to recover lost data after factory reset on Android

Instead of warning many times, there are several users who don’t create a backup of their data and later on they want those data back. They are confused of how to recover those. But I would like to say that you don’t have to worry, simply use Android Data Recovery software. This is one and only software that easily helps to restore all erased data from Android phone without any backup.



Though Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped error has occurred to several Android users but whatever solutions I have mentioned in this blog will surely help you to get rid of it completely. Hope you will select the right methods to solve the error.

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8 Effective Methods To Fix “android.process.media Has Stopped” Unexpectedly
8 Effective Methods To Fix “android.process.media Has Stopped” Unexpectedly
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8 Effective Methods To Fix “android.process.media Has Stopped” Unexpectedly
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