11 Effective Methods To Solve Battery Draining Issue On MIUI 9/10

Everyone knows that Xiaomi is one of the well-known Chinese Smartphone companies that has gained popularity for its cheap and advanced phones especially in India.

It launches several high end devices and that too in affordable prices and users just love to use its phone.

However, if you are a Xiaomi user then you might remember that last year it has released MIUI 10, previously MIUI 9 and they are all available for old Redmi phones. Now whatever devices are launching have MIUI 10 or above.

It has lots of advanced features but one thing that has really troubled lots of users is the battery draining issue after updating to MIUI 10/9 on their devices. Now this can be due to several factors that contribute to affect battery life of your phone.

So if you are also one of them who is facing battery draining issue after updating MIUI 9/10 then this blog is definitely for you. Here you will get some of the best tips to resolve battery drain issue on Xiaomi phone after MIUI 9/10 update.

Let us show you an example where users have reported about the issue.

Real example

My device is on MIUI 9 Global Beta version, I think it’s consume more battery than MIUI Stable version. I think this problem caused by “Android System” apps that consume so much battery.
A month ago I was using MIUI 8 Global stable version. I feel it so good in battery management. It’s proofen with 30 hours life and SOT 8,5 hours.

Anyone feels like me?
Anyone can fix this problem?

Source: http://en.miui.com/thread-750278-1-1.html

This is a serious problem and users just want to get rid of it immediately so that further, they don’t have to face such kind of issues.

However, after a deep research, I have found few best tips that can help you to avoid dying your battery from Xiaomi devices after MIUI 9/10 update.

So lets start…

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Solution 1: Update your device and Apps

Whenever you come across battery dying problem after MIUI 9/10 update then first of all, look at your device whether software update is there or not.

For that, you need to go to Settings > click on About phone and there you will get the System Update option. If any update is available then immediately update it.

In the same way, go to play store and check if any update is pending for the installed apps. If yes then update them all and now see whether the battery draining issue is solved or not.

Solution 2: Search for third party apps

Several times, its not the fault of MIUI update but other factors lead to dying of battery on your phone. The culprit may be your third party apps installed on your phone.

So you should move ahead and find out the culprit app that is draining your battery. Follow the below steps:

  • First, open Settings and click on Battery option
  • After that, click on Power option that is followed by Battery use

  • Now here you will get all the apps that is using battery in descending order. It means that the app which is consuming more battery is listed at the top. If that app is rarely used then you should remove it immediately to stop from battery draining problem.

Solution 3: Use Scanning Always Available option

You might have come across this option of “Scanning Always Available” under Wi-Fi section. It is generally used in Google maps to get the exact location.

But remember that is yet another culprit to drain your battery fast. You should disable this option by going to Wi-Fi settings and only enable it when required.

Solution 4: Disable wake lock screen notification

Whenever you get any notifications on your phone, then your lock screen lights up. But this is also one of the issues behind poor battery issue. So it’s better to turn off this feature to save some battery.

For that, you have to open Settings and click on Lock Screen & Password. Here you will get to turn off the Wake lock screen feature for notification screen.

Though this feature doesn’t kill your battery much but it’s a small step to save your battery.

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Solution 5: Stop playing games

Not only updating your device to MIUI 9/10 drains battery but if you play games a lot in your device then also your battery dies off fast. Generally, bigger screen consumes more battery and also due to its huge processor.

So you should stop playing games on your phone if you really care of your devices battery.

Solution 6: Brightness issue

Many people loves to access their phone in full brightness but remember that it also makes your battery drain fast and quick. So if you really get frustrated of battery problem then reduce the brightness of your phone’s screen.

If your phone screen has more brightness then it needs more battery and at the same time, your device will also become hot.

Therefore, its better to reduce the brightness and keep it in such a way that is enough for you to see and also saves your battery.

Solution 7: Clear cache and data of device

Clearing devices cache and data is also one of the best ways to resolve battery issue. The cache files are the temporary data from apps downloaded which also works every time and don’t require to download.

Clearing cache resolved several devices issues like battery problem. However, Google has already removed clear cache option in Oreo so that it can manage the cache mechanism by itself.

But this feature is still available in MIUI 9 and it also solves battery draining issue from phone too.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, open Settings and click on Storage option

Step 2: Here you have to wait for your device to finish space and data calculation. After that, click on cached data option. Now you will get a notification to confirm to clear cached data or not for all apps and then click on OK.

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Solution 8: Reduce sleep time

If you really want to increase the battery life of your Xiaomi phones then it can be possible by reducing the screen timeout time. The more time screen is on, the more battery it consumes.

So it would be better to keep sleeping time to 30 seconds to 1 minute and not more than that. To change the Sleep Time, you have to go to Settings > click on Lock screen & passwords and after that, click on Sleep option, then select preferred time.

Solution 9: Switch off connectivity option

Always turn off all your connectivity features like GPS activity, Wi-Fi or 3G connections when not required. This eats up more battery on your phone and you cannot even imagine about it.

So when these features are not required, its better to turn off and fix the battery draining issue on your Xiaomi devices after MIUI 9/10 update.

Solution 10: Turn of Scanning feature

You might know that Android devices come with Wi-Fi Scanning feature and even Redmi devices also. When this feature is enabled then it scans 24*7 for networks instead of disabled W-Fi network. This drains your battery fast and quick.

So its better to switch off this feature by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > click on Advanced settings option. Here you have to disable Scanning always option.

Solution 11: Do hard reset of your phone

At last, when nothing works for you then it’s time to go hard now. For that, you have to format your device but remember to take a backup of it. After that, follow the below steps to do factory reset:

Step 1: First, open Settings and click on Additional settings. Now move down and click on Backup & Reset.

Step 2: Here under Backup & Reset, click on Factory Data Reset. After that, click on Reset option that is at the bottom.

That’s it…


Well, we generally come across battery draining issue on Android devices and it’s a common issue. However, we can try several ways to resolve this issue and so I have discussed some of the best ways to fix battery draining issue on MIUI 9/10 after updating.

If you have any more suggestion or queries then don’t forget to mention it on comment section.

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11 Effective Methods To Solve Battery Draining Issue On MIUI 9/10
11 Effective Methods To Solve Battery Draining Issue On MIUI 9/10
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11 Effective Methods To Solve Battery Draining Issue On MIUI 9/10
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