11 Effective Solutions To Fix Wi-Fi Stuck "Obtaining IP Address" On Android

Does your Android phone Wi-Fi stuck on “Obtaining IP Address”? Does your device fail to connect internet via Wi-Fi?

If yes, then don’t worry, be relaxed and keep calm. I have the solutions for it that will give you in this blog. So go through this blog carefully and know how to fix Wi-Fi stuck on Obtaining IP Address on Android phone.

What is the error about?

Well, the problem you have come across is a serious issue that several Android users have faced already. Basically this kind of error occurs when you try to connect already saved Wi-Fi network or after you try to connect to new wireless network.

The error you can see is like “Connecting…”, “Obtaining IP address” or “Obtaining IP address from”. It continues to display such error and sometimes, the error also saysFailed to obtain IP address”.

No matter what error you see on screen, but all those errors means the same: you will not able to connect to internet and due to this, you will fail to use most of your apps.

User experience

I’m starting to panic here, I got the essential 2 months ago. Today I did the update over WiFi. Used the phone on wifi after the update a bit with no problems. I left in the morning then came back the same day and now I can’t connect to the WiFi at all. It’s stuck at obtaining IP address. This is pissing me off…. Im standing next to the router so the signal strength is okay. I turned my phone off then on. All other phones in the house are connected fine. What the hell is going on??

From- https://www.reddit.com/r/essential/comments/8pl5oc/stuck_at_obtaining_ip_address/

As you can see the above example from users end, there is no doubt that you cannot come through this error in future. Therefore, its better to be aware of such issue and should know why such error can occur on your phone.

Let’s see why such error has occurred on your device so that you can have a clear idea why its happening.

Reasons for Wi-Fi stuck on “Obtaining IP Address”

Well, while you come across the issue, there can be several causes for it. Some of them include:

  • Poor or bad signal
  • Due to bug on your Android phone
  • Unexpected wireless interfering
  • Due to changed wireless security settings on router
  • Router malfunction
  • Several others

What are the solutions for Wi-Fi stuck “Obtaining IP Address” on Android?

Well, now it’s time to look at some of the best fixes for the problem you are facing. Going through each of them properly will obviously help you out from the error.

So lets begin…

Solution 1: Reconnect to Wi-Fi network

The very first solution you must try to solve the error is by reconnecting to Wi-Fi network. May be this solution works for you.

  • Simply go to Settings > Wi-Fi (WLAN)

  • Choose Wi-Fi network that you use from the list

  • Now open its menu option and then click on “Forget Network

That’s it…

Solution 2: Switch off network notification

  • First go to Settings > Wi-Fi (WLAN) > then Additional settings
  • Now turn off “Scanning always available

Solution 3: Modify wireless channel

As already mentioned above in the reasons part that due to unexpected wireless interference, such error can occur. When any neighbor network try to interfere in your router’s Wi-Fi then you can come across “Failed to obtain IP address”.

So to avoid such situation, you need to change the wireless channel or use Wi-Fi Analyzer app to choose the best wireless channel.

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Solution 4: Restart router

Over time to time, the router works slowly and it might be the cause of such error. In this situation, restarting Wi-Fi router can solve obtaining IP address error.

So to reboot your router, you can do this by following the below steps:

  • First go to tplinkwifi.net where you have to sign into router’s web interface
  • Now go to System Tools > Reboot option > then click on Reboot
  • Now wait for some time to restart your router.

After doing this process, check Wi-Fi network by connecting on Android phone and look if the problem still exists or has resolved.

Solution 5: Use static IP Address

  • First go to Settings > Wi-Fi (WLAN) > and open Wi-Fi

  • Check your network name

  • Now press and hold Wi-Fi network and check for option named as Advanced Settings. Or you can also select Modify Network > IP Settings > Menu > Static

  • Here assign IP Address and change it to any number between 1 to 225
  • Don’t change any other thing and should leave as they are
  • At last, save every changes you have done and turn on Wi-Fi, try to connect your device.

Solution 6: Install Wi-Fi fix app

According to several users, downloading and installing Wi-Fi fix app has worked efficiently to fix “Obtaining IP address” issue. So, you should once try this process by simply downloading the app from Google Play Store and check whether the problem is resolved.

Solution 7: Reset network settings on Android

There are many apps on your Android phone that adjust settings on the device itself and also ask for permission to modify system configuration. Due to this change, there is a chance to come across such issue, especially when you use VPN app.

So it will be better to disable it for some time and then check whether the issue is resolved or not. Even some network error can stop your Wi-Fi to connect, so once you should reset your network settings on phone.

  • First, go to Settings > Backup and reset

  • Now move down and check for Reset network settings

  • Click on it and after that, tap on Reset Settings

  • Wait for some time to complete the process
  • And at last, Restart your phone

Now try to connect your phone through Wi-Fi and I am sure, you will not face issue like ‘Obtaining IP Address’ further.

Solution 8: Try to rename your device

There may be some bug on your phone which stops from connecting Wi-Fi. So you should try to rename your device once and then check if the error again occurs.

Simply go to Wi-Fi Direct settings and rename your device name there. You should change the name like “android_485729” to other word such as “Oneplus 6

Solution 9: Set up WPA2-PSK on your router

  • First, go to router’s web interface.
  • Then search for the Wireless security page or something similar to that
  • Here you have to choose WPA2-PSK as security mode
  • Then select AES as Encryption type
  • Now tap on Save settings or Save

  • Then forget Wi-Fi network on your device

  • At last, reconnect it again

Solution 10: Remove outdated or unwanted files

This step is also useful but remember, this is only for rooted devices.

  • You have to download and install ES File Explorer on your phone
  • Then give root permission when asked
  • Now from menu, go to Root explorer
  • After that, go to /data/misc/dhcp/
  • After this, remove the entire files present there
  • At last, reboot your device and then check whether the problem is solved or not

Solution 11: Reset your Android phone to default settings

When you come across “Wi-Fi stuck on obtaining IP address” then its also a sign of virus infection. Malware attack can totally damage the system and lead to such unknown error.

So to fix the issue, you should reset your device and this will surely help you to get rid of the problem.

Step 1: First, scan the Android phone with any anti-malware apps

Step 2: Now try to reset your phone but don’t forget to backup all your data beforehand as this process will erase every data from phone.

Step 3: Now go to Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset > Factory data reset or simply click on Reset Device.

So, all these are some of the best ways to solve Wi-Fi stuck Obtaining IP address on Android.

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Wrap Up

After reading the blog completely, I hope you have come to the solutions properly and whenever you come across such issue on Wi-Fi network, you can solve it.

Not only one or two but 11 methods are discussed so if one fails then other is still available to help you out. Find out the most appropriate solution and resolve Wi-Fi stuck “Obtaining IP Address” on Android.

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11 Effective Solutions To Fix Wi-Fi Stuck “Obtaining IP Address” On Android
11 Effective Solutions To Fix Wi-Fi Stuck "Obtaining IP Address" On Android
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11 Effective Solutions To Fix Wi-Fi Stuck "Obtaining IP Address" On Android
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