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If you are also a victim of this most common “Unfortunately the process has stopped” Error on Android. Then this post will surely going to help you a lot. So, just get into this post and know the best possible ways to resolve this specific Android error.

Android is the most demanded operating system which works pretty well, but in Android 5.0 Lollipop a bug have risen. Today in this article we will be discussing how to fix the error “ has stopped” on Android.

This is the serious issue which can temporarily disable your mobile. Sometime you may find error “Unfortunately, the GUI system halted” or “Unfortunately the process has stopped

Let’s see a practical scenario:

“I have had this problem for a couple of days on my first-generation Motorola Moto G. Normally a restart would fix it. However now I am faced with the following error message when trying to unlock the phone after a restart:

Unfortunately the process has stopped.

The phone has reset the background to the default home screen which disappears when I unlock, going to a black screen. However, it still shows my apps and widgets. Then a second or so later goes back to the unlock screen.

I have tried clearing the cache partition multiple times which has not worked. Ss there any way I can fix this problem without a factory reset, or taking my phone to a phone shop?”


What’s The Reason For The Occurrence Of System UI Has Stopped Error?

Unfortunately the process has stopped

Even the android device owners also agrees to the fact that OS updates are very much essential as they fixes bug problems and improves the overall working of your device.  But sometime these updates are gets infected as a reason of which it don’t downloaded and installs properly. And thus the process has stopped error.

All android updates are mainly designed around the Google App and so the problem persists until the Google App is also gets updated.

Second most probable reason for such Android SystemUI isn’t responding error is flashing new ROM or sometime the improper installation of firmware update.

During the restoration of the backup data from iCloud or your Google Account. Unfortunately, the process  has stopped error may pop-up.

How to fix the error “has stopped”

Installing an app:

This error usually occurs after installing any new application on your phone. It may be that your app touched some important file, so you need to uninstall it.  After the issue is solved you can reinstall the application. At this situation it is concluded that the installed app doesn’t get along with your smartphone.

Changing ROM:

Forgot to wipe data and cache then this issue can occur on your device. So your first step should be to reinstall ROM to avoid errors.


How to Fix Boot Loop Issue on Android without Losing Data

Playing with System Files:

It is the biggest disadvantage of rooting your smartphone. You might have accidentally deleted some system files to free up some space, but that was important data.  Or you might have uninstalled some important system files on your device

To avoid this problem you must backup system file before removing it. So that you can later on restore it.

Fix The process has stopped

  • Update your phone with latest firmware
  • Now, Wipe Cache partition
  • Uninstall Google App from your device

Update your phone with the latest firmware

Sometimes updating your phone with latest update help to fix has stopped.  Check for the update and update it by using below steps:

  1. Move to setting of your device
  2. Scroll down to bottom
  3. Hit on about phone or about tablet option
  4. Now under the Android version, you will find your version number
  5. Check for update option from there, tap on it.

If there is any update available then you will find an update notification. Hit on it.


How To Fix “Unfortunately App has Stopped” Error in Android Without losing data

Wipe Cache partition

Wiping cache partition from you device refresh your phone. It will fix unfortunately the process has stopped and android system ui error. Follow the below steps to wipe cache partition on your smartphone.

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Press volume up + Home + Power buttons together
  3. Hold it, until you see wipe cache partition option on your phone

Most of the phone has this setting to wipe cache partition.

Uninstall Google App from device

Generally Google app was causing the issue on your device and this error seems to be disappeared from your system after uninstalling Google app from their phone.

Uninstall Google app and reboot your phone.

Factory Reset:

If you find this error but you’re not sure what happened then it is best to factory reset the phone. You will lose your smartphone settings, but the problem will be solved. But before applying this method it is very important to have a complete backup of your data stored in your device.

Hope this issue will be fixed. Well this all about How to Fix “Unfortunately the process has stopped” Error On Android.

If you find these tricks helpful to fix the error “” on Android? Then don’t forget to share with other.

Meanwhile, this if in case you lost your android phone data then also you need not to worry. Just give it a try to Android data recovery software. As, it is the best data recovery option to tackle any of the data loss situation.

Wrap Up:

Issues like Android SystemUI not responding or the process has stopped error are quiet commonly faced by the user. Well it’s not a random error and is connected to either software.

It’s simple to deal with this error as the thing that you need to do is install or rollback your android set OS update, uninstall Google app updates, clear cache partition or factory reset  your device to clear out everything. The above listed methods are the best option to fight off the problem and prevent it from troubling again in future. These methods are well accepted by wide range of affected users as they are safe and risks are lesser as compared to other tools to solve the Android SystemUI has stopped error. So, go ahead and try them now…!

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How To Fix “Unfortunately the process has stopped” Error On Android?
How To Fix "Unfortunately the process has stopped" Error On Android?
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How To Fix "Unfortunately the process has stopped" Error On Android?
If you are also a victim of this most common “Unfortunately the process has stopped" Error on Android. Then this post will surely going to help you a lot. So, just get into this post and know the best possible ways to resolve this specific Android error
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