You may face problems while you download apps from Google Play Store because of error 498. You may get an error message “An error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server” while downloading apps or games from Google Market.

If you are trying to download apps which is larger than your Device’s Cache partition then you would get 498 Error in play store. Say for example, your phone’s cache partition is 40 MB and you want to download an app or game of 50 MB, then you would get the following error Google Play Store error 498. So, how this error can be fixed?  Here are some methods to fix error 498 on Google play store which are mentioned below.

Method 1: Clear Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache

You have to be more careful while you are using this method. You have to boot in to recovery mode and clear the Dalvik cache on your device in order to fix the Google Play Store error 498. Once the dalvik cache is cleared, then you have to restart your Smartphone and this would generally take more time.

Now you have to boot in recovery mode. For different Smartphone’s model there are different ways to reboot. In such cases you have to look up on Google, how to boot into your recovery mode for your android phones.

  • Boot in to Recovery mode.
  • Click on Wipe Cache Partition. (Use Power key to select and Volume keys to navigate)
  • Next, go to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  • Finally, click “Reboot System Now” to reboot your Android device.

Method 2: Change WiFi network

You may encounter this error if you are using the WiFi network for downloading the apps from the Google Play Store, then in such cases there is fault related to your Internet.

In such cases you have to be patient as it may take an hour or two to download the apps again. In such situations if you want to download apps and games on your device quickly, then you have to connect to a different WiFi network.

Method 3: Deleted and Re add the 2G / 3G Access Point Name

In this method you can fix the Google Play Store error 498 by deleting the settings of 2G / 3G Access Point of your cellular network provider and then restart the android device.

You have to add the names of the Access Point again after turning on your device. If you face problem in adding the names, then you have to call your cellular network provider and they would guide you through the process. After adding the Access Points, you would find that the 498 error has been fixed on your device.

Method 4: Clear Cache of Google Play Store

There is possibility that you may face problems related to Cache. So you have to clear the cache.

  • Go to Settings > Applications Manager > Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Select on Force Stop to stop the application. Clear Cache of Google Play Store to Fix play store error 498
  • Then select on the Clear Data button so that the app data gets cleared and at last, on selecting the Clear Cache then the cache of Google Play Store would get cleared.
  • It will fix the error 498 if the problem is related to cache.

After performing these steps you would find that the problem of error 498 has been fixed. Now you can download your favorite app from the play store to your android devices. Any enjoy using your android device.

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How to Fix Google Play Error 498 on Android?