steps to delete call history permanently on Android phone

Before selling or gifting your old Android Phone erase all your important personal details completely

If you want to delete the Call History from your Android Phone permanently, then by simply deleting the call history manually is not perfect way to erase them, as they are still present in the phone and there are various ways to recover it.

Fortunately, with the help of Android Data Eraser, you can permanently delete your call history and once it is done, there is no chance of recovering the call history with any data recovery software.

With the help of Android Data Eraser, one can:

  • Wipe out all Private Data and free up space on Android.
  • Beside call logs, it erases all your personal details such as whatsApp chat history, Jio App call history, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. permanently.
  • Speeds up your device by cleaning the junk files.

Permanently Delete Call Logs On Android

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You want to delete your call history as you do not want other to see what calls you made and received. You simply selected the call logs and deleted them, but it is not gone forever. The call history can still be restored, anyone who knows all the tips and tricks about the android phones, then he is able to retrieve and expose those call that you want to keep secret and don’t want other to see.

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In fact it has become easier to recover deleted call logs with the help of data recovery software. Though this sound scary to you but this is the complete truth. So, if you think that deleting the call history by just tapping Delete button is enough to hide the call history then your thinking is wrong.

Let us take real user example:

[Q & A] can’t delete call logs permanently

I own a xiaomi redmi note 2 but I cannot permanently delete my call logs. I manage to delete them but after rebooting my mobile they reappear.
I tried syncing it and then deleting my call logs (being online of course), but no success.
Could you please help me?
Thank you!

                                                                                        – Original Post from MIUI Forum

If you are looking for 100% and guaranteed solution to keep your secret call logs and messages hidden from others then you have to destroy or delete them permanently from your Android devices and it can be done by applying appropriate data eraser software.

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How to Delete Call Logs Permanently on Android Devices

Well, with the help of Android Data Eraser software you can permanently delete your call history from your Android phones. Not only your call logs but you can delete everything from your Android phone such as text messages, contacts, emails, voice memos, calendar, apps, photos, videos, audio files and many more.

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Beside deletion call history from Android phones and tablet, this Data Eraser for Android  also delete call history from Jio App and other apps that store contacts and call logs.

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Once deleted it can’t be recovered by any data recovery software, even the FBI agents will not be able to restore data from the Android device because the software uses the private methods known as US military to delete the data.

The software is particularly designed to permanently delete data on Android phones & tablets such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, Google, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Micromax, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, etc.

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Steps How To Permanently Delete Call History from Android Phones

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device (phone or tablet) To Computer

Launch Android Data Eraser on your computer. And select 'Erase' option among all the available module.

After this connect your Android phone to Computer via USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone. If your phone is running on Android OS version 4.2.2 or above, then it will pop-up message on your phone asking you to allow USB debugging. Simply Tap on OK to continue.

Step 2: Start Erasing Your Android Device

After this, Data Eraser will detect and connect your Android phone automatically. Next click on “Erase All Data” button to start the process of deleting all your data permanently.

Note: The erased data is not recoverable, hence, you must make sure that you have kept the backup of all the required data.

To confirm the erasing process, simply type “delete” and click on “erase now”.

Now, Data Eraser for Android will start erasing all the data on your Android device. The whole process of wiping out data completely takes just few minutes. While the deleting process is in progress, it is recommended that you must not disconnect your phone or open any other app on your PC.

Step 3: Finally, Perform Factory Data Reset on Your Android Device

After all the data such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, app data, browsing history and all other privacy data have been totally deleted, Data Eraser will ask you to tap on Factory Data Reset or Erase All Data on the phone. This will ensure in complete deletion of all the settings on the phone.

Now your Android phone has been completely wiped out and it is now like a brand new phone.

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It is always a best habit to erase personal data permanently on your device so that other cannot steal your data from using it for bad intention. Android Data Eraser is very helpful tool that gives you 100% satisfaction by wiping out all kinds of data stored on any Android devices. It is best for those who want to resell or donate their old Android phones to others.

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How to Permanently Delete Recent Call History on Android Phone
How to Permanently Delete Recent Call History on Android Phone
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