mkv to androidAndroid devices do decode of MKV very well and due to this many Android users are searching for some best MKV player app for their Android devices. It is well known that Android phone and tablets cannot play MKV files but there comes some occasion when there is a need of playing MKV format on your Android phones or tablets. Therefore many users are in search of some way by which they can play the MKV video files on their Android phone smoothly.

You will get many people who are fond of such player which can help to play their MKV video files on Android devices. When they don’t find any way then they ask generally, which is the best MKV player for their Android phones or tablets. In fact there are lots of MKV player for Android devices which you will get in the market like MX Video player, Dice player, Rock player etc but all these players sometimes does not work well. Even you may face some problem with the video that you have downloaded. If they don’t have any way to play those on your android devices, then they work with the ‘soft decoding’ option which is in MoboPlayer and even after that they face problem with those videos. They even can’t watch those videos and so that time they need a p-layer that could help them to sort out this problem and can play MKV videos on their Android devices.

In fact if you want to playback your MKV video on your Android devices, then it is better that you convert your MKV video file into MP4 format that naturally supports Android OS. Encoding MKV file takes a long time but it is also necessary to do due to the limitations of Smartphone as very few mobile devices have the required power to provide the output necessary to decode.

Play MKV on Android by installing an Android MKV player

Although Android devices does not support MKV file format, you can still play MKV on your Android devices without converting the file. You will get many free MKV players for your Android devices in the market and almost are free. With the use of smart player installed in your Android devices, you can easily play MKV videos without the conversion on your Android devices. Though there are lots of MKV player for Android bit among them some does not play videos in high quality ob your device. Therefore if you want to play MKV video file on your Android device, then you should use a converter that can convert MKV file to play on your Android phone.

Android Video converter is the software that you should use to play your MKV file on your Android devices. This is the best converter which can convert your MKV file so that you can play on your Android devices. This is a powerful application which converts all sorts of video files to Android device compatible file format so that you can play your favorite video on Android Phones or tablets. Therefore just download this converter and convert your MKV file so that you can play your MKV video files on your Android devices.

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Step 1 – Install Android Video Converter & connect Android device to PC and Launch it.


Step 2 – Import Video that you want to convert


Step 3 – Change the video settings manually like customize include Encoder, Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, and more.


Step 4 – Click the “crop” button, Crop the video by setting a parameter for the Left, Top, Width, and Height.


Step 5 – Click the “Trim” button. This option enables you convert the desired part of a video only.


Step 6 – Hit on the “Effect” button. You can apply effect to the imported video. Also, you can adjust the video’s saturation, brightness and contrast.


Step 7 – Select the Output video file format.


Step 8 – Now start the conversion process


How to Play MKV on Android?