restore android contacts from broken Android

Easy Way to Restore Contacts from Broken Android Phone

Get back your lost contacts from android device with the help of Android Data Recovery. This software is designed to rescue any lost or erased data from broken android phone. Not only contacts but it can also recover other data as well like photos, videos, SMS, music, whatsapp chat history, reminders etc.

  • Retrieves missing contacts with other data from broken android phone
  • Helps to extract and scan out all lost contacts and other data without any data loss
  • It allows preview option to view all the data before recovery
  • Best way to get back any data lost from android device and easy to use software

Get back Erased Contacts from Broken Android Phone

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Nowadays, Smartphone’s have totally captured the hearts of people in today’s Android world. It is very common to see more and more Android users in daily life. Also Android gadgets are made up of attractive functionality so that it can provide large space for its users and so it can easily carry all the important data along with them wherever they want wherever they goes. In fact there are few Smartphone’s which facilitate the usage of external storage media such as flash memory cards on it so that users can expand the memory space. But at the same time, handling all these Smartphone’s are very vital as any little bit damage also can cause serious loss of data.

However, once your Android phone breaks down, the most important thing which you will lose is the contacts on your phone and after that you are on a hurry to get back those deleted contacts on it. Losing contacts from broken Android phone is a big headache for Android users as it will cost you a lot to recognize those missing phone numbers and then add them one by one. When you lose all these contacts from your Android phone, you lose all the connections with your family members and with your friends. There are some users who are careful in backing up all the contacts but most of them don’t do these generally and in result, they lose all the important contacts from phone. Similar to the media files like videos, photos etc which are stored on SD card inside the phone, the contacts along with messages are saved in the internal memory of the Android phone. When such thing happen, it makes more difficult to export contacts off Android phone. But there is nothing to worry as difficulty does not mean that it is impossible to do.

To get back the deleted contacts, you need to use a recovery tool which would help you restore all the lost or deleted contacts from your phone. You should use Android Data Recovery software which is excellent recovery software to recover deleted contacts from your Android phone. This software is especially designed and developed to recover lost or deleted data from Android devices like mobile phones and tablets. This powerful and sophisticated software vigorously scans both internal and external phone memories of the device to recognize the deleted and lost Android data like contacts, messages, photos etc including the Android application package file i.e. (APK) file and recovers or restores then in a safe and secure location which can be reused easily.

Android data recovery supports all Android devices and is compatible with almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7. It does not matter about your phone is Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony or Motorola, etc. Besides that, it can also help you to get messages, SMS, photos back. It’s so easy to operate with only few click you can recover lost data from broken Android devices.

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Steps to recover lost contacts from broken Android

Step 1: Firstly install the Android Data Recovery and then launch it. After that connect your Broken Android phone with the computer with the help of the data cable or you can even take out the memory and insert it into the card reader and then connect the card reader with the computer.

android 1

Steps 2: After doing it now enable USB debugging. To enable USB debugging follow the steps:

For Android 2.3 or its earlier version go to “Settings” -> click “Applications” -> Click “Development” ->and check “USB debugging”.

2. For Android 3.0 or 4.1 versions go to “Settings” ->click “Developer options” -> check “USB debugging”.

3. For Android 4.2 or the newer version go to “Settings” -> click “About Phone” -> click “Build number” for number of times until you receive a note “You are under developer mode” go back to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check “USB debugging”.

These steps will let you connect your broken Android Mobile to the computer. After this follow the next steps.

android 6

Step 3: Hit on the “Start” button to “Scan” the Android Device for recovering contacts. After that wait for some seconds, you will get a preview of the messages, and then hit on “Allow” to go to the next step. At the same time, click on the “Start” button again.’

android 5

Step 4: Once the scanning process gets completed it will display all your recovered contacts and other data such as images, mp3 songs, messages, videos, documents and other files. Select the contacts category for the preview and restore the recovered contacts from the Broken Android Phone or Memory card.


Step 5: At last select the contacts from where you can click on “Recover” button for saving them on your computer.

How to Recover Contacts from Broken Android Phone