Securing your Android phone or tablet is equally important as adding a pattern lock or PIN lock your device. You must treat your smartphone with care and secure it against theft and hackers. You must protect your Android phone/tablet from online and as well as offline. If you are not careful then you may lose your important contacts, photos, videos, text messages, social media accounts, synced photos, important files and your emails.

Once, your Android phone is lost or exposed then the entire data is traceable and downloadable and may share on internet, if you do not take care of your Android device.

Well, here we bring you some of the useful ways that you can follow to keep your Android Device Secure.

 1.Protect Android: Screen Lock


This is one of the first and simplest ways to secure your Android phone or tablet. Even if your phone goes to wrong hand they can access it due to screen lock. One can set up PIN lock or Pattern Lock to guard their smartphone. Some of the device support finger print sensor or eye sensor to lock. It’s very easy, go to Settings>Security>Screen Lock. Also Read – How to Recover Data from Android Phone/Tablet with Broken Screen

2.Protect Android: Never Save All Of Your Passwords


Many people tend to save their username & passwords to many of their online services or website they visit. Many users save banking details information but what if your phone goes to wrong person, they can easily access your accounts and can changes password. So, it is strongly suggested that you must avoid saving important passwords in your device especially when it comes to banking or payment apps.

3.Protect Android: Lock Individual Apps & Media


You can also lock particular apps or media files to give extra layer of protection. If you want to hide media files or apps from other person then you can use apps like App Lock or File Hide from Play store. After locking your files using App Lock, now users need to provide PIN Lock each and every time when they try to open the locked files or apps. Also Read – Forget the Password of the Lock Screen Android Phone

4.Protect Android: Keep the OS & Apps Up-To-Date

You should always keep your Android OS & apps updated. However, updating the OS & apps not only brings the new features but it also fixes the bug and patches to security vulnerabilities. You must ensure that your apps are set to auto-update over Wi-Fi. Go to Play Store Settings> General > Auto-update apps menu. Also make sure to check that your OS is updated. To check the update of your Android OS go to Settings>About Phone>System updates.

5.Protect Android: Manage App Permissions


When you install app from Google Play, it display a list of requested permissions that pop-up and show you what permission the app requires. Though apps need permissions to perform things, but all of them are not necessary.

You must carefully read the app permission to make sure why and for what purpose the app require permission. For example a text message app does not require access to your alarm. It is very important steps because not every apps are not safe in Play Store.

6.Protect Android: Use Secure Wi-Fi


Everybody wants free Wi-Fi network to access internet. But remember that every Wi-Fi network or public wi-fi is not safe. There are hackers’ and cyber crooks who are always seeking the information transferred or shared between the Wi-fi networks. If you are doing online transaction make sure your wi-fi network is protected. If you are using free or public wi-fi that are not protected then only use it for office use or entertainment, never browse personal or private data such as banking online, shopping online, etc.

7. Protect Android: Back up Android


This is just for precaution. What if your important photos get deleted accidentally or if your Android phone get stolen. Never mind, if you have kept valid and proper backup of all the data such as contacts, text messages, photos, important files then you can always get back your files from the back up. You can use Google account to backup your data – if you have lost your phone, then only thing you have to do is to use any web browser and sign in to your Google account and everything will be available there. Also Read – Dropbox: How to Upload Files from Android Tablet/Phone

8.Protect Android: How to Deal with Android Viruses/Malware


You would rarely find any Android virus or malware infecting your devices. But, you may find virus or malware attacking your device. (Read Here – First Android Ransomware) Since Android is on rise hackers and cyber criminals are looking to develop more Android virus and malware. So, in order to deal with virus, there are many apps available in Play store that you can install on your devices. However, almost all phones these days come with inbuilt security that you can use.

9.Protect Android: Set up Remote Track & Wipe Features


Android Device Manager by Google is absolutely is an excellent tool that can be used to track down the lost device and if required, one can delete or wipe the data from the lost or stolen Android device. It is completely a free app from your Android Phone or tablet that is available in Play store and it can also be access on any web browsers but you have to sign in with your Google Account. Also Read – Prevent Data Leaking after Android SmartPhone Get Lost

10.Protect Android: Track Your Lost Device


Though you have backup of your important files, enabled remote track & wipe feature, but you really want to get back your lost or stolen device. Well, the smartphone manufacturer companies have it for you, your phone comes with in-built GPS and it is trackable. The key is, you have to keep GPS enabled on your phone to track it. There are also plenty of apps that is designed for tracking device for Android and some of them can even Turn ON GPS on your phone remotely.

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Wrap Up

So these are some of the common but very important things that you must follow to keep your Android Phone/Tablet secure. If you honestly follow the above suggestion then you will never face any problem with your Android device related to security.

How To Secure Android: 10 Tips for Securing Your Phone/Tablet