Outlook with Android

Move Contacts from Outlook to Android, Efficiently!

To move the contacts from your Outlook to Android device, this would be possible, when both the Windows and Android device are synchronized with each other. This would be a hectic task, if you want to connect them manually. In such cases Wondershare Mobile Trans plays an active role, as it is helps you to transfer the data between the Outlooks to Android easily.

Features of this application tool are:

  • One click to transfer data from Android to iPhone, Nokia and vice versa.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and other Smartphone and tablets.
  • Transfer photos, videos, text messages, and many other file types.


Android is a word which is uncommon for common people but also very commonly used as smart phone operating systems which you must be using. If you had a shiny brand new Android phone or tablet then do you know how to transfer the contacts which are stored in outlook on your windows system to the new device? Don’t bother here comes android transfer for you complete the contacts transfer between android and outlook with just a single click.


Android file transfer is a very simple and helpful Android phone data manager to transfer contacts to Android; it is also helpful in moving CSV files full of contacts from outlook to android instantly and expediently.


Steps to sync outlook contacts to android phone

Step 1: Set up your android phone

Once completing the download of Android file transfer, install and launch it on your PC. Connect your android phone to the system.

Step 2: Move contacts from Outlook to Android

 Then go to “contacts” Tab and click “Import/Export” to select “Import Contacts from Your Computer”. Select a contacts account to save the imported contacts. Then this program begins to transfer contacts from your Outlook. After successfully importing, the contacts will be displayed in the contacts account. You can also move specific contacts to any group as you like here.

Note: If you have Outlook account on your Android phone, you can sync contacts in it to your Android phone with ease.

How to Transfer contacts from Outlook to Android

Step 1- Install and launch the contacts from Outlook to android transfer tool

Once when you complete the installation you can launch it on your PC. And when your computer will exhibit a picture below then you can connect both Android phone and Outlook to the computer via USB cables.


Step 2- Setup your Contacts from outlook to Android

When both the devices will get connected successfully then they will be located and detected at the places of source and destination. Before transferring you can tick off the tab clear data before copy to empty your Android phone.


Step 3- You can mark the icon before the music and click start copy to begin the export contacts to android. Be sure that your Outlook and Android phone keep connected during transferring.

Tips: Click “Flip”, the button between two devices when you decide to copy data, like contacts, photo, and music from Android to iPod.


How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android?