transfer contacts from outlook to android

Easy steps to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android:

Android Data Transfer is the effective way to transfer contacts to Android, it can even help you to import and export CSV files full of contacts from Outlook to Android with an ease. Apart from transferring contact between outlook and Android, it let you send SMS, photos, music, videos, etc between Android phone and computer in just one click.

  • Simple, 1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer
  • Transfer data between Android, iOS and Symbian,  BlackBerry, Lumia and Nokia phones.
  • Transfer messages, pictures, audios, videos, contacts, call logs, apps and other data.
  • Support for 3,500+ Phones and Different Networks
  • Backup Phone Data to Computer


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>>>>>>- From PCWorld, 11/14/2013

Why people require transferring contacts from Microsoft outlook to Android phone or tablet? There might be some reason for this. Yes you are right- If somebody lost his android device and with that he lost his contacts, but if he got all his contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook, then he can get back those contacts easily back to his new android device by transferring the contacts from outlook to android. Even if you have not lost your android phone but you purchased another new android phone and you want all those contacts which are stored in outlook to your phone, you can get it easily.

You can simply log in with your outlook account and sync your contacts in CSV (comma separated value) format and you can get your contacts with ease to you android device. But some of the android devices are not able to sync your contacts because they lack free Microsoft outlook syncs option or might be your android phone is not updated on which the current version of outlook works. Then you must go for this application Android Transfer Tool, which will help you to transfer all your contacts from outlook to your android device quickly and easily.

Steps for transferring contacts from outlook to Android

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer.

First of all download, install and launch Android Transfer on your PC and select “Transfer” option among the available modules.

Next connect your Android device to PC via USB cable (make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android). Once, your phone gets connected to PC, your device will get recognized by software automatically and it will get displayed in the primary Window.

Whether, you transfer photos, video or music files, the steps are similar. Here in the below-steps we take photos as an example.

Step 2: Click on Photo tab. From the photo management windows, select your desired photos that you want to transfer and then click on Export > Export to PC.

Step 3: This will bring up the browser windows. Here select the destination path where you want to save photos from your Android device to computer.

If you want, then you can transfer entire photo Album to your PC from Android device.

Apart from exporting photos to PC, it also support export photos to another iOS or Android device. Just connect the target phone to the computer and click on “Export to Device”. Select the targeted phone and all selected photos will be transferred to the target phone.

How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android