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Transfer Audio files from iPod to Android with a single click:

The audio files that are present in your iPod, and you want to transfer them to your Android device, then in that case, it is possible with the help of Wondershare Mobile Trans for Android.  Using this application tool, you can easily transfer your music files from iPod to Android effortlessly.

This application Tool is capable of:

  • One click to transfer data from Android to iPhone.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Transfer photos, videos, text messages, and many other file types.


Did you get a new Android tablet or phone and wanted to transfer all songs away from iPod to your Android device. May be you have hundreds of dollars worth of songs purchased from iTunes to the iPod, how can you drag drop those songs to your new android device from iPod? There is one solution that is pull music from iTunes to a desktop folder and then to your Android device, but this is its not easy and convenient and most of the time it does not work. Why? Because it is not easy as you image to copy music to Android from iPod when the songs on iPod aren’t from iTunes library. Therefore in such kind of case I recommend you to use the professional iPod and Android data transfer which will help you to transfer music from iPod to Android with a single click.

Sometimes it is not possible to directly move music from an iPod to Android device.  Android Data Transfer Tool is a tool provide you the facility to transfer data between different model of phones and the most useful features of this software are completely free. It will transfer and backup your data with ease. It is especially designed to interact with many features of Android phones. In order to get the facility of this software you need to connect your phones with your system with the help of data cable provided with your smartphone. Once your phone is connect with your PC, it will detect it and display the information about your smartphone. Mobile Trans for Android is capable in manage your contacts and others data effectively. The other features of this tool include is to find duplicate files on your smartphone and can be delete to save space. It also comes with a synchronization functions that helps you to manage your contact lists, photos, videos, and music all from your Windows desktop PC, delete, share and upload them.


How to Sync songs to Android from iPod

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer.

First of all download, install and launch Android Transfer on your PC and select “Transfer” option among the available modules.

Next connect your Android device to PC via USB cable (make sure USB debugging is enabled on your Android). Once, your phone gets connected to PC, your device will get recognized by software automatically and it will get displayed in the primary Window.

Whether, you transfer photos, video or music files, the steps are similar. Here in the below-steps we take photos as an example.

Step 2: Click on Photo tab. From the photo management windows, select your desired photos that you want to transfer and then click on Export > Export to PC.

Step 3: This will bring up the browser windows. Here select the destination path where you want to save photos from your Android device to computer.

If you want, then you can transfer entire photo Album to your PC from Android device.

Apart from exporting photos to PC, it also support export photos to another iOS or Android device. Just connect the target phone to the computer and click on “Export to Device”. Select the targeted phone and all selected photos will be transferred to the target phone.

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