[INFOGRAPHIC]- Android Oreo (8.0) vs iOS 11- Who Wins

Everyone has a clear image about Android and iOS. Both are at its peak as though both are operating system but both act as they are each others enemy.

When we see Android then nothing seems like Android. Everywhere we can see Android and so it is widely used in Smartphones.

Whereas iOS is seen only on Apple phones like iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. When we compare both then nobody is less. Both have unique features that are loved by users and they enjoy it.

Frankly speaking, both the OS are good and both are loved tremendously by users. Only in Android, it is seen that in comparison to iOS, it has become popular a lot.

Every Smartphone has Android OS. When it is upgraded then some other features exist which users just want to have on their devices.

Therefore, with the help of infographic, I have tried to show you who is better- Android or iOS? Comparison is between Android new version- Android Oreo (8.0) and iOS 11.

So, now its up to you to check this infographic and know some of the best features on both OS and get a clear idea on who is best.


[INFOGRAPHIC]- Android Oreo (8.0) vs iOS 11- Who Wins

[INFOGRAPHIC]- Android Oreo (8.0) vs iOS 11- Who Wins?
[INFOGRAPHIC]- Android Oreo (8.0) vs iOS 11- Who Wins?
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[INFOGRAPHIC]- Android Oreo (8.0) vs iOS 11- Who Wins?
Know who wins- Android Oreo or iOS 11. Both are a good OS and users just love to enjoy the features of both. Through infographic, you can know it in better way and see who wins in this race
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