How to Install unknown source apps on android

Have you ever tried to download any third party apps on your Android phone instead of Google Play store?

What type of problem you have faced and what you have done to get out of it?

Well, this question is little confusing but I think many of them have faced such problems when they want to install any third party apps on their devices. Well today I will guide you on how to install unknown source apps on your android devices?

We all know that android users download Android apps from Google play store. But there are also some other apps which are good but they are not available on the play store. It means that many android users want to install apps from other sources such as Mobo, Mobogenie etc.

But here the problem is that you cannot do it easily. Before installing any other apps, you have to enable ‘Unknown sources” option and without this, you cannot install apps from any external sources. The reason behind is the security. Android does not provide options to install apps from external source without its permission.

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Problems occur while installing third party apps

Several users may find this process as a big problem. The thing here is that to install the apps from other sources leaving app store from Google, you have to enable unknown sources.

After you download third party apps from unknown source, when you try to install it in your Android devices like Sony, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, Samsung and many others, settings need to be changed where you have to allow apps installation from unknown sources.

In addition, if you receive an error message while installing apps then it may be because you have not enabled “unknown source” or have not allowed installing market-apps on your device.

The error message that you may come across is:

Install blocked

For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications obtained from unknown sources.


However, you might also think why so happens, what is the exact reason behind it and how it works, right? Do not worry, read further and know about ‘unknown sources’ and how it works.

About “Unknown Sources”

Unknown sources can be used to define many things like leaking government stuffs in the press or doing some illegal work from unknown source etc. But here the thing is different. Getting an unknown source message indicates in android that you are trying to install apps on your device which is not trusted.

It means that whatever apps you install from Google play store are all trusted and they don’t have any problem. According to Google, you can trust play store and Samsung apps (Samsung do not need to enable installation of any unknown sources if you want to install app.

Now it completely means that the apps, which you get in play store, are trusted and they cannot harm your phone in any way. But installing apps from other sources can be risky and harmful, so your android devices need permission to do that.

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 People Also Search For 

How to enable unknown sources on Kodi?

Many of them might don’t know about Kodi but it is an open source media center app founded by XBMC foundation. This is available in several OS  and hardware platforms. Those users who use Kodi then can know it better that when they try to install any other apps, they cannot.

So the developers have made some changes after its popularity and now they have allowed to enable unknown sources kodi option. Previously it was linked with many harmful content but developers have changed a lot and now users can easily enable to install some great kodi apps. Follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings from main menu of Kodi 17 krypton
  • Here you have to click on system settings
  • Now click on Add-ons
  • You will see Turn on Unknown Sources and turn it ON.
  • Here you will get the mentioned message: 1. “Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?” You have to press Yes.
  • Now install kodi add-ons easily 

Should I allow the setting to install third party apps?

Well, here the logic is that if you know about the app and you trust on it, means you are familiar with its source, whatever it promises it provides you and other things then you are free to install it by enabling the settings.

However if you have some confusion in the app regarding its trust factor then you can ask to your friends, or can ask questions on forums or discussions. There you can get the better option to decide whether you should trust it or not. If not then you can also know the reason for it. 

How do I enable an app that I disabled?

Many android users ask how to enable an app, which are disabled. Yes, many of them face this as they disable some apps for sometime, as they do not need it. But later they don’t know to enable it. Do not worry, simply follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings and then go to Manage apps
  • Click on All tab or go to disabled tab
  • Now move down to find the app that you want to enable. Generally disabled apps are on the bottom.
  • Here touch the app name and then enable it
  • Now your app is enabled and you can exit from the settings menu. 

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How to install “Unknown Sources” apps on Android

Well, Google give users to download and install any apps they wish from third party sources. But for that you have to enable unknown sources by following the below process:

Step 1: Open settings on your device

First go to Settings on you android device where clicking on it will open the settings panel.

Step 2: Scroll down to Security section 

After going to settings panel, go to Security section. Click on it and you will get security settings menu. Every device has little bit difference in their settings panel, so do it as per your device has.

Step 3: Go to “Unknown Sources”

Here you can see “Unknown Sources” option. It manages installation from any third party sources should be installed or not. This option is disabled by default.

Step 4: Enable unknown sources

Here you have to switch on the option after which you will get a message to enable your device. It states about the risk that your device can get after installing third party apps. You have to click on “OK”.

Step 5: Exit from Settings Option

Now this features is enabled and its time to exit from settings menu.

That’s it. Now you can easily install any apps from other sources on your device by simply clicking on APK files and you will not get any prompt before installation. This can work until the feature is enabled on your device and you will not face any issue.

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Well this is a common situation I think that many android users have come across. However getting an APK of any app from your friend which you love is easy but to install it on your android device may be difficult.

Therefore I have discussed the steps which can help you to install third party apps on your android devices easily. Follow them and enjoy the apps on your device.

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