Infographic: 10 Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life


Are you looking for some useful tips that can really help you extend your Android smartphone’s battery life? Do you know why your Android phone’s battery gets low so quickly?

To find out the answer read the below top 10 tips explained in infographic that will really help you out in saving battery on Android device and boost your Android phone’s battery life and make your Android last longer. (more…)

[Infographic]: How to Bypass Android’s Lock Screen Pattern, PIN, Password or Fingerprint


The main causes to set up some sort of lock screen on our device is to protect our phone and its data from strangers or friends from checking out whatsapp messages, contacts, photos or personal emails.

Beyond that, if in case your phone gets stolen or lost, then you do not want anybody to get full access to your Gmail, Facebook, Banking apps or other sensitive data. (more…)

Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Contacts & More from Nokia 3, 5 & 6

Nokia Android Phone Data Recovery

Effectively Retrieve Lost or Deleted Photos, Videos, Contacts, WhatsApp Chat and Other Data from Nokia Android Phones Nokia 3, 5 & 6!

Summary: If you have lost or deleted files such as photos, videos, contacts, whatsApp messages, etc from Nokia Android phones and you wish to recover them back, then this post is for you. In this particular post you are going to learn about Nokia Android Phone Data Recovery software that will help you to recover lost photos, videos, contacts & more from Nokia 3, 5 & 6. (more…)

How to Easily Unlock Android SIM Card In Simple Steps!

how to android sim unlock

Is your Android phone SIM is locked? Mostly it is observed that people don’t even know whether their phone is SIM locked or not. Well if you are also the one who don’t have knowledge on this then don’t worry as here in this tutorial we will discuss about this issue.

So, we will start this journey firstly by finding out whether your phone is locked or not and if it is, how to unlock Android SIM card of your device and enjoy the complete benefits of unlocked phone. (more…)

100% Solved: “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” Error on Android

Summary: In one of my earlier posts I have written about how to recover deleted data from Facebook Messenger, and today in this post I am going to share few, but very much effective solutions on how to fix “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” on Android. Just follow the solutions and steps mentioned below.


If you are using Facebook messenger app on your Android, then there could be chances that you have received the error message “Unfortunately, Messenger Has Stopped” while using the Facebook messenger application on your Android phone or tablet. (more…)