Android Photo Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Images From Android

Android Photo Recovery

Efficiently Restore Erased or Missing Photo Files From Android Phone and Tablet Without Backup!

Summary: As I have mentioned the solution on how to recover deleted pictures from Android, similarly in this post I am going to provide very effective and working solutions on how to recover deleted or lost photos from Android. Just go through this article and follow the step by step guide. (more…)

Android Video Recovery: Restore Lost or Deleted Videos From Android Phone/Tablet

Recover Deleted Video Files From Android For Free

Effective Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Videos From Android Phone & Tablet Without Backup!

Summary: In one of my earlier post I have provided the solution on how to recover deleted photos from Android. Similarly in the same phrase – in this post I am going to provide the easiest and simple method on how to recover lost or deleted videos from Android phones or tablet. Just follow the solutions mentioned in this article. (more…)

Android SMS Recovery: Retrieve Deleted or Lost Text Messages from Android

Restore Lost/Deleted SMS Messages From Android

Simple and Easy Way to Recover Lost or Deleted Text Messages or SMS from Android Devices [Phones/Tablets]!

SMS from your Android device gets lost or deleted due to human errors or setting your android phone to factory settings. Sometimes the SMS may get hidden due to some android apps installed in your phone. In such cases, you can easily recover deleted or lost SMS from Android phone or tablet with the help of Android SMS Recovery Software. Using this application tool, all your lost SMS would be recovered easily within few mouse clicks. (more…)

Solved: Samsung Galaxy “Warning: Camera Failed” Error Message

Fixed Samsung Galaxy "Camera Failed" Error

Summary: I have found that many users are reporting the error message “Warning: Camera Failed” occurring on Android devices. And most of the reports are coming from Samsung Galaxy smartphone users. So, in this post I have decided to provide several solutions on how to fix Samsung Galaxy “Warning: Camera Failed” error message. Just go through the post. (more…)

Android Contacts Recovery: Retrieve Deleted/Lost Contacts from Android Devices

Recover Lost Phone Numbers From Android

Simple and Easy Way To Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts From Android SIM Card, Phones & Tablets Without Any Backup!

The contacts gets deleted or lost unexpectedly. This generally happens if you have unknowingly deleted the contacts or you have formatted your phone. And you are not having any backup of the contacts. In such cases you can easily recover deleted or lost contacts from Android devices with the help of Android Contacts Recovery Software. (more…)

Recover Lost or Deleted Data/Files from Android Internal Memory

android internal memory data recovery

Restore Lost or Deleted Data from Android Phone and Tablet Internal Memory!

To get back lost or deleted data from Android phone internal memory, Android Data Recovery software will help you to do that. It has strong data recovery capacity which allows to retrieve data from several data loss situation. Has the powerful scan algorithm that entirely scans the internal storage memory of Android device and recovers the data from the internal memory of Android phone or tablet. (more…)

Android File Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Android Phones & Tablets

recover deleted files from Android

Recover Deleted or Lost Data/Files from Your Android Phone or Tablet in Just Few Clicks!

Did you lost your important files from Android smartphone? If you want to retrieve your lost or deleted data from your Android phone then use Android Data Recovery Software. This Android file recovery recovery program helps you to recover lost or deleted data/files from any Android phones or tablets. It is easy to use and recover and restore your data in few clicks. (more…)