How to Delete All Data Permanently from Android Phone And Tablet

Easily Wipe Out all data from Android Phone or Tablet That is Not Recoverable by any Data recovery Software!

Android Data Eraser is one of the most efficient tool which permanently deletes all data from Android very easily. After deleting, the data are not recoverable by any other software as it repeats the process multiple times. This is a powerful software especially designed for Android users.

  • Permanently removes the Android data from device without leaving any content.
  • Erase all data including photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps data, notes, login-details, audio, etc.
  • The deleted content cannot be recovered by any other data recovery software.
  • Does not leave any data which is selected for deletion and works effectively.
  • Clears private data and free up some space on device.
  • Easy, safe and secure to use.

Easily Erase Data Permanently From Android Phone & Tablet

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Smartphone has become an important part of our lives, as it allows you to save all your important data or important stuffs in it. And when you want to give it to your relative or sale it, in such scenarios you would like to save guard your financial details, sensitive business emails, emails, text messages, photo, videos and contact information, from going into the wrong hands.

You may be thinking that by deleting them from the phone or the memory card, would not delete them completely. The possibility of recovering them is always on. So you should delete them in such a way that it cannot be recovered even with the help of recovery software.

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In order to delete phone data permanently from your Android phone or tablet, this is possible by following the methods mentioned below:

Methods to Remove data from Android Phone and Tablets Permanently

Here are the lists of steps which would help you to delete all your important stuffs from the android phone permanently.

Method One: Encrypting

Before erasing the data from your phone it is always recommended that you should encrypt your device. In this way the data on your device would get scrambled. And if the data is not wiped off completely, and in order to unscramble it, a special key (pin or password) is required to unscramble it. In order to encrypt the Android device, you have to enter settings, then select the security, and choose Encrypt phone. And in case of SD card or memory card, you can also follow the above mentioned step or you can remove the card and use it in your new device.

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Method Two: Execute the Factory Reset

The very next step you should perform the factory reset. For this you have to go to the settings menu, then select Backup & reset option and then click on the Factory data reset. Before performing this step, if you do not want to lose these data then you should keep backup of them, because after performing this step the entire data in your Android phone would get erased.

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Method Three: Load Dummy Data

After performing the factory reset, then you should load dummy data in your phone until the phone memory is completely filled. In this way you are adding an extra layer to protect your personal data. And then again perform factory reset and all the dummy data gets deleted. In this way the trace of your data becomes impossible as it is buried below the dummy content.

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Erase Data Permanently from Android phones and Tablets by Using Android Data Eraser

If you are looking for an easy and effective solution on how to delete data permanently from Android phone, then you can easily delete data from Android permanently with the help of Data Eraser for Android. It is powerful software, and it is capable of erasing all your important data permanently from your Phone and tablets.

The software for deleting files permanently on Android support all Android Phones and Tablets such Samsung, HTC, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, Micromax, etc.

Once the data gets deleted using this application, the recovery of data is impossible by any means.

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To wipe off the data permanently from Android device using Android Data Eraser software, can be executed in the following ways:

Steps to Permanently Delete/Clear Data from Android Phones and Tablets

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device (phone or tablet) To Computer

Launch Android Data Eraser on your computer. And select 'Erase' option among all the available module.

After this connect your Android phone to Computer via USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is enabled on your phone. If your phone is running on Android OS version 4.2.2 or above, then it will pop-up message on your phone asking you to allow USB debugging. Simply Tap on OK to continue.

Step 2: Start Erasing Your Android Device

After this, Data Eraser will detect and connect your Android phone automatically. Next click on “Erase All Data” button to start the process of deleting all your data permanently.

Note: The erased data is not recoverable, hence, you must make sure that you have kept the backup of all the required data.

To confirm the erasing process, simply type “delete” and click on “erase now”.

Now, Data Eraser for Android will start erasing all the data on your Android device. The whole process of wiping out data completely takes just few minutes. While the deleting process is in progress, it is recommended that you must not disconnect your phone or open any other app on your PC.

Step 3: Finally, Perform Factory Data Reset on Your Android Device

After all the data such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, app data, browsing history and all other privacy data have been totally deleted, Data Eraser will ask you to tap on Factory Data Reset or Erase All Data on the phone. This will ensure in complete deletion of all the settings on the phone.

Now your Android phone has been completely wiped out and it is now like a brand new phone.

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Hence once the data gets deleted from your Android device permanently, then it would become impossible to recover them. In this way you can safe guard your data from going in the wrong person.

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Permanently Delete All Data On Android Phone And Tablet
Permanently Delete All Data On Android Phone And Tablet
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Permanently Delete All Data On Android Phone And Tablet
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