Easiest way to recover deleted photos, contacts, sms, without any backup

While erasing unimportant documents from your Phablet, if you have mistakenly deleted your important photos, videos, contacts, SMS or any other important documents, and you do not have any backup of the deleted documents. In such cases you can easily recover your lost data with the help of Android Data Recovery Tool. This professional tool is also capable of recovering data that are lost due to factory reset.

Other applications of this tool are:

  • Recover your personal documents and emails.
  • Rescue deleted, lost, or hidden data from all models of Android devices.
  • Get back erased data from the formatted memory card.
  • Retrieve lost call logs, whatsapp messages, videos, audio files and many more.

Easiest way to recover deleted photos, contacts, sms from Phablet

Free Download Dr.Fone for Android(Windows)Free Download Dr.Fone for Android(Mac)

Editors choiceDr.Fone by Wondershare for android is an excellent application that makes retrieving the missing data an easy task. This program can be used by anyone due to its attractive and intuitive, step-by-step guide. 4 stars

Phablet is the combination of Phone + Tablet. You can call it phone or you can also call it tablet. There are many companies who have launched their phablet such as Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Sony, HTC, Gionee, Intex and many more in the market and there are many users who are using it. It becomes famous because it comes with larger screen that has great features, software, hardware, big battery for long backup, great camera and almost all of them runs on Android operating system .It have successfully gained the interest of the people in the market of Smartphone and tablet and now there are millions of phablet users all over the world.

Nevertheless, there are several ways in which data from these outstanding Smartphones gets deleted, lost or erased. Let’s take an example over here. Suppose you are trying to move Photos files from your phablet to your computer or laptop and during transfer you receive a call from your friend and you have attended that call. This terminate the file transfer procedure and later you came to know that your images are actually lost from the device and thereafter you regret yourself and seek a solution on how to recover them back. So, here is the answer for your question, you can recover your lost photos and other data such as contacts, sms, videos, audio, etc by the use of good Android data recovery software.

But before that, let’s know the common mistake for the lost of photos, contacts, sms or other data from pahblet:

Common mistakes for the los of data from Phablet

1 – Resetting the device by using Restore factory settings will completely erase the entire data from it.
2 – Improper termination of your Android phablet from your computer system or abrupt removal of memory card from the device will definitely lead to deletion of data.
3 – Installing unsecure apps on your gadgets will result in unnoticed deletion of file and it may also corrupt other files.
4 – Virus infection to the smart phone may cause severe data loss or destroy crucial data or may lead to auto deletion of files from your memory card.
5 -Other causes, improper handling of device, using incorrect way of transferring data, formatting of memory card, up gradation to latest OS will all result in data loss from your android phablet.

So, if you face data loss from any of the above mentioned scenario, you need not to worry at all if you have a proper backup. If you do not have any backup, then it’s time for you to move on and get any third party Android data recovery program. But before you use such tool, make sure that you have not used your phablet device furthermore to store any extra data, because adding extra data to the memory used in your device may overwrite the existing data.


Best software to rescue photos, contacts, sms:

Phablet Data Recovery is one among the best software that can bring back your lost, erased, missing as well as deleted data such as images, contacts, text messages, videos, audio file, android application and other data from your Android phablet devices. It comes with advance recovery algorithm, this tool can easily recover your data back from your Samsung Galaxy Note, Micromax canvas 4, Sony Xperia Z, Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC Desire 816, Karbonn Titanium S5, LG Optimus, Asus tablet, etc. The software can recover the entire data from your Android phablet as well as from your Android Smartphones and tablets on Windows 8,7,Vista, XP,2008,2003 OS based computers and laptops.

Steps to recover deleted images, text messages, contacts form phablet

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First install Android Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Connect your android device and select 'Recover' among all the options. You can take help of a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer.

Note: Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose file types to Scan

After establishing connection between your phone and computer, this tool will show all the data types it supports to restore.

In this window you will see that all the file types are checked by default. Choose the type of data that you'd like to restore. And after it click 'Next' to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3: Scan your device to find the lost data on it

There are two scanning modes are available first is “Scan for deleted files” and the second one is “Scan for all files”. Read the given description below the both options and select one from 'Scan for deleted files' and 'Scan for all files' according to your requirement.

And then click on 'Next' to initiate the analyzing and scanning your device.

After that, this android data recovery tool will scan the Android phone completely to restore deleted data. This process will take a few minutes. Just be patient.

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted data on Android devices

After the completion of the scanning process, you can preview the recoverable files one by one. Check the items that you want back and click on 'Recover' to save them all on your computer.

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