Fix Android Device Doesn’t Detect or Recognize External SD Card Issue!


Today almost every Android Smartphone support external SD card. The External SD card is used to store data such as pictures, videos, documents, songs, videos and other stuff. The phone also has internal memory, but when internal memory gets full then it will display ‘insufficient storage available’ error message and also slows down the speed of the smartphone and due to this, many user always want to keep the internal memory free as much as possible by transferring the files to the external memory card. (more…)

How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


Effectively get back deleted, lost, formatted photos, SMS, contacts, whatsApp data, call logs, videos, notes, documents from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus!

Summary: If you have accidentally or knowingly deleted data from Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy S8+ then in this post you are going to learn very easy and simple steps that will help you to restore deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus. (more…)

[Fixed]: “Android Black Screen Of Death” Issue


Today, there are more number of Android phone users out there than Windows & iOS in the mobile world. But, it is also a real fact that not a single Android smartphone is free from any kind of problems.

And among them one of the most popular issues that most of the Android users are encountering is – “Android Black Screen Of Death”. Beside this, users are also facing blue screen of death, white screen of death, sudden death of screen and blank screen of death issues. (more…)

How to Recover Data From Water Damaged Android Phone in Easy Way

Everything to Know About How to Solve Water Damaged Android Phone in Easy Way

Dropped your android device into a glass of water, swimming pool or in toilet? If yes then you are not alone in this field. There are many users who have faced the same situation.

It’s an obvious thing that when anything drops on water, it completely goes off and the same thing happens with android devices. It stops working when dropped into liquid. (more…)