How to recover deleted files from android recycle bin

Summary: We know that Android system do not have Recycle Bin. But there are alternative available, one can use app like Dumpster and Recycle Bin to store deleted files on Android. But what if those deleted files gets accidentally from dumpster and recycle bin? Well, in this post you will learn about Android Recycle Bin Recovery solutions that will help you to restore deleted data from Android recycle bin.

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With the help of this Android Recycle Bin Data Recovery software, one can:

  • Easily retrieve deleted files from recycle bin on Android.
  • Get back deleted photos, videos, audio, contacts, text messages, notes, music files, movies and much more.
  • Preview recoverable files within software before you proceed further to save them on your PC or Mac.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe & secure and easy to use.

Free Download Android Recycle Bin Data Recovery Tool

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Does Android Phone Have Windows PC Like Recycle Bin?

To be honest, it’s surprising and also very irritating that there is no Recycle Bin in Android system.

In Windows, we have recycle bin where when we delete any files, it goes to recycle bin, so we can still restore that specific deleted files from recycle bin. This Recycle Bin is very useful as it allow user to restore back deleted files on Windows. But if you delete any file by using the command shift+delete, then files will get deleted permanently and it will not be found in recycle bin.

Similarly on Mac system, there is a Trash Bin which works in same way as recycle bin.

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But, does Android system have any recycle bin?

Well Android OS do not have any recycle bin feature as of now (we do not know anything about future). You will not find any recycle bin or trash bin on Android phones and Android tablets. Since, Android system does not have any recycle bin – the deleted files on Android device are deleted permanently.

But why Android system do not have recycle bin?

There are no exact reasons why Android system do not have recycle bin. However, the main reason could be the limited storage space. Android device has very limited internal memory storage and even with external SD card, the storage space is limited.

However, there are alternative available – and you can use apps that work like Recycle bin on Android.

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Recycle Bin Apps For Android

Top 3 recycle bin app for Android

1. Google Photos

Google photos app to backup photos and videos

Google Photos is one of the best apps and I like the backup feature of this app. You get unlimited storage space to save your photos and videos. So, if you are a Google Photo user then you can be sure that Google will always sync your files and have your back when it come to photos and videos.

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2. Dumpster Image & Video Restore

Dumpster app work as recycle bin

Dumpster is another very useful app that work through your Android and work like a Recycle Bin. It collects all the deleted files in the recycle bin of the app. This app keeps the backup of deleted files such as images, mp3, video, documents and other common files.

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3. Recycle Bin

Recycle Ain app for Android

Recycle Bin app work similarly like windows recycle bin (also called as Trash) on Android. This app act like a transitionary space from where from where you can retrieve files that were moved to Recycle Bin. Note that files deleted and not sent to recycle bin, cannot be recovered by this app. The best feature of this app is that you can set up file types or folders to be automatically moved to the recycle bin, if one of this file types or folder gets deleted.

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So, above mentioned apps are the alternative that you can install on your Android that work like recycle bin.

But what if you delete the files from Android device as well as from its app that work like Recycle bin. Well, in such situation, you will need to take help of suitable data recovery solution.

Real User Example – Looking for Solution on How To Recover Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

how to access recycle bin or deleted data from android phone without using any software?

hi guys!

I have Samsung A3 mobile so could some one can help me that how to access recycle bin or deleted data from android phone without using any software? what i know is that once we delete some files from android it is not deleted completely, however there is a code or else method to physically locate data on it. Yes i have a hint that there is a infinity sign (∞ ) appears on screen while doing this.

I just wanted to know the method or code for this…………. please help

                                                                         – Original Post from Android Central

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Recycle Bin

In above mentioned example, user is asking for help to recover files deleted from Android recycle bin without software.

Android recycle bin data recoveryBut let me tell you that if you do not have any backup and you are looking to restore deleted data from recycle bin on Android then you will have to take help of Android Data Recovery software. But if you have backup then you don’t require such data recovery software.

With the help of this Android recycle Bin Data Recovery tool, you can effectively get back all your deleted, lost or erased files from Android device as well as from Android recycle bin. This file recovery for Android recycle bin is capable of recovering files like photos, videos, audio, documents, notes, SMS messages, whatsapp chat conversation, contacts, call history and much more.

This software is compatible with all Android device, phones, tablets and all models and help you to get back erased data from emptied recycle bin on any Android phone & tablet such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, Micromax, Gionee and all other Android phone & tablet.

Note: Stop using your Android device after deletion of files from its recycle bin. If you continue to use it and add any new data on it, then existing data will get overwritten and you may lose the chance for recovering files from it.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Data from Android Recycle Bin

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First install Android Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Connect your android device and select 'Recover' among all the options. You can take help of a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer.

Note: Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose file types to Scan

After establishing connection between your phone and computer, this tool will show all the data types it supports to restore.

In this window you will see that all the file types are checked by default. Choose the type of data that you'd like to restore. And after it click 'Next' to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3: Scan your device to find the lost data on it

There are two scanning modes are available first is “Scan for deleted files” and the second one is “Scan for all files”. Read the given description below the both options and select one from 'Scan for deleted files' and 'Scan for all files' according to your requirement.

And then click on 'Next' to initiate the analyzing and scanning your device.

After that, this android data recovery tool will scan the Android phone completely to restore deleted data. This process will take a few minutes. Just be patient.

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted data on Android devices

After the completion of the scanning process, you can preview the recoverable files one by one. Check the items that you want back and click on 'Recover' to save them all on your computer.


The app like Dumpster, Recycle Bin and Google Photos are very helpful in recovering lost or deleted files. But, these apps cannot retrieve files that were deleted before their installation as well as they cannot recover all file types. And here comes the use of Android Data Recovery that support all types of files as well restore back all deleted data until unless they are not overwritten by new files.

Android Data Recovery

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