How to reprogram android phone

Are you looking to reprogram your Android phone but not getting any idea on how to do it? The problem is not with you only but there are several Android users who looks to reprogram their phones but they don’t know how.

Nowadays, Smartphone’s have become a portable computer, which can help you to do lots of task in simple and easy way. In fact, you own a best device then several of its features can give the best way to do your daily work as you do on your laptop or PC.

But here the thing is how to reprogram Android phone? Well, this blog completely focus on the methods to do it and I would simply suggest you to read it carefully.

What is programming of android phone?

Several users want to reprogram their phones but they get confused on how to do it. In fact, many times they even don’t know where to start from. Programming a phone is a simple technique of swapping SIM cards.

If your phone has a SIM card then it has to be programmed otherwise the CDMA phones need to program in phone’s memory. In this situation, a special programming number is dialed to program the phone.

However, how to program Android Smartphone and CDMA phones, we will see in the later topics. But before that that it is important to know why there is a need to program Android phone.

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Why you need to program your android phone

This is an important part of this topic, which is important to know. We use our phone regularly but it has one drawback and that is, the more we use our phone, the more chance of facing software bugs. Its symptoms can be seen from beginning starting from text messages not going correctly to phone ring tones that does not play while an incoming call.

And you might know that when the problem occurs then it does not stops but further it become severe and develops several other issues on phone itself. All these issues stop you from accessing your phone.

So to get rid of all these troubles, only one thing works and that is reprogramming the phone. Going through some of the simple steps and reprogramming the device is one of the simple ways to get rid of such issues. And a far relief from searching other ways to troubleshoot the problem.

How to program android Smartphone’s and CDMA phones

Everyone wants to know how to program their Android devices but they are bit confused because of GSM and CDMA supported phones. Here the process differs on CDMA and GSM phones.

If you might know about phones in US that when any phone comes out from AT&T or T-Mobile then it’s a GSM phone. And any other carrier develops phone then its CDMA.

Generally, the GSM phones use a SIM card that is used to store contacts along with network information. Whereas CDMA Android stores their programming in phone memory itself.

So as I have told that the reprogramming of Android depends on their carriers, so here are the steps below for both GSM and CDMA Android phones.

Steps to program GSM phones

  • First, switch off your Android phone by simply holding the ‘Power’ button and then selecting “Power off” button
  • Now remove the battery from phone but as every phones has different way of removing the battery, so you should check the user manual for further assistance.

  • Here you have to remove the old SIM card from SIM slot. Remember how you have removed it and then insert a new number SIM card exactly the same way
  • Its time to reinstall battery and its cover
  • At last, turn on your Android phone and your new number from SIM card will be read by your phone.

CDMA programming steps

  • In this, you have to first open dial screen on your phone
  • Here you have to dial “*228” and then press green button which is used to ‘Send’ or ‘Call’ button
  • Now listen the voice message from your phone
  • You have to choose the option to program your device. Almost for a minute, your phone will play music before you get the message that programming was successful. This step is useful so don’t get out of it unless you get a confirmation message.

Note– While programming CDMA phone over the air, ensure your phone is in coverage area and at least your phone has two signal bars.

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What are the tools used to program Android phone?

Now you already know that reprogramming Android phone is possible but what is the right tool to do is not known. Here I have come with some popular tools that is used to program Android phone with ease and these tools are must required. So have a look at them one by one:

Text Editor

To program your phone, the very first thing you should have a source code editor. This will help you to create and edit text files written in several programming languages. In fact, this is actually, where you have to write the code.

With the use of this tool, users can experience better as it has several features to customize the color schemes, font size, navigate easy and also have the option to copy, cut and paste. Even the other useful feature that is important in editor is UTF-8 encoded text with highlight syntax.

If you are new in programming your Android phone then I would suggest you to use Google play store to find the best text editor program free. Several popular apps are easy to use that makes the editing more comfortable.

View-Source Handler

When you are developing web-based app then View Source is one of the useful tool you must use. With the help of this tool, you can open source code by simply typing URL address on browser.

In fact, View Source is also available as add-on for several browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Dolphin etc. In addition, you can go to play store and can search for the app like VT View Source, which offers almost the same features and one or two more to help you out.

File Manager

Android phone comes with a file manager application, which allows users to create folders and move the files from one place to another. But the problem is that it is limited for programmer just because all data are not shown on your phone. Because of all these limited things, many Android users prefer iOS platform.

In this situation, you need an explorer that can allow you to find the files according to your wish. The reason is that when you program your phone then the app will be represented as a file on phone.

So for your convenient, you can go to Google play store and search for the popular file manager app like OI File Manager. This is a open source and a free program for Android file explorer via which you can easily copy, rename, share or move the files from one place to another.

Important tips or precautions to remember

There are some important tips that you should know before you reprogram your Android phone. Some of them include:

  • If you don’t want to program your phone or think it is a difficult process then you can take to local store of your Android phone.
  • The steps mentioned above does not work for 4G devices because a special programming is required for 4G devices. The Over the Air (OTA) programming might damage the 4G device permanently

Important: In this context, if you feel any kind of data loss situation and want to recover those data, then you can use Android Data Recovery software to restore all erased data or files from Android phone. Its easy to use and most recommended solution to overcome any kind of data loss scenario.


Well, if you see then several users want to reprogram their Android phone but it’s a difficult process many times that stops users from doing it perfectly. However, after reading this blog, I hope everything seems easy and simple to perform.

Here I have discussed about how to reprogram an Android phone in both GSM and CDMA along with several tools that might work to program a phone.

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[Guide]- How To Reprogram Android Phone Effectively With Yourself
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