Android is starting optimizing app

Have you ever faced problem on your android screen stating, “Android is starting” message?

Looking for ways to fix the error but not getting any better methods to get rid of it?

If yes, then this guide is obviously for you. Here I will guide about how to fix “Android is starting” message on screen.

So, let us know what the error is about and how to fix it?

About “Android is Starting” message

Well many users have asked this question, what is ‘Android is starting’ error?

Even I have received the same error message once when I was using Android device of OS 5.0.

The actual reason is that when you install any apps and after that when you boot or when you perform, a factory reset then your android device recognizes the apps, which are installed, and this is where you can see “Android is starting” or “Android is Upgrading” message on your screen.

This message, user get for a long time and it continues which make users helpless to access the device. However, this error completely depends on the apps that you have installed on your android device.

Many times the error stuck on android screen, which needs to be fixed immediately. However, this error is seen rare in android devices but when it appears then it can really make you useless.

All in whole, this error continues to occur for several minutes until it identifies the number of apps installed on your device.

So, fixing this problem is very much important but before that let us look at a users problem that was asked few days ago related to such error message.

Practical scenario

I recently updated to Lollipop on a Moto G (1st Gen).

It was running a bit slow, so I wiped by cache then performed a factory reset as recommended.

I now receive the ‘Android is starting optimising app xx of xx’ every time I boot.

Obviously not life and death, but it’s annoying to have to wait 10 minutes for every reboot.

Is this a known issue and is there any way to fix this?


When “Android is starting” was started?

When you come across such problem then the situation is difficult to handle. However, important factor is that you should also know when it started to occur in android devices.

This was started with Android 5.0. When Android released its 5.0 Lollipop version that time, only such error message started to coming on Android devices. In fact, at that time, many users have experienced it after rebooting their devices.


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The actual message what they used to get on their screen was “Android is starting. Optimizing app 1 of x”. Here the ‘X’ represents the number of apps installed on the device.

This would not be the problem if it occurs only once but many users have reported that they regularly getting such error on their screen after they restart their device.

Even many of them reported that their devices are being stuck on the same screen without any option to access it. In addition, the same difficulty I have faced, so after a long research on how to solve this problem, I have brought the solution for you.

Seriously, speaking if this error would occur only once then I don’t think users should have problem. But when I have seen that this problem is continuous and that to only for those users who are using Android 5.0 or above, I thought to bring the best solutions for you to get away of such android problem.

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How to get rid of “Android is starting” optimizing app error?

Well, I have gone through various forums and discussions. All have asked almost the same questions like:

I bought a new phone and I was installing app. it then gets stuck in ” Android is starting…. Optimizing app 11 of 46.

No button works, the battery can not be removed, because it is an in built. It’s been tuning for the last 28+ hrs. but doesn’t count on.

Help me please….


I tried forcing it to shut down then doing a factory reset but it won’t let me get that far. It shuts down, restarts, and goes back to the same screen.



After going through the answers on several forums, I have come to know that this problem is rare and restarting the device can help to fix the problem. But some users have faced the similar situation after restarting the device.

Even many of them mentioned that downgrading your device OS from 5.0 Lollipop to Kitkat 4.4.4 could solve the error. However, this may be useful but I know that most of the user never wants to downgrade their android OS 5.0 rather they want to enjoy it.

Leaving this, I have few other ways to fix the problem and they are as below:

Method 1: Delete Cache partition

Wiping out cache partition is also one of the ways to get rid of android error. For that, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Press and hold volume button with power button both at same time
  • When the device vibrates the release the button
  • After that go to recovery mode and there press power button to confirm booting into recovery
  • When you are in recovery mode, use the volume button to go to Wipe cache partition and the confirm it by pressing power button
  • When the wiping is over, select reboot and confirm.

However, this process depends on the number of apps you have installed on your Smartphone. Therefore, it may take time but after that, it will work to optimize all apps again.

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Method 2: Remove SD card and reinsert it

When the above method does not work then try this method to get away of ‘Android is starting’ error message.

This is also one of the simple and best way to come out of such android problem is by removing SD card from device. This is recommended because some apps may have installed on your SD card, which will help to push the apps optimization process to loop and allows the phone to complete the entire process.

After this entire process gets over, the device gets booted. Now insert the SD card and move the apps that are installed in the SD card to devices internal memory.

Method 3: Factory reset

This is the last option to get out of the unwanted message on your android device. Do a factory reset of your device but here the problem is that your data will be lost.

Follow the below steps to do factory reset:

  • Hold and press the power button and volume down button until the logo appears on your android screen
  • Now use the volume button and choose Wipe data/Factory Reset option
  • Here you have to confirm the factory reset
  • Now wait until your phone deletes the entire content
  • After that, press the power button
  • At last, wait until phone reboots where you can see the setup screen

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So these are some of the best ways by which you can get out of the “Android is starting” error message on your android.

However, when you lose your essential data while doing factory reset and if you do not have backup then how to get them back?

Do not worry; simply use Android Data Recovery software to restore lost or deleted data from your android device. This is the best-recommended software for android users to get back every erased or wiped out data by any reason.

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Well, at last I would want to ask whether the above method ways have helped you or not? I hope everything has gone fine and you are not facing any such error further. This issue is a rare case so not much to worry about.

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How to Fix “Android is Starting” Followed by “Optimizing App…” Issue on Android Phone?
How to Fix “Android is Starting" Followed by "Optimizing App…” Issue on Android Phone?
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