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Have you lost or deleted data from your Huawei phone?

Looking for some best ways to restore all the deleted data from your Huawei mobile phones?

If yes then stay tuned and read the below blog carefully. Here you will get the best ways to recover lost/deleted data from Huawei mobile phone.

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Let us take a practical scenario:

Hi, I got a trouble the day before yesterday and I need your help. I stored a very important file in my Huawei P6 the other day, and make it a backup file in case of losing the one in my PC. The day before yesterday, I got my PC files all attacked by a powerful virus and all those files were lost. Then I tried to export the file in my phone so as to save the loss. But the case was that a mis-operation led the only one backup file deleted. It was really a disaster. I need a secure method to help me find the file. If you have solutions, please help me. Thanks.


Everyone almost knows that Huawei is a well known Smartphone brand and nowadays it is becoming popular due to its budget Smartphone’s in market. Some of its popular phones include Huawei Mate 10, Mate 9, P9 and P10.

Huawei phones are loved by millions of users and due to this, a large quantity of phones get sold every year in mobile market.

But apart from this, one thing which matters a lot is the data loss situation. This is one of the irritating situations when users lose their essential data from their Smartphone’s like Huawei. And not in Huawei but similar problem is with other Smartphone’s as well.

Here users are seen helpless as they don’t know how to recover their data from devices. When they don’t get any way to rescue their erased data from Huawei mobile phones, they ask is it possible to retrieve lost/erased data from Huawei phones?

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Reasons for data loss from Huawei Phones

Well there may be several reasons behind data loss from Huawei phones and everyone has different view on losing their important data. One of the common reasons is the age of your device, means your phone has got too old and it not able to work as fast as compared to other devices.

Some other reasons include are, you might have dropped your device on water and has caused water damage or dropped somewhere else where you have to lose all your crucial data. Well, few other reasons are also mentioned here, so have a look on them once:

  • Deleting files accidentally
  • Because of phone rooting
  • Due to factory reset
  • Data get lost while backup

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Things to know before you opt for recovering data from Huawei Phones

It is obvious that when you lose your essential data from your phone, you are the one to know it first. So as soon you realize it, stop using the device. This is highly instructed so that new files don’t overwrite the old ones which you have lost.

Though you cannot see the files which are deleted but it is sure that they are still there. If you use some recovery software then they can be recovered easily without any loss from Huawei phones.

But now the question arises, which software to use so that you can get the complete data from phone and no further loss happens. Well, you don’t have to worry for that, just read further…

How to Recover Lost Data from Huawei Mobile Phones?

Many times, recovering the lost data from Huawei phone seems to be very difficult but it can be easy to restore by using Huawei Mobile Phone Data Recovery software. This is named as Android Data Recovery software which has the capability to rescue all erased data from Huawei phones easily. this software is easy to use and it simply recovers every data including contacts, messages, photos, videos, mp3 files, recover WhatsApp messages and other documents from Huawei phones.

The software is capable to recover deleted, erased, formatted data from Huawei phone and no matter how the data is lost. It supports every Huawei Smartphone’s which includes Huawei P10, Honor 6X, Honor 8, Nexus 6P, Huawei Mate 8 [Read How to Recover Deleted Files from Huawei Mate 8], P9 Plus, Huawei Honor 5X [ Read How To Recover Lost Or Deleted Data From Huawei Honor 5X], Nova plus, Honor Note 8, Huawei Honor 7 [Read How to Recover Deleted Data From Huawei Honor 7],Honor 4X, Honor 4C, Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus [Read How to Recover Files from Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus Android Phone], Honor 6, P8 max, Ascend Mate 7, Ascend P7, Honor 6 Plus, Ascend P6 [Read How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Huawei Ascend P6], Y625, Ascend Y330, Ascend Y520, MediaPad X2, Ascend G730, Honor 3C 4G, Y635, Huawei MediaPad T2 [Read How to Recover Lost Data from Huawei MediaPad T2], Ascend Mate 2, G610s, Ascend G510, MediaPad X1.

Also you can check out the complete list of supported devices HERE.

Steps to recover lost data from Huawei Mobile Phones

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First install Android Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Connect your android device and select 'Recover' among all the options. You can take help of a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer.

Note: Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose file types to Scan

After establishing connection between your phone and computer, this tool will show all the data types it supports to restore.

In this window you will see that all the file types are checked by default. Choose the type of data that you'd like to restore. And after it click 'Next' to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3: Scan your device to find the lost data on it

There are two scanning modes are available first is “Scan for deleted files” and the second one is “Scan for all files”. Read the given description below the both options and select one from 'Scan for deleted files' and 'Scan for all files' according to your requirement.

And then click on 'Next' to initiate the analyzing and scanning your device.

After that, this android data recovery tool will scan the Android phone completely to restore deleted data. This process will take a few minutes. Just be patient.

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted data on Android devices

After the completion of the scanning process, you can preview the recoverable files one by one. Check the items that you want back and click on 'Recover' to save them all on your computer.

Android Data Recovery


Well, at last we came to the conclusion that data loss is a common situation but we have to be careful in accessing the device properly. Common reasons are linked with data loss which can be overcome by handling the Huawei phone properly. I hope whatever solutions I have mentioned would work for you and you can get back your erased data from Huawei mobile phone easily.

Huawei Phone Data Recovery – Get Back Lost Photos, Videos, Documents & More from Huawei Mobiles
Huawei Phone Data Recovery - Get Back Lost Photos, Videos, Documents & More from Huawei Mobiles
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