Effective Ways To Recover Deleted Snapseed Pictures From Samsung Phone

Have you ever lost your important pictures from Snapseed app and looking how to recover them?

If yes, then you have come to the right place as here you will come to know about how to recover deleted Snapseed pictures from Samsung phone?

If you are a Samsung user then obviously you are familiar with Snapseed app, released by Google. It is basically a professional and one of the best photo editor apps used by plenty of users.

This app allows users to edit their photos and beautify them with several and simple steps. Consists of beautiful operation interface, this app also allows user to share those photos to friends and families or even save them on their Android or Samsung devices after editing.

But at the same time, some technical issues occur and all the wonderful photos get deleted and these types of accidents are very common. It means that the pictures are deleted from phone as some mis-happening occurs in the device or with the app itself.

So, how to get those pictures back is a big challenge for users?

But don’t worry, simply read further and you will come to know about how to get back lost photos from Snapseed on Android.


Reasons for lost photos from Snapseed app

Its obvious thing that we lose our important data from Android phone because of several reason but what are reasons, everyone wants to know. So below are some of the common causes behind it:

  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleting the pictures from Samsung device
  • While upgrading the phone to latest OS
  • The app stuck on some error and fails to open, hence the photos become inaccessible
  • The phone gets damaged internally
  • Phone drops from a height or falls in water
  • Due to malicious virus infection

May be there are several other reasons that might lead to loss of photos but the above mentioned are the common ones.

From here, many users have a question in their mind and they want to know whether the lost pictures can be recovered or not?

So let’s see whether it is possible or not.

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Is it possible to retrieve missing photos from Snapseed on Samsung?

The answer is Yes, there is a possibility to get back your lost pictures from Samsung phone if those pictures were already saved on device and were deleted from there due to any reason.

Generally after editing the photos on Snapseed, they are saved on the phone memory from which you can restore those pictures easily.

Whatever photos are deleted from phone, they are not permanently removed but still available in the device itself which is invisible. It means that a space is created for new files to get save and until any new data is saved, there is a chance to recover the lost files from it.

But few important things to remember before you proceed further is:

  • Don’t access your device after losing essential pictures as it can save any new data and the possibility of getting back the data will come to an end
  • Look for some recovery tool like Android Picture Recovery to rescue every erased data from the device

Why the photos are unable to open in Snapseed?

Several users have reported that they failed to open their photos on Snapseed app. Why is this so, they don’t have any idea.

Well, what happens is some devices permit Snapseed app to access storage apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox to open the photos from it. So, when your phone is compatible with transfer process of storage app then you will get the app icon every time when you click on Open.

But when your phone has already installed the storage app and the icon is not available in the menu option of Snapseed app then obviously you will come across several issues accessing the photos from the app.

So, in such situation, what you have to do is save those photos to devices internal storage from app storage and then go back to the app.

After dealing with all such issues, not the time is to know how to recover the lost pictures from Snapseed app on Android.

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So let’s go through it…

How to recover deleted Snapseed pictures from Samsung phone

Here I will discuss two methods to deal with photos loss situation from Snapseed app. If the first method does not work for you then follow the #method2 to get back lost pictures.

Method 1: Get back missing Snapseed pictures from backup

To get back your lost Snapseed photos, you should check your backup file first. Obviously it is always advised to create a backup of all the important files in safe place. Nowadays, there are lots of option to maintain a backup like Google Drive, pen drive, SD card, directly save in computer, or even Android phones are providing their own cloud storage to store essential stuffs in safe and secure way.

If you have saved your stuffs in all such backup features then there is no need to worry as you can easily restore all those pictures from backup.

But it is not necessary that every user has created a backup of their photos or other data, so what to do in such situation?

Don’t worry, just keep calm and follow method 2.

Method 2: How to recover lost photos from Snapseed without backup

When you don’t have backup of all your pictures and other data then it is suggested to use a third party tool like Android Data Recovery. This is a professional tool used for Android devices to get back deleted data like photos and others data.

With the use of it, your deleted Snapseed pictures are easily retrieved from Samsung phone. In fact, the software not only retrieves photos from Snapseed but other important data like contacts, videos, call history, documents, WhatsApp chats, audios, notes and many more are also recovered. It scans the entire device to find out the lost pictures and also allows previewing them before recovery.

So now without any worry, simply Download Android Data Recovery tool and get back your deleted pictures from Snapseed with ease.


Steps to follow to get back erased photos from Android phone

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First install Android Data Recovery on your computer and run it. Connect your android device and select 'Recover' among all the options. You can take help of a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer.

Note: Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose file types to Scan

After establishing connection between your phone and computer, this tool will show all the data types it supports to restore.

In this window you will see that all the file types are checked by default. Choose the type of data that you'd like to restore. And after it click 'Next' to continue the data recovery process.

Step 3: Scan your device to find the lost data on it

There are two scanning modes are available first is “Scan for deleted files” and the second one is “Scan for all files”. Read the given description below the both options and select one from 'Scan for deleted files' and 'Scan for all files' according to your requirement.

And then click on 'Next' to initiate the analyzing and scanning your device.

After that, this android data recovery tool will scan the Android phone completely to restore deleted data. This process will take a few minutes. Just be patient.

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted data on Android devices

After the completion of the scanning process, you can preview the recoverable files one by one. Check the items that you want back and click on 'Recover' to save them all on your computer.

Bonus Tip: How to make awesome photos via Snapseed?

Users always try to make their photos look awesome and with the use of Snapseed, they can make it terrific. Just need to follow the below steps:

  • First, download and install Snapseed on your Samsung/Android devices
  • Now launch the app and begin to edit the photos by clicking “Open Photo” icon
  • Even you can get more details by clicking on “┇” option
  • After that, select the photos you wish to edit and then tap on pencil button to begin the process. Here you can crop, tune, rotate and brush and just do what you wish to do

  • After completing the editing feature, now you can share them with anyone you wish like friends or families by going to “┇> Share“.
  • Click on “SAVE” icon when you want those photos to save them on your phone


Android users try several apps to make their photos look beautiful and Snapseed is among them used by numerous Android and Samsung phone users. However, sometimes users come across photo deletion from the app and want those pictures back.

In this blog, I have discussed the recovery ways from Android phone and hope, following them will help you to restore deleted Snapseed pictures from Samsung phone.

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Effective Ways To Recover Deleted Snapseed Pictures From Samsung Phone
Effective Ways To Recover Deleted Snapseed Pictures From Samsung Phone
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Effective Ways To Recover Deleted Snapseed Pictures From Samsung Phone
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