Google Tablet Data Recovery

Smart way to recover lost files from Google Tablet

Losing data from Google tablet generally has become a common problem for many people. The data gets lost due to various reasons such as mistakenly or unknowingly deleting your important data or formatting the tablet without keeping any backup. In such cases, the deleted data can be easily recovered by using Android Data Recovery Tool. This is a professional data recovery tool as it can recover data without any backup.

Additional Features of this software is

  • Recover your personal documents and emails.
  • Rescue deleted, lost, or hidden data from all models of Android devices. 
  • Get back erased data from the formatted memory card. 
  • Retrieve lost contacts, text messages, call logs, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, audio files and many more.

Recover lost files from Google Tablet easily

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Peter Arik, Research Analyst, Digitech Sol.

Peter ArikDr. Fone has an incredibly simple UI with wonderfully explained step-by-step instructions, so nothing can possibly go wrong. This is the best Data Recovery Software I have come across.

Want to recover deleted photos, videos, messages, whatsapp attachments and other files from your android device then this article will help you to achieve your target. Read the given tips to recover data from Google android tablet and restore your precious data. Some precautions are also given that will protect your data from unwanted inaccessibility of android contents. The given Google android data recovery methods are applicable for the all android devices no matter what brand you are using.

First of all it is good news for all android users that, deleted or formatted data can be easily recovered from any android device. The programming of android operating system makes this task possible, we all know that android operating system is the one of the best operating system of the world for phones and tablets because of its priceless facilities and service provided by it.

Why deleted files on Google tablet can be retrieved

Android used the concept of computer operating system, we know that the deleted files and folders are stored in the recycle bin or trash after the deletion process and user can retrieve them simply by restoring them from the recycle bin folder until it is available in the recycle bin or not deleted from the recycle bin. Similarly you can restore your deleted android contacts, photos, videos etc from your android tablet after deletion.

But some tips always keep in mind after the deletion of your important android data, immediately stop using your android phone such as taking photos, saving contacts, sending messages etc because they can overwrite the previous data and the deleted data become permanently inaccessible.

All the deleted contents of any android device gets invisible after the deletion but they still present on the device and can be recovered by applying any manual or automatic method of android data recovery only when it is not overwritten by other data. So apply the given method and recover deleted files from android tablets, like photos, video, contacts, whatsapp chat history, whatsapp attachments and messages.


Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Google Tablet

To recover the data from Google Tablet simply follow the given steps, these steps will easily restore your deleted android data.

Step 1: First of All Stop Using Your Google Nexus As Soon As Any Data Loss Occurred

After the accidently deletion of Google tablet data or restoring factory setting you see that all the data become invisible and your phone get blanked. It is recommended that stop using your device after the deletion of any type of data deletion situation. We discussed above that the deleted files is still present on the device until it is not overwritten by the other new data. This method is very simple when any new data is stored on the device then it occupied the memory location of the previous data and there for previous data become permanently inaccessible.

Step 2: Apply Google tablet Data Recovery to Recover the Deleted Files

If you want to restore the data of your Google android Tablet then you have to use any professional Google Tablet Data Recovery software to recover your deleted data. This tool will easily restore your deleted contacts, photos, whatsapp data, videos etc from your android device without need of any backup file. In short you can also restore your android data without having any backup file, simply download this data android recovery tool and achieve the data recovery in android device.

User Guide

Step – 1: Firstly connect your Google Tablet to PC with the help of Data cable.


Step – 2 : Then Enable the USB debugging. To enable the USB debugging follow the steps:

Go to the “Settings” -> click “About Phone” -> click “Build number” for number of times until you receive a note “You are under developer mode” go back to “Settings” ->click on “Developer options” -> and check “USB debugging”.


    It will connect the Moto X to the computer. After this follow the next steps:

Step – 3 : Then click on the “Start” button to Scan you’re the Moto X to recover deleted or lost sms, contacts and photos. After few seconds, you will get pictures as you can see below, here click on the “Allow” button to go to the next step. At the same time, click on the “Start” button again.


Step – 4 : After finishing of the scanning procedure it will display all the recovered such as sms, contacts, photos and other files. You will get Preview and then can restore the recovered the files from your Moto X. Select the files which you want back and then click on “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

step 4

Retrieve Deleted Files from Google Tablet