Is there anything like Siri for Android? Are you looking for alternative APK applications just like Siri for Android devices? If “Yes” then you have landed on the right webpage, here you will find 8 Siri alternative apps for Android.

You must be thinking that what is Siri Apps? Siri, is basically a digital voice assistant for iDevices and are generally available with Apple products with iPhone 4 and higher. In order to help you in performing different tasks on iPhone as well as iPad, Siri app has playing a major role. And now, on the Android platform, there are other alternate solutions as well.

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With the help of this app you would be able to perform some cool tasks through your voice command. On Android platform there are similar and even better apps are available. Siri for Android along with other apps is gaining more popularity. Below is a list of alternatives for Siri on the Android platform.

1. Skyvi


Siri for Android alternative is Skyvi, which is considered as one of the best apps for the Android Smartphone. This app would offer you the features that are required for solid virtual assistant. The user interface of this app is very simple as well as straightforward that helps the newcomers to navigate through the app easily. With the help of Skyvi, you can directly make calls with your voice commands, find maps/routes, and you can reply to texts with voice. It also helps you to find any contact and call them using the Skyvi app.

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2. EVA – Voice Assistant


People who are unable to speak or understand English, in such cases EVA Voice Assistant plays a major role and it is quite similar to Siri app. Though its interface might appear to be a bit congested and cramped, but it is reliable. If you want to use it for free then you can only use it for 28 days only and if you are using the paid version then there is no restriction of usage time. Once you are familiar with the overall virtual assistant, then it would become one of the best assistant for you. This app would provide you easy and clear instructions to navigate through the layout of this app easily.

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3. Jeannie

Jeannie is similar to Siri and is easily supported by Android phones. This app is gaining popularity among the android users as there is no need to remember any keywords for its activation, you simply have to speak naturally on your Smartphone, it would understand everything that you said and perform the tasks for you. This app also gives you the option to even translate the commands in different languages as per your choice.

4. Indigo Virtual Assistant:


You would love Indigo virtual assistant if you are a true geek and fond of great and fluid interface then all the virtual assistant apps would be available in Google Play store. You would be able to go through this app as well as perform your tasks easily. Using this app you would be able to locate the bus stations; closest trains stations, and even search YouTube videos directly within seconds.

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5. Robin the Siri Challenger

The Siri Challenger is similar to booting quickly to light weight voice assistant app for Android Smartphone. By tapping this app icon, it would boot incredibly fast and pops up quickly. Suppose, if you are on the road then in such cases Robin would be the perfect companion for you as it would bring you almost everything that is needed and that too without touching it. It would provide the weather reports, nearby locations of your interest, gas station information, GPS locations, and even make you laugh by cracking few jokes. The app is also capable of recognizing a lot of accents as well as texting in an easy way.

6. Top Assistant

Top Assistant is considered as an useful app in order to perform multitasking on daily basis. Say for example if you want to calculate important calculations work along with the spreadsheets, in order to accomplish this task, you will need a calculator. For opening the calculator, this app would help you to work quickly by providing the on-screen button.

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7. Andy

Andy app is compatible for android phones and is similar to Siri. Using this app is very simple helps the user to perform different task quickly with your voice. The best part about this app is that it would provide you directions in real time while you are driving and can even talk on casual stuff at the same time. This app is capable of answering any question, no matter how funny or weird it may be. And it is somewhat similar to EVA Assistant.

8. Assistant

For Android phones, the Assistant is an amazing app and it is somewhat similar to Siri. It generally provides the main aim of having virtual assistant on your phone. It can recognize voices, navigates the maps as well as set meetings for you easily. The interface of assistant app very user-friendly and you would be delighted after using this app.

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Things To Consider

While using this app, if the data saved in your android mobile gets lost or deleted then in such cases you should stop using the phone till all the data are recovered from it. The lost data are still present in the phone in raw format, which can be recovered by using the Android Data Recovery Software. Using this application you can easily recover the data such as audio file, photos, SMS, videos, contacts, call history, Whatsapp messages as well as other files that you have deleted or lost from your device mistakenly.


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8 Siri Alternative Apps For Android Phones
8 Siri Alternative Apps For Android Phones
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8 Siri Alternative Apps For Android Phones
Siri App is a useful app for iDevices, but if you are looking for alternative APKs just like Siri for Android devices, then here are 8 alternative of siri app for android phones.
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