Fixed Process System Isn't Responding Android Error

Summary: Are you unexpectedly receiving the error message “process system isn’t responding” on your Android device? Well, here in this article you will learn the complete guide on how to fix “Process System Isn’t Responding” error on Android.

The “Process system isn’t responding” is a common error that occurs in almost all kind of Android devices. This is one of the errors that have been reported by many users using different Android devices and it has been reported plenty of times. The devices in which ‘Process system isn’t responding’ error occur are Samsung, Alcatel, Sony, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, Nexus and other Android phones.

Users Experience: Facing the Process System Isn’t Responding” Error Message on Galaxy S7

Process system isn’t responsive on my Galaxy S7.

For a day now, my phone has been stuck on the infamous “Process system isn’t responding screen. The issue is that the touch screen and all other buttons, except for the “window” button on the bottom left, has become unresponsive. This is a problem when it comes to turning off the phone to reboot because to do so, you need to confirm shutdown on the touch screen. Removing the battery is out of the question as the S7 was designed without the removable battery.

The only conclusion I’ve come to is let the battery run down from 50% although this will take a while as the battery is quite efficient when not using very big applications.

I’m keeping it in warm/heated environments such as my PC exhaust vent when gaming to help further along the chemical reactions and thus, hopefully, drain my phone battery quicker.

                                                             – Original Post From Android Central Forums

If anyone could help me figure out any other way of going about this I’d be very appreciative of your help. Thank you.

But what are the causes behind the occurrence of process system isn’t responding error and how to fix it?

Below find out the causes and solutions by yourself!

Causes For The Process System Isn’t Responding Error

  • When device restarted after Android OS update. Your device might go through bad update or your device had an unsupported driver.
  • After installing new app. If you have installed the app outside Play Store, then you have greater chances to get this error. But it doesn’t mean that installing app from Play Store is not responsible for this issue.
  • Low internal memory. If your device has lost of apps and its internal memory does not have enough space then you may get error message “process system isn’t responding”.

Other than above mentioned causes, there could other plenty of reasons that are responsible for this error. They are:

  • Insufficient memory storage – internal as well as external SD card.
  • Software conflict.
  • Corrupted or Bad Sector on SD card.
  • Unreliable custom ROM (rooted devices only)
  • Vital system app moved or deleted with Link2SD or other similar app (rooted device only)

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Solutions To Fix Process System Isn’t Responding” Error on Android

Below, we have listed series of troubleshooting guides and fixes that you can follow one-by-one to solve and prevent “process system isn’t responding” error on Android.

Solution 1: Make Sure You Have Enough Internal Memory

Make sure your device internal memory have at least 500MB of free space and have free RAM for your device to function properly.

You can check the device storage from Settings>Memory & Storage.

If your internal memory is less than 500, then delete the cached data and if that is not enough, then uninstall some unwanted or unused apps or move photos and videos from phone to PC to free up some space.

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Solution 2: Restart The Device Several Times

This is one of the simple ways to avoid the process system not responding error. Manually restart your device – Long press the Power button and then tap on “Reboot” to restart your phone.

If that doesn’t work, then press the Power and Volume Up button at same time and hold it until your screen turn off. Later, you can press the Power button to restart the device.

You can repeat both the process for few times.

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Solution 3: Make Sure All The Apps Installed on Your Device is Up-to-Date

If the entire installed apps are not updated, then you must update it in order to resolve process system isn’t responding problem on your device.

Just head to Play Store and tap on three-line menu button and then select My apps & games and then click on Update All button.

This will update all your installed apps. You will require mobile data or wi-fi network connection to do so. If you have any apps installed from other sources than Play Store then I would recommend you to uninstall that app.

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Solution 4: Update System Software

After updating the all the installed apps, it is also important that you must update the system software to latest updates for your device.

Here, how to update system software:

Go to Settings>About Phone>Software Update>Check for Updates.

If your device has any system software to update, then kindly download and install it on your device, it will take few minutes. After installing the updates, check your device, I hope you will not get process system isn’t responding error.

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Solution 5: Check SD Card That Is Used Within the Device

If you are still receiving the message process system isn’t responding Android error, then there are chances that there are issues with your SD card that you are using within the device.

First, check that your SD card is working properly and it is not corrupted or does not have any Bad sector. Also make sure that it has enough amount of free memory space. You might encounter this problem has limited free space.

In case, if you have stored the apps on SD card, then your phone may throw process isn’t responding issue, whenever you run respective app. Hence, you must move the app from SD card to phone’s internal storage.

Here, how to do this:

  • Go to Settings > Application manager.
  • Now select any app. If that app is saved on SD card, then you will get the option “Move to device storage”. Simply tap on it and this will move the app from SD card to device’s internal storage.

Repeat the process for all apps saved on your SD card manually move every apps from SD memory card to device storage.

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Solution 6: Solve Process System Isn’t Responding Error by Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions seems to work, then the last option left with you is to factory reset your device in order to fix process system not responding error on Android.

I have said last option, because performing factory reset will erase entire data stored within the phone, hence, you must first backup your data by using the effective Android Data Backup & Restore software.

Coming back to the topic. Here, find out how to factory reset Android:

If your phone is working, then you can easily factory reset your device by following the easy steps:

  • Go to Settings> General > Backup & Restore and select the option “Factory Data Reset”.
  • Your device will display the warning messages that all data will get erased.
  • Simply tap on “Reset” to confirm the factory reset process.

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If your device is not working and due to process system isn’t responding Android error, if you are not able to access your phone settings, then there is another alternative way through which you can factory reset your phone.

Here how to do this:

You have to enter into recovery mode to do this.

  • In most of the phone, it can be done by pressing the Power and Volume Up button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. But remember that the key combination differ from device to device.
  • Once, you enter into Recovery Mode, now with the help of Volume Up or Down button to go to the “wipe data/factory reset” option use Power button to select it.
  • If your device displays any additional message for confirmation, then simply select “Yes delete all data” option.

  • Once, the factory reset process completes, simply reboot your device.

After this, you will not get any error message of process system isn’t responding on your device.

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Note: If you have not kept the backup of your files before performing factory reset and want to recover lost data after factory reset, then you must use Android Data Recovery software.


So now as you know different solutions to fix the process system isn’t responding error on Android, you can now easily fix the issue by yourself. Simply follow the solution from starting one-by-one and check your problem is solved or not, if not, then follow the next solution. Also if you have lost any data while performing any solution, then immediately apply Android Data Recovery software to restore lost data from Android device.

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Learn How to Fix “Process System Isn’t Responding” Error on Android
Learn How to Fix “Process System Isn't Responding” Error on Android
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