Are you looking for some useful tips that can really help you extend your Android smartphone’s battery life? Do you know why your Android phone’s battery gets low so quickly?

To find out the answer read the below top 10 tips explained in infographic that will really help you out in saving battery on Android device and boost your Android phone’s battery life and make your Android last longer.


1 – Avoid Using Auto Brightness

It is suggested that you must avoid using Auto brightness. Though it sound useful but actually it is not because auto brightness is much brighter than the brightness you actually need. So, you must adjust the brightness as per your requirement. This is one of the best practices to save battery life because screen is the biggest sucker of the battery.

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2 – Use Black Wallpaper To Save Battery

If you own a phone that has AMOLED screen, then you should use wallpaper that are dark and black because the dark background can save battery. Since the AMOLED screen only light up the colored pixels and if you keep black wallpaper then it will not light-up and hence the black pixels will reduce the battery consumption and hence will help you to save battery.

3 – Apps To Save Battery

There is several numbers of apps available in Play Store that can help you to save your battery. Since there are lots of apps, you might get confuse which is the good one to use? Well, here is the list of goods battery saver apps – Greenify, Go Battery Saver & Power Widget, Avast Battery Saver, DU Battery Saver, Green Battery and Saver & Manager.

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4 – Turn Off Vibration and Other Haptic Features

If you really want to save some amount of battery power then you must switch off Vibration until and unless you really need them. Beside this, Turn OFF other haptic feature such as buzz vibration that occur when you type something by using keyboard.

5 – Make Use of Lock Screen Notifications

Lock screen notification also help you to save some amount of battery, particularly when you have AMOLED screen. This feature helps you to see the notification at a glance and you do not have to unlock your phone whole screen. This feature comes in handy when you get lots of notification frequently.

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6 – Avoid Using Non-Original Batteries

You must avoid using non-original battery, if you think that saving few bucks is beneficial than spending more money on original battery then you are wrong. Non-original battery can damage your beloved smartphone and it may also provide poor performance of the battery. Therefore you must always use original battery.

7 – Not Important To Remain Connected 24/7

You should “turn off” the mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS or any other connectivity feature. Use them only when you need them. It is not necessary to remain connected all the time. You know when you need to connect and when not. It will save a good amount of battery power.

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8 – Use Basic Battery Saving Mode

Though your android device does not have many battery saving features, but at least you can enable some of the basic battery saving mode as it will help you to minimize the battery consumption while you are not using your phone.

9 – Try to Keep the Updated Apps

It is important to keep all the apps installed on your phone up-to-date. There is a reason behind, why developer always updates apps and most of the time it’s related to new features added, memory and battery optimization. If you keep the updated apps it means you have the best optimization available.  If you have any unwanted apps or the apps that you do not use then simply uninstall them or disable them, because they run at the background and chew up battery power and mobile RAM.

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10 – Don’t Be So Mobile Possessed

Well, it is very easy to say but difficult to do because me myself is so addicted to mobile that I always check the messages and notification all through the day on my Android phone. However, if you are able to follow this rule as much as possible then you can save a lot amount of battery time and you will see that your battery life is growing.

Bonus Tips: To Save Battery Life On Android

Marshmallow: Comes with Doze: The latest Android Operating system Marshmallow comes with feature know as Doze. By default it is enabled and it effectively allow your device to enter into hibernate mode when your phone is idle. Apps are not used by default by Doze, so you need to set which apps to use Doze in the device Settings.

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Turn Off Smart Features: Your phone does not need to be smart all the time. You should “Turn Off” the smart features such as smart scrolling, air gesture, particularly if you have Samsung phone. If you are not using these features daily then unnecessarily they are consuming your battery power.


So, these are some of the useful and top 10 tips and tricks to save Android battery power and to grow battery life. However, it depends upon person to person how regularly and how they use their Android phone is also one of factor behind battery performance.

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Infographic: 10 Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life
Infographic: Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life
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Infographic: Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life
Does your Android phone’s battery life die quickly? Looking for effective tips to boost Android’s battery life? Well, in this infographic learn 10 tips to extend Android phone’s battery life.
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