android recovery

Android is a popular mobile operating system developed by Google. It shares about 70% of market’s smart-phones which is the basic tool for communication among users. But sometimes it loses data which leads too disastrous situations. Although there is no need to panic, rapture you need some solution to recover the lost data back. For this you can use Android Data Recovery software. To use recovery software to recover data from your Android device you have to pay attention to several important things.

Tips to Recover Android Data with Android Recovery Software

  • Firstly don’t write new data on Android device –You have to keep in your mind that data lost from any Android device or from its memory card should not be written with new data if its previous data gets lost. This new data overwrites on the old and unrecovered lost data. The reason behind why such happens is very simple. You may think that if the data is lost how it will get overwritten. Android device does not wipe out the space but rather the deleted files remains in the memory space of the phone. So when we delete the file the system just marks that file as “blank” flag to the space deleted or formatted data is saved until new data is saved to the phone and will occupy the “blank” space and will overwrite the original file. If once the real file gets overwritten then there will no chance to recover the data back from the Android.
  • Reduce using the Android device as possible- As much as possible it is necessary to reduce using your phone totally. You don’t have to take photos with the device. This will overwrite on the space allotted for lost data as the new photos will be saved on the same folder and gets saved on the real data. Secondly you must even reduce using apps, because when the apps runs it generates more files on to the internal memory it may overwrite on the lost data which is invisibly kept in the device memory.
  • When to recover the lost data- If you have the Android data recovery software, this moment will be effective to restore the lost data back from the android device. There are many kinds of Android recovery tools on the internet. To have a powerful recovery software you have to consider certain factors in your mind:
    • Which brands of Android device it supports?
    • How many types of data it recovers?
    • Whether it supports the latest computer system?
    • What is the speed of its recovery process?
    • Whether the software recovers the data in its original format or size?

These factors are ideal for selecting the best recovering program for Android.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery software is ideal to recover the lost contacts, text messages, photos, call history and videos from any Android Phone and Tablet. This Android Data Recovery software will not let you be in this panic situation. By this you can backup your data anytime and use whenever you need it. So it is the best choice to use comparatively than any other backup tool.


Steps to recover your deleted data from your Android device via Android Recovery software-

Step 1: Firstly install the Android Recovery software on the computer and run the software for recovering your deleted contacts.

Step 2: Then connect your Android device to the computer and enable the USB debugging. For this go to “settings”>Click on the “About Phone”>Tap on “Built number” for few time until a note is generated “You are under developer mode” > then back to the settings > the click on the “Developer Options”> then Check on the “USB debugging”.


Step 3: After this scan you’re Android for lost contacts then a message will be generated that your Android has been detected by the program successfully. Here you have to just click on the “Start” button to analyze your Android device and wait for few seconds.


Step 4: After all the contacts and messages have been scanned the program will remind you to stop and scan. After this you can preview all the contacts one by one in the scan results that is marked as “Recover”, click on them to recover all of them on your computer.


Tips to Recover Android Data with Android Recovery Software