6 Best Solutions to Unfreeze Android Phone That Won’t Turn On

Its true that Smartphone’s are getting better day by day. And you cannot deny the fact that it’s a kind of computer that has reduced its size which we can hold on our hands comfortably.

It means that you should also know that as computers sometimes crashes or freezes, the same thing can happen to your phone as well.

Everyone wants to access their phones without any errors but its impossible that any of the Android users are free of any kind of errors.

The most frustrating situation is that most mobile phones are susceptible to crashes or freezing issue. Obviously, no one loves to face such problem and want to get rid of it. If you have also come across the same freezing problem on your Android phone, then wait a moment and read this blog carefully.

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Here you will know about why your Android phone freezes unexpectedly and what are the ways to unfreeze your Android phone?

Generally speaking, freezing of phone can make you hate your phone. This freezing problem can occur in both Android and iOS devices. The issue can be due to corrupted apps or something else.

So let us see what causes phone to freeze and how to fix it.

Reasons that lead to freezing of Android phone

Well, when you look at the causes behind the problem then there are tons of those that makes your phone freeze. Some of them include:

Low memory space– Many times when your device don’t have any storage space then such type of errors are possibly seen.

Low RAM– Installing various types of apps can really kill RAM of your device. In fact, if you do several processes at same time or several apps runs in the background then obviously you can come across the error.

Software updates– The preinstalled apps get notification to update but all the apps are not used though. The apps that you are using should be up to date and leave the other apps that you don’t use.

Malware infection– When your phone is infected with harmful virus then it can make you suffer. Viruses can take away lots of data from your phone and it stays in the device itself killing every data silently. Because of virus infection, sometimes your phone freezes

Antivirus software– Lots of Android users install antivirus programs so that no harmful virus infects it. And it runs in the background to scan the websites from stop infecting the device. This slows down the device and freezes it completely.

So, these are some of the common reasons for Android phone freezing issue. Now its time to see what is the solutions that can help you to unfreeze Android phone without any issue.

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Solutions to fix Android phone keeps freezing issue

May be you are using an older version of Android phone and so the problem occurs. Nowadays, the Android phones are developed in such a way that they run smoothly. Though, older devices when updated to new version begins to show errors as they are not compatible with it.

So here are the quick solutions to get rid of freezing problem on your Android devices.

Solution 1: Charge your phone using original cable

Whenever you come across such kind of unexpected situations on your phone, first try to charge your device using the original charger. May be your phone has low battery and might won’t turn on, so plugging your device once can help you better to understand the actual problem.

After plugging, if your phone still gives no indication of any charging, you can try another charger. If the problem continues then you should move to next solution.

Solution 2: Restart your phone once

When the above methods don’t work then restart your device once. Because restarting the phone when any kind of error occurs can really fix the problem and allow you to access it safely. Just hold the Sleep/Power button for few seconds after which you will get a power off button on screen.

Just tap on Power off and wait for some time to switch off your device. After the phone gets switched off completely, now again turn on your device by holding the power button.

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Solution 3: Remove the battery from device

If your phone gets frozen and you are unable to do anything on it then remove the battery from your phone if the battery is removable. This is yet another best way to unfreeze your Android phone.

You have to remove the battery for few seconds and again put it back on your phone properly and now switch on your phone pressing the power button. Removing the battery will disable every applications and can make your phone work as before.

Solution 4: Force stop the frozen app

There might be several apps on your phone that you use on daily basis. But there are also few apps that does not work properly and stuck on background. Pressing the Home button might make you think that it has stopped but actually, its still running on background.

So its better to close the app that is creating problem on your phone. Its better to force stop the app and to do this, go to Settings menu. After that, go to Apps and there you have to select the app that is creating a problem. Select one and click on “Force Stop” to close the app completely.

Go to Settings > Apps > select the app > click on Force stop > at last, confirm it.

Solution 5: Force restart your phone

When your Android phone freezes entire without allowing any way to access it then simply restarting might not solve the issue. In this condition, you have to force restart your device.

To do this, you have to press Sleep/Power button along with Volume up/down button. Hold these buttons until your phone turns black and continue pressing until phone boots up. This process may differ from device to device, so you should once check the force restart process of your device.

In fact, doing force restart does not require any other commands, so do as mentioned and after this, once check whether the problem has resolved or not.

NOTE– You should remove all the unused apps, clear the cache or delete everything that is not required should help you to resolve the problem. If still the problem exists then only one thing is left and that is factory reset.

Solution 6: Doing factory reset of your device

As already mentioned, when everything fails to fix the freezing problem on your Android phone, then doing factory reset really troubleshoots the issue. But do remember that factory reset process deletes entire data from device. So its important to backup all your data in safe place before you move forward.

Now follow the steps below to do factory reset

  • First, switch off your device
  • Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons to get into Recovery mode For Samsung, hold Power + Power Up + Home button
  • Now use Volume Down button to navigate Recovery mode and press Power button elect
  • There you have to choose Wipe data/factory reset and then press Power After that select Yes to confirm

Soon your phone will be rebooted and you will get your phone as a new one. That’s it, now the problem has been solved.

But what to do if you have not backed up your data and doing factory reset has wiped away everything? Don’t worry, there are ways to get them back.

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How to recover lost data after factory reset on Android

Not only you but plenty of users lose their data while performing factory reset. But no need to worry, using a powerful recovery software like Android Data Recovery helps to restore all erased data from Android phone. This is one of the best and reliable program that works on all Android phones and OS.

No matter whatever data you have lost and want to recover, its possible using this recovery software. In fact, it does not matter for whatever reasons the data is deleted, simply using the tool helps to retrieve all data from phone.



So at last, I hope whatever solutions I have discussed in this blog would help you and other Android users to get rid of the freezing problem on Android. The issue is common to many users and trying out the possible solutions will surely help you to unfreeze Android phone without any issue.

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6 Best Solutions to Unfreeze Android Phone That Won’t Turn On
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6 Best Solutions to Unfreeze Android Phone That Won’t Turn On
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