Just consider the fact that you have put your hand on your pocket to find your Android phone and suddenly you get nothing, means your pocket is empty and no Android phone is yours is there.

Then how would you react to it?

This may one of the unexpected situations that you have never thought of, right?

It means that you r phone might have stolen or lost somewhere when you were busy doing some work. So when such situation occurs to you then what are the things that you should do to find your device immediately?

Do not have any idea, then read this blog completely. Here you will know when your Android device gets stolen or lost and after that, what are the things you should immediately do to get back your device.

So here are some best ways which you should do first to locate your device immediately as soon you come to know its stolen or lost.

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First Things First to do when Android device gets stolen or lost

The very first thing you should do is, go to your nearest Police Station and file a FIR against phone stolen/lost. If you have a new phone in which no SIM card was inserted or if your device consists of SIM card, in both the cases you have to visit your nearest PS.

Basically, it was seen that even after FIR, users don’t get their lost device, so you can think it as a formality but an important task to do.

Apart from this step, several other steps can help you to find your lost/stolen Android device. Therefore, what are they; let us see them one by one.

Part 1: Use Google’s ‘Find My Device’ option

Nowadays Android devices are coming with an in-built ‘Find My Device’ option, which was formerly known as Android Device Manager. This is one of the best service that easily tracks your device when it is lost or stolen.

If you cannot find it on your device then its better to download ‘Find My Device’ from Google Play Store. This is one of the best part of Google that helps users to search the lost phone. But before everything comes to OK, there are few things that need to be done.

  • First, go to Settings and then click on Security
  • Now click on Device Administration

  • Here click on “Find My Device” after which you can see checkmark in the box
  • Now go back to Settings menu by clicking on top left corner
  • Hit on Location and then switch it ON, after that click on Mode.

  • Here click on High Accuracy and go back
  • Then hit on Google Location History to turn on
  • At last click on switch beside device and turn it on.

Now how to locate your device with Google. Its easy process, simply you have to login into your Google account from any PC or device.

  • Go to a web browser on your phone or on PC
  • Search Google and there type ‘Find My Phone’ in search bar
  • Now as soon you get the Find My Phone option, click on it
  • Then enter the email address and password that you were logged in to your device. It may ask 2 step verification, so do the process to complete it.

Now after this, you can see that your device is located and you will get three options, Ring, Lock and Erase.

Ring option is for ringing the device so that it can make noise, it does not matter if the phone is in silent mode. This option is great when you cannot find the phone though it is not reachable to you.

Lock option is for locking the device when you cannot get back the device. This option is also good especially when your device was not secured with any type of password.

Erase option is to delete every data from the device. This option is helpful when you think that you cannot get your device back any way. So its better to delete the data from the device.

Part 2: Searching your lost device via Google Maps

  • Finding your device with Google maps is yet another best way to locate your device. For that, you have to visit Google Maps location history. You have to do this from your PC. This is useful when your device location history is enabled. Many devices have enabled by-default.

  • Now login to the Gmail account in which the device was connected
  • You will get option of Show Location History. Here you can get several ways for your device location history. If you want then you can click on particular day or can select day from “Show” drop-down list. As soon you select the day of your phone lost, map will show you the location of your device. For every location, red dot will be marked and movement of the device will be marked as red line.
  • You can view the latest location of your device. Just click on “Show Timestamp” option and choose the latest time from list. Immediately map will zoom the location by timestamp.

Part 3: Find your device using Google photos

When your device gets stolen or lost then using Google Photos also can find your device. Your device has backup and sync feature and if this option is enabled then any new pictures clicked from your device gets uploaded in Google Photos account.

Here not only the photos are uploaded but with location. But this is only possible when the thief has not logged out from your Google account. And if internet connection is active and photos app has the permission to use the location.

If this is the case, the follow the below steps:

  • Go to photos.google.com and login with your Google account that is same in the device
  • Now just check if any new images are saved or uploaded via backup and sync
  • If you found any new image, then click on it
  • After that hit on info icon
  • Here you can see the image information with the location

Part 4: Search lost phone using IMEI number

This is also another best way to deal with lost Android phone. You can see your phone’s IMEI number by simply dialing *#06#. This number is unique for every device and the same code is not used in any other device.

  • Dialing the *#06#, you can get the IMEI number. Note it down for your future problem if by chance anything wrong happens.
  • If your phone has stolen and you don’t remember the IMEI number then you can get this in phone’s box or in the receipt.

Second thing that you should do is file a complaint to the service provider. For that, you have to let them know about the problem and then provide them the IMEI number.

After that follow the instructions that service provider gives you. With IMEI number, they might locate the device.

  • Now by providing them your devices IMEI number, they can track your phone, no matter whatever SIM the person is using or the phone is switched off.
  • Now its up to you, if you want then with your concern, the service provider may block the device and the person will not be able to use the device any more.

Part 5: Use third party apps to locate your device

Several third party apps can help you to track your device if it is lost or stolen. Some of the best apps are mentioned:

Lost Android

This useful Android tracking app works when your device is stolen. It allows remote access to your device through their website.

If you want then you can erase your important information from device when you are sure that you will not get your device back.

Even if you want, you can send messages to your device in a hope that if someone finds it then they can return it to you. Just download from Play store, open it and give device administrator permission.

Download Lost Android (free with in-app purchases)  

Where’s My Droid-

In this app, you can ring your device after you lost it, you can easily locate it through Google maps and an option to use passcode to avoid any unauthorized changes on your device.

It consists of stealth mode option that prevent from seeing any incoming message and instead they will see a customizable attention word that tells them about the phone lost status.

It has Pro version in which you can remotely delete important or all data from your device and also can lock the device remotely.

Download: Where’s My Droid (Free with in-app purchases)

Now those users, who are using Samsung devices and if they have lost the devices, then how to track it? For them also, there are ways that can help to find your stolen device.

Part 6: Is your lost device was of Samsung’s- Use this method

If you using Samsung device and if you have lost it or gets stolen then you can find it by “Find My Mobile” option that is Samsung’s own service for their users. For that, you should have a Samsung account and it should be registered.

Now after your device is stolen, sign in to ‘Find My Mobile’ website. Don’t forget to check the left sidebar and also ensure that the device is connected to the account.

After that you have to select “Locate my device” and hit on locate button. Now here if your device is online and remote control is enabled then you can easily see the location. Even this feature also provide several other features like ringing the device with a messages, locking it and deleting the data.

Important things to do when you buy new device or get the lost device back

There are few things that can help you to find your device immediately as soon your lost it. but for that you have to do some important things which you might don’t like to do.

So the very first thing after your buy a new device is, activate Find My Device option and Location history. This is highly recommended because both can help you a lot in finding your phone when it is lost or stolen.

Find My Device can track your device whereas location history can record last locations on map. However you should activate both the apps by simply going to Settings, Security and enable “Find My Device”. Also don’t forget to turn on location history and now its all safe.


Second is, lock your device with pattern or password. Yes, this is very much important because it keeps away any other person from accessing the device. This may be a headache for many users but you should know that locking your device with password is an extra layer of security.

But you should never forget that all these works on internet connection and if your device net is not connected then it may be difficult to find your lost device. Don’t stop, try until you get the location of your device because the person using your phone will enable internet connection some or other time or day.


So at last, we have come to the conclusion that whenever you buy a new mobile, first of all you should enable all those features that can help you later on to find your device if it gets lost or stolen. So try the features that you enable once on your own and see whether they are working fine or not.

This will give you a big relief when any unexpected situation occur like phone lost/stolen. So always be aware, keep your device safe, and whenever any such things happen, immediately take action to get back the device in any way.

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[Extensive Guide ] How to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone Easily
[Extensive Guide ] How to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone Easily
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[Extensive Guide ] How to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone Easily
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