SD card

In the Android market, competition increases day by day. As with increasing demand of Android devices, its different component is also manufactured by various companies. So selecting a right SD card for your Android device became a challenge for android user. SD card came in variety of brand and sizes; most using SD cards are SD, miniSD and microSD.

Difference between SD, miniSD and microSD Card

SD memory card are mainly used in personal computers, digital camera, video cameras and other large consumer electronic devices, whereas miniSD and microSD are typically used in smaller electronic devices such as Tablets and Mobile phone. Some companies provide adapter with microSD card that offers you to use Card in both large and small Consumer electronic devices.

How to Choose Right SD card For Android Phone?

First you have to determine which SD card suits your Android Phone best, for that you can go through you Android Phone user manual book. All type of SD cards are widely available in market with variety of brand. You can easily get one from drug stores, electronics and computer shops and Internet sites.

The first thing that you have to consider is, in which Android phone you are going to use the SD card. You can get the best idea from your Android phone user manual that states every supporting Component of device, You have to determine whether adapter is supported with SD card or not. It’s usually best to use the card size proposed for the Android device. Your device user manual will help you a lot while selecting appropriate SD card.

You should consider the usage while selecting a SD card, how one will use a memory card must be known to determine the right memory capacity and speed choice. There are some SD card standard storage capacity provided:

 sd sard table

You must select SD card of Good brand, in market there are many fake product available that all will be provided in a low cost with high capacity and increase speed, but using those cheap, counterfeited, brand less SD cards can result in frequently card data loss. Recovering lost data from SD card is not an easy task, you can use Android data recovery tool for recover lost data easily and effectively.

We have disused nearly every aspects that must be taken care while buying a SD card for your Android device. This all point must be consider while selecting a SD card, that will help you a lot and finally your Android device will get an appropriate SD card.


Steps to recover your deleted data by the help of Android Recovery Tool-

Step 1: Firstly install the Android Recovery software on the computer and run the software for recovering your deleted contacts.

Step 2: Then connect your Android device to the computer and enable the USB debugging. For this go to “settings”>Click on the “About Phone”>Tap on “Built number” for few time until a note is generated “You are under developer mode” > then back to the settings > the click on the “Developer Options”> then Check on the “USB debugging”.


Step 3: After this scan you’re Android for lost contacts then a message will be generated that your Android has been detected by the program successfully. Here you have to just click on the “Start” button to analyze your Android device and wait for few seconds.


Step 4: After all the contacts and messages have been scanned the program will remind you to stop and scan. After this you can preview all the contacts one by one in the scan results that is marked as “Recover”, click on them to recover all of them on your computer.


Which is the Right SD Card for Your Android Device?