Prevent Data Leaking From Your Smartphone

Steps to Stop Data leaking from your Smartphone

In some cases, our mobile phones get lost due to some reason. For example – suppose you were relaxing at park with your family but while leaving the park you forget your Android phone. Or your Android Phone gets stolen by some stranger. That is dreadful and unimaginable. At such cases what you can do to protect your personal data from the person who have stolen or found your Android Phone?

android device manager

You must know that Google carries data backup, positioning and anti-theft (3 methods ring, lock and erase) features. But one thing you must need to make sure that you lost Android Phone must have installed the complete Google Service frame.

What you can do is to find the application “Google Setting” in Google application. Select the “Android Device Manager” and tick mark both “Remote locate this device” and “ Allow remote factory reset”

So, at times when your Android Smartphones get lost, open the device manager page and there you will notice “Locate” in the white box on the upper right corner and the “Ring” and Lock and Erase option to the lower corner. Click on the corresponding button to perform the operation. Note – Your Android phone must be accessible to the internet or connected to Wi-Fi.

Ring Feature – If you select to ring the lost phone, then the phone will ring for five minutes at its maximum sound. But the ring can be turned off by switching off the phone with the help of power button.

Lock Feature – If you select the remote lock feature then it will lock your phone with your existing password and hence nobody will be able to steal or take advantage of your personal data.

Erase Feature - If you select the erase feature, then the entire data such as contacts, photos, videos, files and other documents will get erased and hence your personal data will not get leaked.

Note - This tip will only work if your lost Android phones have installed the complete frame of Google services, if not then this tip will not help you.