Android FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Why I Can Only Scan The Photos And Videos?

If the device analysis get fail the product cannot be scanned for contacts and messages. In case, you can set your device to USB Storage mode so that you can easily scan for videos and photos. Yet the contacts and messages present on your device cannot be scanned so you need to find another way to scan for these.

If your device gets successfully analyzed and the product only scanned the messages and contacts then it might be that the USB storage mode isn't enabled.

So just turn on the USB Storage mode so that the software can scan for other data such as Photos and Videos. But if you want to scan other lost data then here we recommend you to find another way to analyze your device.

Can Dr.Fone for Android support installing on your Android device?

Dr. Fone for Android cannot be installed on your Android device. To recover the data from the Android device you need to install the product on your computer.

Does the product support restoring the data directly to device?

The product doesn't support restoring the data directly to your device. Just save the data on your PC first and use Wondershare MobileGo for Android to import the recovered data on your device.

Here you have the link for Wondershare MobileGo for Android :

What is the difference between trial version and full version?

Trial version and the registered version is almost same product.

The only difference between them is that the trial version and the registered version is that the trial version only scans the device to preview lost data .

While the registered version help you to recover and save the scanned data to your PC.
Once you order get validated, registration code will be automatically sent to you.

After you register the product you can easily recover the previewed data with the registered version.

What if my device fails to connect?

If your device fails to connect then here you got some tips for your situation.

1) Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the software. Here you have the download URL for latest version:

2) Keep your device powered on and enable USB debugging

3) Reseat the USB cable to connect your device again and see if it is detected.

4) Unplug any other USB devices which is plugged in your computer.

5) Ensure that the correct driver is been installed on your PC. Below you have the link that will help you to find the correct driver for your device:

Acer Alcatel one touch



Fujitsu Toshiba

Google Nexus Garmin-Asus

Hisense HTC
Huawei ZTE
Intel KT Tech
Kyocera Lenovo
LG Motorola
YulongCoolpad Pantech
Pegatron Samsung
Sharp SK Telesys
Sony Ericsson


Why does the software remind me to allow Superuser Request?

The software requires to enable the Superuser to scan the device. And if you refuse to enable Superuser Request , the software cannot scan your device or recover the data.

What media file types does the software support to recover?

The software supports to recover the following file formats :-


Videos: MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, ASF, RM/RMVB, FLV, M4V, MOV, MPG, 3G2, SWF

Follow the link for more detail on recoverable file format

What are the system requirements for this software?

Can I recover the data from my device with an unofficial Rom?

If your Samsung device has an unofficial Rom then it will make your device database different from the device which got an official Rom. It is recommended to test the trial version to check whether the data can be detected or not.

Why no data is detected via Recover from Android Device?

If you didn't found your data via Recover from Android device , it can be due to the below given reasons: 1) The data might have removed from long time and got overwritten by some new data. 2) The data is recently removed but new operations on device or the newly added data have overwritten it.

What devices and files are supported?

To see what file types can be recovered by various devices you can refer to technical specifications of product on our website:-

Can this software recover data from the Damaged SD cards?

If the damaged SD card cannot be recognized by the device then the product won't be able to scan it.

Here we recommend you to place your micro SD card into card reader and connect it with your computer, then use Wondershare Data Recovery software to get back the data from it.

You can download the Wondershare Data Recovery software from our official website .

What if I can't find USB storage mode on my android device?

If the device is successfully analyzed, then the product will help you to scan the device without setting the USB Storage mode. But if the device fails to analyze, then you need to turn on the USB Storage mode to scan the videos and photos.

But if you can't find the USB storage mode on your device then you can follow the below steps:

1) Endure that the USB cable between your device and the computer is connected properly. To confirm the connection you can reseat the connections. 
2) For few android device running on the OS 4.X, USB to PC connection is MTP or PTP and it will be shown as Connected as a media device (MTP) or Connected as camera (PTP)  respectively. In this case the USB Storage mode cannot be set.

Here you have the steps to find whether the device is MTP/PTP USB device or not.

1). Pull down the notification bar (black or white bar at top of the screen)

2). Hit on Connected as a media device/Connected as camera

3). After this you will find the below image:

Note: If the analysis of device get fail and the USB storage mode cannot be set, then your device doesn't support this product.

What to do if your software freeze/crash?

If your product freezes or crashes while analyzing and scanning then please try the below steps to resolves the issue:

1) Reinstall the software.
2) If possible just try to install and run the software on another computer.

How to Enable 'USB Debug'?

To enable USB debugging follow the steps:

This step will connect your device to computer.