How to Use Android Screen Recorder

How to & troubleshooting: Android Screen Recorder

How to connect Android device with Android Screen Recorder?

Step 1 – Install and Launch Android Screen Recorder Software

Once you install Android Screen recorder on your PC, double click the software to launch it. You will see several options, among them click on “Screen Recorder”.

Step 2 - Connect Android Device with PC

Now connect your Android device with computer with the help of USB cable. Make sure USB debug is enabled on your device. If it is not enabled, then follow the below mentioned instruction to enable USB debug as shown in the image.

For Android 4.2 and higher operating system.

For Android 3.0-4.1. operating system.

For Android 2.0-2.3. operating system.

Note: If your device is running on Android 4.2 or higher version of operating system, then it will also ask you to allow USB Debugging. You have to just simply click on OK button to Allow USB Debugging.

After this, in few seconds of time, Android Screen Recorder will detect and connect your Android devices.

Steps to Mirror and Record Android Screen on Computer

Step 1 - Mirror Android screen on Computer

Once your Android device is connected, Android Screen Recorder will automatically start mirroring your Android device’s screen. Now whatever activity you do on your Android phone, you will see the activity on your PC. Beside this, you can also use mouse to perform any activity on your Android device.

Step 2 - Recording Android Screen on PC

For recording android phone’s screen, whether you are playing games, showing PPT presentation, playing videos or any other operation, simply click on Android Recorder button that is located just above the Setting button.

Once you click on Android Recorder button, it will popup the message that will ask you to confirm the recording. Simply click on START NOW, Android Screen Recorder will now start recording everything whatever you do on your Android device’s screen.

It will also display the time how long the recording has been recorded. You can click on red button to Stop Recording.

After this the recorded video will be saved on your PC automatically.

The software also allow you to change the path of saving video through Setting> Record Settings.

Steps on how to reply Android messages on Computer

Step 1 – When your phone get connected with Android Screen Recorder, you can then easily open any social app or text messages app on your phone and send messages.

Step 2 – You can use mouse to open the social or text messages app and then you can use keyboard to reply or send messages on the PC.

Steps on how to take Android screenshot on computer

Step 1 - After your Android device gets connected to Android Screen Recorder successfully, simply click on Screenshot button in order to take screenshot of your Android screen.

After you click on Screenshot button, the screenshot image will get display. Click on Save button to save it on your PC.

The software also allows you to change the rotation of the screenshot before you save it.

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