MobileGo for Android (Windows) User Guide

Complete Guide to operate mobileGo for Android

The data which is stored in your Android phone is very important and if once it get deleted you cannot recover them back. Therefore, in order prevent any loss it is important that you must create a backup of your Android phone data. Moreover, your data is personal so you will need a quality program to prevent any data leakage.

Well, MobileGo for Android can meet all these situations for you. With the help of this you can backup and restore your Android data securely and safely. Here is the step by step guide that will help you how to backup and restore Android Data.

First you need to install the program on your system and then connect your Android Phone to your PC through data cable or through Wi-Fi. After launching the program, you can see the main interface of the program. Now go to Home Screen of your Android phone, you can see options under “Tools you may like”. You have to turn ON these options, no matter you want to backup or restore data. In the main interface of the program, you can see your Android Smartphones displayed in the window. Please select the option you want to use.

Part 1.How to Backup Android Data to Computer

Step 1: Now in order to create a backup, just click the “Backup” button firs. After this you will see a file browser window in the main interface of your computer screen.

Step 2: By default, all category of folders will be marked automatically. Now if you want to backup only certain files, just click on the corresponding box beside the folder that you do not want to transfer and uncheck it.

Step 3: After selecting the folders that you want to backup, select the backup destination folder. You must also select a place to save all your backup data. Now you can click on ‘Back Up” button. If you have not defined the location then the default location will be in “My Documents”.

Part 2. How to Restore Android Data from Computer

Step 1: Now to restore your Android Data, click on the blue button icon, “Restore”. You will then see the category of file in the starting window. Same as in Part 1 all files was selected by default, if you want to recover all files, simply click on the “Restore” button.

Step 2: If you want to add more other files to restore, please click on the blue button “Add File” button located in the left corner of the file browser window. After this, you can see the categories appear on the starting Window. Now select the files which you want to restore from the window.

Step 3: Once you select the files that you want to restore, please click on “Restore” button. After this the program will display the one dialogue box with three options "Backup", "Don't Back Up" and "Cancel" respectively. Select “Backup” to restore the files successfully.

Part 1: How to import media files for Android Phone

In the starting windows of the program you can see all files that are classified in the different categories. If you want to import media file such as music, video and audio files. Now select the media files that you want import and then click on “Add”. To add files either select “Add File” or “Add Folder”. You can then view Windows file browser and choose files to import them from your PC or Storage device.

During the importing process, you can preview all the media files with the in-built features. Moreover, you can also make a new playlist or add new folders in the window.

Part 2: How to Convert Video/Audio Files to Android compatible Format

Most of the time when you import media files to your Android phone, the media files will be not compatible ones. But with the help of this software, you can fix this issue easily. When you select a video or music files to import then it will prompt you with the option whether you want to convert file to an Android compatible format like MP4, MP3, etc. In addition you can also extract MP3 from video files when adding videos to your music playlist.

Note: This features in only available in the MobileGo for Android Pro version

Part 3: How to Export Android Media Files to Computer

If you have captured lots of media files or have stored many photos to record your life, it is very important to export them to your computer to free up some space from your Android phone to store other files. To export data you have to just click the checkbox next to the file and then click on “Export” button on the menu bar.

Part 1: How to Import/Export/Edit Android Contacts

In main interface of the program all the files are classified in different categories and it is shown on the left side column. Now click on “Contacts” category to bring up the contacts window. After this you can all contacts on your Android phone. Now as per your wish can select import or export contacts and then click on appropriate action from the drop down list. In the drop down list there are options to import/export contacts from Windows Mail, Windows Address Book, Outlook Express, vCard files and Outlook 2003/2007/2010.

Note: Import and Export from/to Windows Mail and Outlook Mail features is only available in MobileGo for Pro version.

Part 2: How to Merge Duplicate Contacts

With the help of this program you can also find duplicate contacts saved on your Android Phone and merge them. To find duplicate contacts, you have to just click on the “De-duplicate” button. Then it will display any duplicate contacts that are stored in your phone with same phone number, same name or email. Once, the program finds these duplicate contacts, and then select click “Merge” to merge all the contacts or selected contacts.

Part 3: How to Add a New Contact through Your Computer

You can also add a new contact to your Android phone through your computer with the help of this computer. This feature is really going to help you in saving your time if you have lots of contacts. To perform this action you have two options:
Step 1 – Click on “New” and then select “Add New Contacts” from the contacts window.
Step 2 – Add a new contact in the form that is located on the right of the Contacts page.
In addition you can edit contacts such as you can edit name, phone numbers, email, address, etc.

This feature is really helpful if you are using you do lots text or SMS messages. With the help of this tool you can easily manage SMS/Text Messages on your Windows System.

Part 1: How to Export/Import/Send Messages

If you want to save personal messages such as SMS from your girl friend, boy friend or boss and to save it for longer period of time, then you can select to export them on your computer. It will also free up some space on your Android phone. With the help of this program you can easily export text messages from your Android phone to computer in .txt or .xml files. In adition you can also import XML messages from your PC to your Android phone.

Part 2: How to Send Text Messages from Your Computer

With this program, you can also send SMS from your computer. This feature will help you to send messages that are saved in your PC. To perform this action, you have to just click on “SMS” category to bring up the SMS window and then click “New”. Now write your own messages right away in the text field. Moreover, you will also get notifications when you receive any new SMS when a contact replies.

Part 1.How to Install and Uninstall Apps

MobileGo for Android also allow you to directly download apps from internet and then install on your Android Smartphone. The process is absolutely secure and none of your personal information will get leak.

Step 1 – From the Home screen of the Windows, just click on Category “Apps” displayed on the left panel to bring up the Apps Window. Your apps will be shown over there; you can select them as per your preference.

Step 2 – After this click on “Install” button located on the left of the menu bar. After this you will see your file browser, from there you can select apps to import from your PC or from storage device. And then you can click on install package to start the installation process.

Step 3 – If you want to uninstall any apps from your PC then simply select the app that you want to uninstall and click on “Uninstall” button from the menu bar. After this a dialogue box will appear with message “Are you sure you want to uninstall the selected apps?” Click on “Yes” and the program will complete the rest of the process.

Part 2. How to Export/Move/Share Android Apps

You can also use this program to Export, Move and Share Android apps. When you are in Apps window, you can see these options. To export apps to your PC, just click on “Export”. Your apps will get stored in your computer as APK files.

If you want to free up Android phone memory space then you can also move your apps from Phone Storage to memory card or from memory card to phone memory if you want to. In addition you can also share your apps with your friends through Facebook and Twitter directly from the software.

You may have saved different files on your memory card such as music, videos, photos, etc. Since the files are may be disorganized, it is important to manage them to make your memory card organized. With the help of this program, you can open files of your Android memory card directly by simply clicking on "Manage SD Card", after this you can see all files that are stored in your memory card and here you can manage your files. Moreover, you can also create a new folder to manage these files.

If you love searching internet, then you might have stored many of the movies, videos, songs files. With the use of this program you can download these media files to your Android phone and you can enjoy it anywhere you go.

Step1 – In the Home Screen of the MobileGo for Android, you can add your favourite websites to the Online Resources by clicking on add icon “+” or right click on the sites icon existing in the list and select “Add”. Here you can add online resources by just typing the site name and click “OK” to complete the process.

Step2 – Once you add the online resources sites, you can now select whatever files you like such as songs, movies, apps, etc directly.

When you download anything, you can check the schedule in the task bar at the bottom. Once the download complete the file will get saved on both on your computer as well as on your Android phones if its connected with your PC from the starting of the downloading process.

So, these are the features of the program and it is easy to operate. You can also do more things with this MobileGo for Android.