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This software really worked great I was not able to save all the lectures but I saved many other lost document and images. All other data recovery software didn’t give that great result but after using this software I was very impressed especially when I got my daughters document back. All thanks to this software.

-Reeves / Businessman, Germany - 29-08-2015

I am heartily thankful to you this software! It has saved the most precious picture so again I thank you from my heart!

-Scoggin / House Wife, USA - 22-08-2015

Lovely - I downloaded this software and was very happy when I was able to recover all the lost files. Seriously I am very happy now... thanks

-Arthur / Senior Executive, New Zealand - 18-08-2015

I discovered Android Data Recovery from a Google search and it is very helpful in rescuing my files. What an appealing software it is very hard to believe that I recovered the lost photos. It is very Cool!!!

-Sherry / House Wife, California -25-07-2015

LThankfully I found a solution to retrieve my lost pictures by using this software. I even informed my friends to use this software they find any data loss situation

-Dereck / student, Washington - 09-07-2015

I’ve used lots of similar software, but nothing impressed like this Android Data Recovery Software with its high speed, efficiency and ease. A big thank you to the group who designed and programmed this excellent software.

-Daniel / Senior Executive, Russia - 23-06- 2015

EXCELLENT - Loved this software after trying number of recovering tools, thanks to Android Data Recovery...

-John / Businessman, California - 07-06-2015

Luckily recovered my lost data with so much ease and comfort facing no quandary during the course of action…………thank you

-Stella / House Wife, Washington - 29-05-2015

Lovely - The day I came across this was actually a turning point for me in the journey of recovering my corrupted data from my Android device… so happy to get back all those precious moments …….thanks

-Henri / Senior Executive, Russia - 19-05-2015

Truly affective - Nothing do I have to say about this software except “SUPERB”.

-Charles / Businessman, Las Vegas, 16-04-2015

Lovely !!This software is very lovely, it can recover all my contacts back…………… Special thanks…

-Mak / SEO Executive, Las Vegas - 08-04-2015

Fantastic - No technical skills obligatory for restoring gone files, quite trouble-free interface to be operated by any1 like me…

-Stephen / Professor, Washington - 25-03-2015

If this tool would not have helped me I would have bombed your corporation ,,,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ,,,apart from jokes thanks from my heart since I recovered all that I desired for..

-Jullia/Student, London - 06-01-2015

Hats Off - Loved it..........

-Lorein /House Wife, california - 06-02-2015

Best recovery tool- I was so worried from the time I lost my data thanks a lot to provide this tool for recovery purpose I loved it actually,,,, it’s really worth appreciating.

- Alva /SEO Executive, California - 29-12-2014

Software verdict - Recovery technique used by the software is miraculously outstanding

-Henry / Student, Las Vegas - 17-11-2014

Happy - Recovery process is simply awesome …heartily thanks to the developers

-Jenny/ House Wife, Colorado - 12-10-2014

Nice recovery software - Thank you is all I have to say

-Sufi / Marketing Exeutive, Las Vegas - 27-09-2014

Android data recovery review - Can’t find any bug or error during the restoring process neither it took long to recover data in comparison to others tools… up till now everything is working fine and all recovered data seems to be healthy as well

-Smaulu / Student, California - 17-08-2014

Appreciable - After formatting my device it never thought I would get it back ever,, but this tool is worth thanking and am so happy that all my rubbed out data is back

-Stella/ House Wife, Colorado - 18-07-2014

Good - Nice software for recovering deleted data from Android phone

-Sufi / Marketing Exeutive, Mexico - 27-06-2014

Yipee…………!! Am loving it…………….

-Morgan/ Student, California - 17-03-2014

Thank you - One after the other I recovered everything that I wished for because this tool facilitates you with the preview of what you want to recover.

-Jessica/ House Wife, Colorado - 12-02-2014

Better - I have already tried many other recovery tools that can help me to achieve the goal of recovery process but I was never so satisfied as I am with Dr. Fone Android recovery tool.

-Johnson/ Marketing Exeutive, Mexico - 09-11-2014

Best for me - I really want to thank all the team behind this wonderful software that actually helped me for what it claims.

-Alice / SEO Executive, Las Vegas - 17-12-2013

Feeling lucky - Best ever recovery tool I have come across in my entire life…………………….

-Danny/ Student, Colorado - 22-11-2013

Yahoo………!! Thank you so much Dr. Fone ,,, I am very thankful to your entire team for the success of this works so well

-Rosi / House Wife, Alaska - 16-11-2013

Recovered everything - Feeling blessed from the time I am using this tool for recovering deleted data

-Jessy / Student, Colorado - 29-10-2013

I loved it - I love the way it makes things go as per your aspiration in the course of refurbishing data.

-Silvesta / House Wife, California - 12-09-2013

Worth using - Very useful software ..and should be the first choice for every Android user

-Wilson / Marketing Exeutive, Washington - 07-008-2013

Waoooo - Use it blindly for the purpose of recovering your lost/deleted/formatted/corrupted data from any Android device.

-Lisa/ Huse Wife, Las Vegas - 19-07-2013

Got all the lost contact. Chears! It worked awesome….. I have got back all my contacts back………………Thanks.

-Stella / House Wife, Colorado - 12-06-2013

It worked Awesome! - It had worked exactly the way I wanted…………..Hats Off.

-Martin/ Marketing Exeutive, Colorado - 29-05-2013

Excellent Software! Feeling Great! After getting back all the photos back………………..Thanks.

-Henry / Student, Las Vegas - 17-04-2013

Fantastic! With the help of this program, I was able to get back all the contacts back…………………………Thanks a lot.

Franklin/ House Wife, Colorado - 04-04-2013

Great App! I loved it…..

-Drako / Marketing Exeutive, Las Vegas - 08-03-2013

Best Software Ever! It worked marvelous. I have retrieved the lost contacts with the help of this software…..Feeling Great..

-Shifu/ House Wife, Las Vegas - 17-02-2013

Great Software! Feeling great after getting back the all the lost photos and videos…. This software worked Awesome….Thanks.

-Nathon/ Businessman, Colorado - 12-01-2013

Good!!! Loved it…..

-Sufi / Marketing Exeutive, Mexico - 16-12-2012

Hit the Jackpot!Very very good software……..

-Kyl / Student, Las Vegas - 17-11-2012

Mind Blowing!Excellent software…..Got back all my photos back……. Thanks

-Christin/ House Wife, Colorado - 12-11-2012

Feeling Awesome! I got back all my lost contacts…

-julia / House Wife, Las Vegas - 13-10-2012

Worked Wonders on my Galaxy note! I got back all my contacts using this software on my galaxy note…….. Loved it.

-Peter / Student, California - 07-10-2012

It worked! Got back all my photos and videos that got deleted from my phone……

-Mack/ Student, Colorado - 02-10-2012

Nice Software! Recovered all my contacts back……….

-Alice/ House Wife, Mexico - 23-09-2012

Special thanks to Dr. Fone ....I was afraid when I lost all my data from my android phone. Thanks to this software, if had helped me in getting back all my data back.

-Goblin / Student, Colorado - 17-10-2012

Feel safe...You should not be worried of losing your contacts or data when you have this software with you…… Enjoy using your phone….

-Spiky/ House Wife,Mexico - 12-10-2012

Recovered all my lost video.....I have recovered all my videos back after using this software…… Very good software…

-Suzain / Student, california - 03-10-2012

Amazing - I applied so many tricks, turns, tools and tactics in order to recover my lost files since I formatted my device but none lend a hand to accomplish my goal….and then DR. Fone appeared to be a ray of light in the darkness ….thanks to this tool for getting me out of the hole.....all my data is back on my device.

-Martin / Student, Colorado - 01-10-2012

Awesome! While working on my android phone, I had by mistakenly deleted the data from the phone. I had even lost of the hope of getting them back. But with the help of Andriod data Recovery, I have got back all the data that I had lost……………….Thanks a lot.

-Spiky / House Wife,Mexico - 12-09-2012

Recovered all my lost video.....I have recovered all my videos back after using this software…… Very good software…

-Sante / House Wife, california - 23-08-2012

Bingo! It worked..My little son had deleted all the photos and videos that were saved in my phone. But by using the program I have retrieved all the photos as well as videos…………Thank You.

-Yusuvi / SEO Executive, Las Vegas - 28-07-2012

Feeling Really Great! - My little brother had by mistakenly deleted all the photos as well as videos from Samsung Galaxy Edge. Especially the photos really meant a lot for me. After using this software I was able to retrieve not only the photos but also the videos as well….. Thank You.

-Harmoine / House Wife,Mexico - 12-07-2012

Great App! Everyone should use this software, to get back your photos and videos….. feeling good after getting back all my lost photos and video by using it……..thanks.

-Skelete / House Wife, California - 23-06-2012

Thanks a lot! My grandson had mistakenly deleted all the photos; I got back all the photos after using Android data Recovery Software. These photos meant a lot for me. I am happy after getting them back…. Many many thanks.

-Annie / House Wife, Las Vegas - 20-06-2012

Awesome!!! While working on my android phone, I had by mistakenly deleted the data from the phone. I had even lost of the hope of getting them back. But with the help of Andriod data Recovery, I have got back all the data that I had lost……………….Thanks a lot.

-Frank / SEO Executive, Las Vegas - 16-06-2012