Top 10 hidden Android Tips and Tricks

10 hidden Android tips and tricks

Nowadays android is the most popular operating system among all the Smartphone users. It is also one of the most customizable. There are some hidden features in Android operating system. These features are especially built for save money, power up your GPS tracking and also help you to get your lost phone back if you need it.

Mentioned below are some hidden 10 Android tricks:

1. Add hard type words to your dictionary

Hard to type words can be bane of any screen keyboards user’s existence especially when they are not in your phone’s dictionary. It may be difficult to add in your phone and with lots of menus to navigate.

Actually Android makes it easier than you think. Only you have to type word into your text box and hold your finger over the word. It will be underlined as well as highlighted but if you hold your finger over the underline than it would get deleted. Even if you want you can enter word into your dictionary by tapping “add to dictionary” option. This means that the word has been added to your dictionary.

2. Save battery by turning off power draining apps

When your battery is dying very early, then it is because of background apps which you have forgot that they are running. Beefing up your battery life can be easier than you think.

Just navigate to Settings, Apps and then swipe to the "running" tab. After that you will see the apps which are using the most useful and battery power. If you don't use a high-power app very often, then just tap the app and then hit the "quit" button.

3. Set quick responses for missed calls

Have you ever experienced a call from someone before you go into a movie? This will be very irritating to get your phone out of respond but you don’t want to give them the expression that you have at that time. Writing a quick response can solve that very problem. Just navigate to settings, call settings and after that quick response.

4. Get back your lost phone

You will find that there are lots of phones which are password protected that less your chances of getting your phone back. And if someone finds it then they may find some way to contact you.

If you want you can leave some basic contact information on your home screen. Begin by navigating settings, security & screen lock and the owner info and after that just type the information that you want someone to find your phone to know. This information will get displayed on your phone’s lock screen.

You can give your home phone number, email address or even family member’s cell phone and all these can be enough to contact with someone which finds that phone.

5. Receive warnings when you are over your data limit

The data of your phone may not be easy to track. If you are using 4G network then it is very fast and you would download files at the same speed as you have your home internet. However Android comes with packed data usage notification system.

First, navigate to settings and then data usage. You'll see a graph which displays your data usage, along with a yellow and red bar. Yellow bar shows when your phone will warn you about your data usage and the red is a hard cap on your data to avoid overage fees.

Red line would be your Smartphone’s monthly limit data.

6. Set up speed dial

You can generally set the shortcuts directly via your home screen if you have any contacts which you call often. Just tap and hold an empty space on your home screen and after that tap “shortcuts” button. Next hit “contacts” and after that select the person which you like to sit on your home screen.

The contact image of them would appear on your screen, and after that it will only take a single tap to give him or her call.

7. Take some easy screenshots

The taking of screenshots with iPhone is very similar when the device was launched. Only when the design of Android are not same, it makes little difficult to know where the screenshot button are located.

Here's how to do it:

Just press the button which lowers your phone's volume along with the sleep button at the same time. Grasp for a second, and then release it. Your screen would flash and your screenshot will be placed into the "Screenshots" section of your photo gallery.

8. Search with your voice

If you have ever noticed the microphone next to Google widget that you are very much aware that tapping microphone will allow you to find for anything on your phone by using the powerful voice analysis software.

There are some phones which support voice search without clicking the buttons. If your phone is nearby you then you can try it by saying “Hey Google Now” and after that a request.

You might be surprised by Google Now's answer.

9. Use your phone as a portable hard drive

There are most android phones which accept MicroSD cards. All these card readers are increasingly cheap. You can actually use your phone as a portable hard drive by a USB cable from your phone into a computer.

Your computer will read your Android phone as an external drive. Only you have to tap the “Connect USB Storage" button which will appear on your Android's screen. Treat it like any other USB drive you'd plug into your PC.

If you want you can load a file that you want to bring somewhere from PC and after that you will be able to access it from either your phone or from someone else’s computer.

10. Turn off battery draining services

After scrolling to the left most side of your home screen, it will provide you with “Quick Options”. All these options will vary from ringtone to power savers such as Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data and airplane mode. If you are not using Wi-Fi or GPS in future, this menu makes turning it easy to turn off all these power draining services.

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