Access Your PC With Android Device

Steps to Access your PC through android Smartphone

remotely access the PC

Nowadays almost every task can easily be done with your phone or tablet but sometimes you need to use your PC either for accessing a file or for a running down a program. If you are not in touch with your PC, then also you can remotely access it with your android device. This is possible by using Google's Chrome Remote Desktop with your phone like the Moto X or Nexus 5 but for better performance you can use Note 3 or a Nexus 7. This app is quiet useful while you need to operate your PC remotely with the help of phone or tablet.

You can easily get this Chrome Remote Desktop app from Google play store at free of cost. For using this app you must have Google's web browser installed on your computer.

Setting up your computer

Test your system is it ready to use or not. Then install Chrome Remote Desktop in your system.

remote PC 1

To download Chrome Remote Desktop visit Chrome Web Store.

Click the Free button and after that a pop up will appear on which click add option. Wait till the download and installation process gets over and then start the tool by clicking the Launch App button or by clicking the shortcut in the Chrome App Launcher.

remote PC 2

If you are using this app for the first time then you need to authorize it, so for this click continue. Sign in to your Google account when prompted and then click Accept. After completing all this it is ready to use.

remote PC 3

Chrome Remote Desktop can be used in one of two ways – to share a computer for the purposes of giving remote assistance, or for gaining full access to your own computer. So if you want to use it for second one then click the second of the two Get Started buttons that is displayed.

remote PC 4

Click the Enable remote connections button after this you may be prompted to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer so, download and install it. Then insert a PIN of at least six digits this will be used to save your connection. Enter and confirm the PIN you like to use and then click OK.

A popup window will appear in which you are prompted to enter you your PIN; enter it and click OK. After completing this you are ready to set up your phone or tablet.

Setting up your Android

After complete setting of your PC, you will need to set up your android device so as to connect your computer and remotely access it. From the Google Play install Chrome Remote Desktop and then launch this app.

remote PC 5
Suppose you are signed with the same Google account on your phone or tablet as on your computer, then check the list of computers with which you can connect. Select for the one with which you want to connect and it takes time to establish the connection.

remote PC 6

Once again you are asked to enter your PIN as you set up earlier so enter it and select connect option. You can also avoid the need to enter the PIN every time but be alert as this potential security might be at risks with this. After sometime you will see your computer desktop will appear on your Android device's screen.

remote PC 7

In most of the cases it is easier to deal with a remote connection if you flip your android device into landscape mode to the upper right of the screen, click to double arrow button to change it into fullscreen mode, and after that you can then use the drop down menu to access the onscreen keyboard or to exist fullscreen.

remote PC 8

To interact with your computer by clicking and dragging around the screen. If you need to use the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut, you can access it by tapping the menu button and selecting the relevant option. Remember, close the remote session if you don’t require it and for this select the Disconnect option in the menu on your Android device, or you can tap the Stop Sharing button on your computer.

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