Best 3 Android Emulator for Mac to Run Android Apps

Android Emulator for Mac to Run Android Apps

Mac OS is a superb operating system that is used by Apple Inc. on their Mac computer and MacBook. It has great features and amazing user interface. But it will be good if we were able to make use of Android Apps on Mac computer. Fortunately, it is possible if you use an emulator. Here you will learn about three best Android Emulator that is available for Mac.

Part 1 - Why You Would Run Android Apps on Mac

  • To run around 1.2 million Android apps on Mac Google Play Store
  • To play several number of Android games on Mac computer
  • Users, who love to spend lots of time in front of desktop, will find it more convenient if they were able to use apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, etc on their Mac PC.
  • It will help App developer to test their apps on the desktop before they can send it to Google Play Store for user reviewing.
  • Few Emulators supports GPS and battery widgets. So, developer can test their apps how it will work on different geographical locations and also test their apps that is based on the battery performance.

Part 2 - Top 3 Android Emulator for Mac

1 - BlueStacks

BlueStack App Player is most likely one of the most popular emulator for running Android Apps on Mac. This app is available for both Mac and Windows. It generates the virtual copy of Android OS apps on visitor OS. It comes with unique “LayerCake” technology that permits you to run android applications on computer without any use of external Virtual Desktop application. Once you install it on your Mac PC user can enjoy Android games and apps like Social Network, games, News Feeds on a large screen.

BlueStack preserve the internal search manager that allow any apk application, the package file format that is utilized to distribute and install apps on any Android device to install within it.


  • .apk apps can be installed by double clicking on any Mac computer with the use of BlueStack.
  • BlusStack can also be used to sync between the apps on Mac and Android phone and tablet.
  • There is no requirement of any extra connection of internet as it automatically gets the internet connection of host computer.
  • Applications can is started directly from Mac Dashboard.
  • This app is available for both Mac and Windows.


  • While running complex graphics apps it sometimes fails to respond to the input you give.
  • It does not offer any mechanism to uninstall cleanly from the host computer.


This app can be downloaded from its official website of BlueStacks. It is completely free.

User guide - How to use

Download BlueStacks for Mac OS from its official site and install it like any other software on your computer. Once it get installed, it will boot up to its Home Screen and from there you can see the installed apps, find new apps in the “Top Charts”, search apps, play games and modify settings. For accessing Google Play, you will have to connect Google Account with BlueStacks.

2 - Genymotion

Genymotion is another third party emulator for Mac that can be used to make a virtual environment for Android. This is one of the wonderful and fastest emulator on the earth. It can be utilized to create, test and run Android application on Mac computer. Genymotion is available for Mac, Windows and Linux OS. It is simple to install and can generate a customized android device. With it you can also launch multiple virtual devices at same time. It features pixel perfect functionality and therefore you can be accurate to your UI development. It also features OpenGL acceleration and by using it you can get the best 3D performance. It directly commands the virtual devices sensors with Genymotion sensors. It is growth of the Android open source project and it is already trusted by almost 300,000 developers around the world.


  • Has full screen support features.
  • By using OpenGL acceleration you can get best 3D performance.
  • Can launch multiple virtual devices at the same time.
  • Completely compatible with ADB
  • Genymotion is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Cannot set up Android machine when it is offline.
  • Need virtual box to run Genymotion.


You can download Genymotion from its official website. The latest version of Genymotion is 2.2.2 and you have to select the package as per your system requirements.

User Guide - How to use

  • Download Genymotion from its official site. You have to first create an account to download it.
  • Once downloaded, open the .dmg installer. It will also install Oracle VM Virtual Box on your computer.
  • Take the Genymotion and Genymotion Shell to application directory.
  • Hit the icon from Application directory and you will get the following window.
  • For adding virtual device you will need to click on the Add button.
  • Next click on the connect button.
  • Now enter your Username and password to connect to the Genymotion Cloud and then click on connect button. Once you get connected with Genymotion cloud you will get the following screen.

  • Choose a virtual machine and then click on Next.
  • Provide a name for the Virtual machine and then click on Next.
  • Now your virtual device will get downloaded and deployed. After successful deployment of your virtual machine click on Finish button.
  • Now you have to just click on Play button to start your new virtual machine and have fun.

3 - Andy

Andy is another emulator that permits users and developer to have more robust apps, to experience them in different devices, without any restriction of device storage, screen size or separate OS. With Andy users can update their Android. It offers flawless sync among desktop and mobile devices. While playing games users can use their phone as joystick.


  • Offers Android OS update.
  • By using OpenGL acceleration you can get best 3D performance.
  • Allow apps download from any desktop browser to Andy OS.
  • Offers seamless sync between desktop and mobile/tablet devices.
  • While playing games phones can be used as joystick.
  • Unlimited Storage expansion


  • Offers Android OS update.
  • It consumes lots of physical memory.
  • It increases the CPU usage.


One can download Andy from

User Guide - How to Use

  • Download Andy and install it on your Mac Computer.
  • Launch it, it will take about 1 minute of time to boot and then you can see the welcome screen.

  • Log into your Google Account and complete the rest of the process. Here you will be asked to provide your Google Account details to 1ClickSync, the app which allow you to sync between Andy and the mobile devices.

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