Dropbox: How to Upload Files from Android Tablet/Phone

Steps to Upload Files from Android Devices

Upload Files from Android Tablet/Phone

Dropbox for Androidis one of the powerful file storage service which offers you the effective ways for uploading files from Android Mobile phone or tablets to your Dropbox account. The Dropbox will then help you to synchronize all of them with your computers and other mobile devices too so that you can easily access to them wherever you like. .

There are two options for uploading files to Dropbox. You can select one option either automatically or manually to upload the files. Let us go through some important points which gives us some definite information:

Automatically Upload Photos and Videos

When you install Dropbox on your Android device for the first time, you can turn on the function “Camera Uploads” in the app. So, Dropbox will upload the videos and photos taken by the device automatically all the time. There you can also select the option whether to upload the files or not when your device is connected with Wi-Fi.

Upload Photos and Videos Manually

Initially, navigate to the location in the Dropbox where you are willing to save these files, and then click the top-right menu button. Select the option “Upload here” and a question will be asked to choose the files that you want to upload.

Upload Photos or Videos from your Phone's Memory

1. In the pop-up window, click “Photos or Videos”.

2. Now you will see the thumbnails of your videos and pictures. Tap on the file you want to upload.

3. Click “Upload” so that the selected files will be uploaded to your Dropbox account.

Upload Files from Device's Storage

1. Click “Other files” in the pop-up menu.

2. A file browser will appear on the screen and check the files you want to upload.

3. Touch “Upload” to start the uploading process.

Now you can visit your Dropbox account and can find the uploading progress bar below the files. After the uploading process gets over, the persons you have invited to share the folder can easily see the updated videos or pictures on the system. If they are also using Dropbox, the files that has been uploaded will be synced to their mobile devices. So, there is no need to email yiur files to yourself any more. Try Dropbox from now.

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