How to Factory Reset your Android Phone

Factory Reset your android devices

How to Factory Reset your Android Phone? Nowadays, Android phone is one of the most popular and most used Smartphone in the entire world. Bit there will be also some problem while using android devices. The problem may be many like you have forgotten to unlock the password or may sometimes take over the use of phone storage, or maybe you have just changed some of the settings from your android device and due to that, your device has went wrong in some way. But there is nothing to worry because these problems can be fixed very easily by factory resetting your Android. Mentioned below are the ways that you should learn on how to perform a factory reset on your Android device.

What's Factory Resetting?

With the help of Factory resetting, you will be able to restore your android device to that state where it was made out in factory. It means that all the software installed application, accounts, passwords and some other personal data which you have stored on the internal memory will get erased. Only the setting and the files that are downloaded to the SD card will remain. But the apps need to be reinstalled or restored from backup file. It does not matter for what reason you are using factory reset on your device, this is very effective and helps you to bring back your Android so that it can work again.

How to Give your Android Device a Factory Reset?

Before applying any procedure you must keep the backup of your data. MobileGo is one of the best option by which you can keep the backup of your data.

Mentioned below are two simple steps which is used to factory reset your Android phone successfully.

Method 1: Perform a Factory Reset from the Device

You can turn to your device for factory resetting, as provided in "Settings", "Privacy", "Factory data reset". Otherwise you can find it in "Settings", "Back up and Reset", "Factory data reset".

Note: Before you factory reset your device, it is recommended that you back up all the needed contents and data such as contacts, photos, text messages, etc. Even you can also make a backup of all the installed apps and games with personal information.

Method 2: Factory Reset Android in Recovery Mode

If you are not so lucky and if you have forget the unlock password on your Android, then the method that is mentioned above will not help you. Since you will not be able to access the phone, factory reset your device in recovery mode is the best way for you.

Simply turn off your device and after that press some buttons in combined such as "Power" + "Volume", or "Home" + "Back", to enter the Recovery Mode. Choose "Wipe date" option in the option menu and thus your Android is in the factory reset process.

Some new users may now easly able to know about the Recovery option. Android Data Recovery is one of the best way to recover data if you have lost while factory reset.

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