How to Flash a Rom on Android?

How to Flash a Rom on Android? Flash a ROM means to reinstall Android system of your Android phone. To follow the step will be very simple to do as you do a hit on ghost. There are some users who may think, is it possible when you fail to flash your Android phone and if there is something wrong after flashing it? I would like to tell you that there is no harm on your phone if you flash your Android phone. When you flash a system of a new version and if that time something wrong happens with your phone, then you cab flash it to some other version. Mentioned below are some of the instructions provided what to do?

Step 1: Enter to Android System Recoveryand after that select the option: ‘Flash zip from sd card’.

Step 2: You will see the list of zip files in the SD card. You have to find the file named ‘’. This is named as ‘update’ so that it can be easy to find ROM file in easy way. After you find the ROM placed in the sd card, hit on the confirm button.

Step 3: Select the ROM that you need to flashed and after that you will see the following window. Hit on ‘Home’ button.

Step 4: In between, don’t click on any button otherwise the process will end.

Step 5: When you see the option ‘install from sd card complete’ in the bottom of screen it means that the flash is complete.

Step 6: After finishing the process, it is better that you reset your Android phone. You have to enter to the fifth option, Wipe in the recovery menu.

Step 7: When you select ‘Wipe’ option, you will see the following interface. Hit on the 5 options and after that there will be a pop-up window which would provide you with tips. Hit on ‘Home’ button and start to wipe.

Step 8: : At last, select the first option of the recovery menu ‘Reboot system now’ so that you can restart your Android phone. And after that the flash completes.

So, these are the few steps by which you can reinstall android system of your Android phone.

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