How to Get Missing Files Back with Dropbox

Use the dropbox and get back missing Files

How to Get Missing Files Back with Dropbox We all know about Dropbox and its service but in this post you will know how to get back the missing files with Dropbox. What if you can’t find the folders or files? Or you find that your shared folders are missing? It usually happens and most of people fail to find the solution. But no need to worry here you will get some useful tips that will help you to find your lost files from your PC, Android, iPhone or iPad devices.

Find if Missing Files were in Shared Folder

Check the files are in shared folder and look that you are still a member of the shared folder. It can be that you have been removed the accessibility to shared folder by owner. Or the folder is unshared from others.

1. See if you can Rejoin the Shared Folder

Log-in to your Dropbox account and turn to "Sharing" present on left sidebar. If you find the missing folder is marked as "Past folder" in the page then select "Rejoining a shared folder".

2. Look if the missing folder is unshared from others

It can be that the folder is unshared if you cannot find it in your past or current shared folders. Then it can be that you are cancelled from accessing the shared folder by the owner which has the right to remove user or the unshared folder. You can contact him/her to know the reason behind it.

Search Deleted Files on Dropbox

Files including deleted or missing can easily be found on Dropbox website. Login in to your Dropbox account and in search box enter the name of your lost file. When you will the advanced search in the search box then hit to search for all the deleted files. You can even click on trash icon placed beside the search box to see lost files in gray.
From the research result you can find the files that are been moved rather than removed. Dropbox recognize that are moved from one place to another place. When you rename or move the files you ignore the details that they are "added" after "deleted".

Retrieve Deleted Files from Dropbox

All the removed files are saved in Dropbox for 30 days and for more longer if you have selected the Packrat option. So simply follow the instruction given on the site to retrieve the deleted files. You also got a easy way to recover the deleted files from your device by following the below links.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

Search who removed the Files

1. Look for Files' History

Move to "Previous version history" on the site to find out who removed the files. There you can even find who removed the files if they are in the shared folder before, and simple recover them.

2. Look the Events Page

Move to "Events" on Dropbox site to check who made the changes in that file or when you were removed from the shared folder.

Is your file deleted by Dropbox?

Ofcourse not! Dropbox only stores the changes that you made to your files, and never remove or delete the files if it is not your wish or it goes over storage limit. If you didn’t find the file in the exact place then check out whether the PC, mobile phone or the Dropbox has been over storage limit. If it is so, Dropbox will stop syncing files and will retrieve when you free up some space. Now get back to the above instruction and find out who deleted the files.

Why the Files are Missing Happens without your Consent?

The missing files can be due to accidentally deletion or unfamiliar use with Dropbox account. Generally it happen that you remove you own files from the Dropbox and even you didn’t notice it. There are many other reasons that make your file missing:

1. Hard Disk Problems: When Dropbox is running on your device and your hard disks are not ready then Dropbox doesn’t recognize the files and remove or delete it when it is not working.

2. Quarantined by Anti-virus Software: Sometime the antivirus software removes the files, or stops you from accessing your files.

3. Disk Scanning Software blocks Dropbox: Sometime the disk scanning software like the backup software block or lock out the Dropbox and makes the file missing.

4. Programs alter your Folder: Few programs such as the audio and image management software can even change the folder on their own including the Dropbox folder.

5. Computer connected with same name: If you connect your computer with the same name then you won’t realize that who certainly removed the files. In such aces you need to check out the last used IP address for the PC in "Security" on the site.

6. Internet Connection error: Sometime the Dropbox can delay the syncing time to the site or the other connected devices as if there is no one at the computers. The actual time is recorded by the timestamps when Dropbox syncs.

Still can’t find the missing Files?

After trying all the above steps you still can’t find the missing file then it can be due to any of the below situation:

1. It can be that 30 days have been passed after files loss or you don’t have the Packrat option.

2. You cannot rejoin the shared folder, or you didn’t share the folder with other.

3. You haven’t uploaded the file with your Dropbox account, some other account or somewhere else. Or the uploading process is not completed before deleting the files, and they were not even in your Dropbox folder.

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