Manage Your Android Device from PC Desktop

Now you can manage your android device from your PC!

Manage Your Android Device from PC Desktop
Today, Smartphones and tablets have become more advanced and it is used by millions of peoples. Since these gadgets are portable and we can carry anywhere we go, therefore we store lots of information and data in these gadgets.

If you own any smartphone or tablet, then it is sure that you have got lots of messages, music, videos and other files stored in your devices. But what if your device gets lost, broken or damaged, at such cases you may be at risk for complete data loss, if you have not created any backup of your smartphone or tablet. Therefore we get similar types of question from the users all the time asking how to manage and backup all data stored in these gadgets.

So, the users want an easy and efficient way to manage the entire data and backup their important files. Unlike Apple users, Android users too do not have any official desktop software like iTunes to work with.

The MobileGo Android Manager offers you a complete and very easy to use interface that will help you in controlling your devices. It is valuable download for iDevice and iPad users too, because it offers even more liberty to move and backup files than iTunes.

The software is free and very simple to use. Download and take lots of benefits of great features to manage your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Once you download the software, connect your phone or tablet using computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 with any USB data cable or a Wi-Fi.

The home screen just looks like iTunes users because it has similar interface with tabs at the top for each of its features. It is easy to use, so Android users will easily get habituated with it in no time. Just click on appropriate tab to access each category.

In order to backup or restore your phone, click on Home tab. Then, select the Backup/Restore button from the middle of the page. Now select the data categories that you want to backup and restore from your device.

The other tabs in the program are used to manage data on your smartphone or tablet. These other tabs include:

1. Data – From this tab you will be able to access and edit your sms, call logs and contacts data from your devices.

2. Apps – In this tab you can add or remove apps from your device.

3. Music and Videos – From this tabs you will be able to manage music and videos files that you purchased on your devices or transfer tunes from you’re your computer to your device.

4. Themes – In this tab Android user can really update or change the theme of the device’s home screen and lock screen.

2. Apps – In this tab you can add or remove apps from your device.

You can also use your Android’s and Apple’s phone or tablet through MoboRobo to take calls and send text messages without touching your device.
You can give your home phone number, email address or even family member’s cell phone and all these can be enough to contact with someone which finds that phone.

The software also has a Mobo portal that allows you to transfer data right from your PC desktop to your devices without launching the complete software. Simply, drag and drop data into the hovering windows to transfer files to your smartphone and tablet.

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