9 Amazing Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy: [Samsung Galaxy Tips & Tricks]

We have shared so many Android Tips & Tricks that every Android users must know, Play Store errors and solutions, as well as how to secure Android devices. Similarly, this time we have decided to share some amazing hidden features of Samsung Galaxy series phones. These features are absolutely very helpful and it will become very useful for many Galaxy users out there like you.

We have tested these hidden features and they work amazingly in Samsung Galaxy phones and we are sure that these tricks will work great in your Galaxy phones as well.

So, without wasting any more time, here we share 9 amazing hidden features of Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Note: There could be some differences in the process mentioned below as different Galaxy phone has different option and Operating system, it is suggested that you must update your Android Operating System to the latest version. Go to Settings>About Device>Software Update.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #1: To Finger Swipe to Bring up Quick Setting Buttons

If you are using Android phone then you must be aware of the Notification Panel that is displayed on the top part of the mobile screen. Here, one can see several useful stuff like battery level, time, network status and much more. When we swipe down the notification it display some quick settings button such as Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Airplane Mode, etc.


But you may not know that if you swipe the notification down using two fingers, it will display all quick settings buttons. You need to just swipe down the notification panel by using two fingers and you will have all quick access to all setting buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #2: How To Take a Screenshot With Just Swiping Palm

In most Android phone you can take screenshot by pressing volume down and power button together.

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But in Samsung Galaxy phones, one can take screenshot by pressing Power and Home button together. For this you have to use your both hands.

But did you know that there is an easier way: just swipe your palm in a chopping position from left to right on the screen.


In most Galaxy Phone this feature is enabled by default, but if it is not then you have enable it manually.

  • In Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, S5, Note 4, Note Edge: Go to Settings > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture
  • In Galaxy Note 3: Go to Settings > Controls > Palm motion > Capture screen
  • In Galaxy S4: Go to Settings > My device > Motions and gestures > Palm motion > Capture screen
  • In Galaxy S3: Go to Settings > Motion > Palm swipe to capture (under Hand motions)

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #3: Locking Phone with Fingerprint

Locking phone using fingerprints is considered to be the most secure way to protect phone, because no two fingerprints are similar.

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In Samsung Galaxy phones, we could find two different types of fingerprints locks. The Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 have inbuilt fingerprint senor just as it is in the iPhone’s TouchID, where you have to just place your finger over the home button. Whereas on other Galaxy series phones there is not as much accurate swipe sensor, where you have to swipe down from the display on to the Power button.

Also note that Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 3 do not have fingerprint scanners.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #4: [Glove Mode] Increase Touch Sensitivity to Operate Phone with Wearing Gloves

If you are iPhone users then you have to take off your fingers out from the gloves and operate your iPhone when weather is very cold and you have to freeze tour finger taking it out of the Gloves.


But with Galaxy Phones, the things are little bit different. You do not have to face such problems because it offers you to increase the phone’s display touch sensitivity and you can operate it with regular and non-touchscreen gloves (this is called Glove Mode).

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Below find out how to increase the touch sensitivity

  • In Galaxy S5, Note 4/Note Edge: Go to Settings > Display > Increase touch sensitivity
  • In Galaxy S4: Go to Settings > My device > Display > High touch sensitivity
  • In Galaxy Note 3: Go to Settings > Controls > Increase touch sensitivity

Also note that in Galaxy S6/S6 Edge the touch sensitivity is already increased by default hence no extra setting is needed. In Galaxy S3 there is no Glove Mode option.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #5: Find My Mobile

Nobody want to lose their phone and do not want that other people accessing your data stored o your phone such as personal photos, videos and other data. Therefore, it is suggested that you must always protect your phone with pattern lock, pin lock, passcode or by fingerprint.


Samsung Galaxy have feature called as ‘Find My Mobile’. You have to create and login with Samsung account in order to enable this feature. If your phone does not have ‘Find My Mobile’ feature then you have to activate it by using Android Device Manager feature and log into it to enable this feature.

Below check out where you will find this feature on various Samsung Galaxy Phones:

  • In Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Find My Mobile
  • In Galaxy S5: Go to Settings > Security > Device administrators > Android Device Manager
  • In Galaxy S4: Go to Settings > More > Security > Device administrators > Android Device Manager
  • In Galaxy S3: Go to Settings > Security > Remote controls
  • In Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge: Go to Settings > Security > Remote controls
  • In Galaxy Note 3: Go to Settings > General > Security > Device administrators > Android Device Manager

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #6: Run Two Apps at One Time

We know that we can run two apps in Galaxy Note phones. But did you know that you can also run two apps in one time on your Samsung Galaxy phones. There is feature “Multi Windows” that you can also find on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3. You can activate the Multi Windows function by simply swiping down the notification panel by using two fingers swipe and from there you can activate the feature in the quick setting panel.


You can also enable it by following the below steps:

  • In Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge: Go to Settings > Multi window
  • In Galaxy Note 3: Go to Settings > Device > Multi window
  • In Galaxy S4: Go to Settings > My device > Display > Multi window
  • In Galaxy S3: Go to Settings > Display > Multi window

Also note that you can access Multi Window by long pressing the back button on Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note Edge & Note 3. But on Galaxy S6/S6 edge, Multi Window can be accessed by long pressing the multitasking button (button that is located on the left side of the home button).

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #7: Direct Access to Google Search Using Menu Button

On your Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, you can directly launch Google search by simply long pressing the Menu button (the left button) available on your phone. It is very simple and easy, just long press the Menu button and it will quickly launch Google search page.

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It works not only on Samsung phone, but also in several Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #8: Voice/Face/Signature Unlock

This is one of the coolest features of the Samsung Galaxy phones. In Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 or Note, there is simple way to lock it with your face. There is Face unlock feature and through this set up, you have to hold your phone in front of your face, the front camera will scan your face and if it recognizes it, then the phone will get unlock. If it does not recognize you face then you phone will still remain locked.


Face unlock is not considered as the secure way to lock your phone as camera may not able to recognize your face easily, however, when it work, it works great.

Below find out where you will find the Face unlock feature in various Galaxy phone:

  • In Galaxy S4: Go to Settings > My device > Lock screen > Screen lock > Face unlock
  • In Galaxy S3: Go to Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock > Face unlock
  • In Galaxy Note 2: Go to Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock > Face unlock
  • In Galaxy Note: Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock.

You may also add voice command beside face lock. You can select Face and Voice in the screen lock setting as mentioned above.

Also note that there is no face unlock feature on Note 3, but you can find Signature unlock feature, where you have to sign you name with the help of S pen stylus to unlock phone (it will not work with your finger). Also note that there is no Face unlock feature on Galaxy S6/S6 edge, S5, Note Edge and Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Hidden Feature #9: Secret Codes


Below find out some Samsung Galaxy phones secret codes that might be useful for you:

*#06# (Display IMEI number)
*#1234# (Display current firmware)
*#*#4636#*#* (Diagnostic and general settings mode)
*#*#7780#*#* (Factory soft reset)
or *#7780#
*2767*3855# (Factory hard reset to ROM firmware default settings)
*2767*4387264636# (To display product code)
*#272*imei#* (Display/change CSC code)
or *#272*HHMM#*
*#*#1472365#*#* (GPS test settings)
*#*#197328640#*#* (Service mode main menu)
*#12580*369# (SW & HW Info)
*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)
*#232338# (WLAN MAC Address)
*#0228# (ADC Reading)
*#32489# (Ciphering Info)
*#2263# (RF Band Selection)
*#9090# (Diagnostic ConfiguratioN)
*#7284# (USB I2C Mode Control)
*#232339# (WLAN Test Mode)
*#0842# (Vibra Motor Test Mode)
*#0782# (Real Time Clock Test)
*#0673# (Audio Test Mode)
*#0*# (General Test Mode)
*#872564# (USB Logging Control)
*#4238378# (GCF Configuration)
*#0283# (Audio Loopback Control)
*#1575# (GPS Control Menu)
*#3214789650# (LBS Test Mode)
*#745# (RIL Dump Menu)
*#03# (NAND Flash S/N)
*#0589# (Light Sensor Test Mode)
*#0588# (Proximity Sensor Test Mode)
*#273283*255*3282*# (Data Create Menu)
*#34971539# (Camera Firmware Update)
*#526# (WLAN Engineering Mode)
*#746# (Debug Dump Menu)
*#9900# (System Dump Mode)
*#44336# (Sofware Version Info)
*#273283*255*663282*# (Data Create SD Card)
*#3282*727336*# (Data Usage Status)
*#7594# (Remap Shutdown to End Call TSK)
*#0289# (Melody Test Mode)
*#2663# (TSP / TSK firmware update)
*#528# (WLAN Engineering Mode)
*#7412365# (Camera Firmware Menu)
or *#*#34971539#*#*
*#80# (Unknown)
*#07# (Test History)
*#3214789# (GCF Mode Status)
*#272886# (Auto Answer Selection)
*#8736364# (OTA Update Menu)
*#301279# (HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu)
*#7353# (Quick Test Menu)
*2767*4387264636# (Sellout SMS / PCODE view)
*#7465625# (View Phone Lock Status)
*7465625*782*# (Configure Network Lock NSP)
*7465625*27*# (Insert Network Lock Keycode NSP/CP)
#7465625*27*# (Insert Content Provider Keycode)
#7465625*782*# (Insert Partitial Network Lock Keycode)
*7465625*77*# (Insert Network Lock Keycode SP)
#7465625*77*# (Insert Operator Lock Keycode)
*7465625*638*# (Configure Network Lock MCC/MNC)
#7465625*638*# (Insert Network Lock Keycode)

Source for Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes: http://www.softwaresenior.com/blog/57-samsung-galaxy-secret-code


So, these are some cool. Amazing and hidden features of Samsung Galaxy Phones that every Galaxy users must know. However, some of the tips and tricks (not all) mentioned above also works on others several Android users. You have to just work on Phone settings to find out the features.