How to Wipe Android Phone? – 3 Easy Methods

how to wipe Android phone

If you are planning to give away your phone to someone or sell it off, you need to wipe it completely for data privacy. So, in this guide, you’ll discover how to wipe Android phone and tablet before giving them away or selling them.

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OTA Update Android (Detailed Guide)

OTA Update Android

OTA (Over-The-Air) updates on Android refer to software updates that are delivered to Android devices over the Internet. So, here in this detailed guide, you are going to learn how to check for and install OTA update Android, its’ benefits and how much is it safe.

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7 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Keeps Crashing (Android & iPhone)

WhatsApp has now over 2 billion active users and covered business and transactions too. However, sometimes users may come across the “WhatsApp keeps crashing” problem on Android.

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How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password? – 5 Methods

Unlock Android Phone Without Password

Forgot your phone password and are now stuck with a locked screen? If Yes, just read this guide to find out how to unlock Android phone without password using simple ways.

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Recover Photos from Samsung Secure Folder In 3 Easy Ways

Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Secure Folder

Somehow you lost your Samsung secure folder’s photos and now wondering how to recover them? If Yes, try out the mentioned ways in this guide to recover photos from Samsung secure folder.

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How to Secure Android App from Hackers?

How to Secure App from Hackers

Are you worried about your code’s security? Well, you have all the rights to be, considering that a whopping 75 percent of Android apps fail basic security tests.

If you’re feeling disturbed by that statistic, don’t fret. It’s natural to feel uneasy when considering the possibility of online attacks against your Android code.

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How to Fix MegaBox Can’t Play This Video?

MegaBox is a streaming application that allows users to watch movies and TV shows on their devices. However, if you are experiencing issues with MegaBox not playing a particular video, try out the solutions in this post to get rid of MegaBox can’t play this video problem.

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Transfer Messages from Android to Android In 6 Easy Ways

Transfer Messages from Android to Android - In 6 Easy Ways

Have you switched to a new Android phone? Wondering how to transfer messages from Android to Android? If Yes, then use Android SMS Transfer to easily transfer your text messages to another Android phone.

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Android SD Card Recovery: Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

Android SD Card Recovery

Today most Android phones come with larger internal storage. But if you still have used an SD card to store your important data or files and due to some reason lost data on it, without worry keep reading this article.

Here, you are going to learn the best ways of Android SD Card Recovery along with the best SD card data recovery software.

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Samsung Tablet Data Recovery- Recover Data from Samsung Tablet

Restore lost Samsung Tablet data

Lost your important data on a Samsung tablet due to accidental deletion, formatting, or any other reason, and now wondering how to recover them? If Yes, without any worry, try out the Samsung Tablet Data Recovery software and get back your lost data.

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